Washing machine is one of the important home appliances which is energy and time saving wwithout hand washing. keeping your clothes clean and new. Especially in the rainy season. But the problem is which brand and model of washing machine is good to buy? a front-loading washing machine or the top cover washing machine? These questions are still one of the main problems. Because nowadays There are many models to choose. Their function is similar but have a little bit different with technology which can match with their proposed of used as well. so Today, HomeGuru has some tricks for choosing a new washing machine worthwhile. Fulfill your need and suitable for everyone lifestyle

• Types of washing machines.
• Capacity of washing machine.
• Washer spin cycle or washer spin count (RPM).
• Function of each washing machine.
• Position to place the washing machine in the house.
• Material of the washing machine.

Type of washing machine


1. Front-loading washing machine

Nowadays, it is popular for all family, especially for the families who live in condominiums, because the space for this type of washing machine is already allocated by the characteristics of the front-loading washing machine. The machine has an open and a closed button at the front of the machine for putting the clothes in. it work automatically. There is a control system to choose according the suitable usage such as water temperature can be set for helping dissolve the detergent faster. An average time of washing is about 120 minutes depending on the capacity of the drum.

The advantage is the cleanliness of the fabric. the water temperature can be set for helping dissolve the detergent so the cloth is cleaner. the drying temperature also can be set to reduce the time of drying clothes during the day. it convenient and easy-to-use just one touch press of a button. There is no need to separate laundry for washing and spin, it saves water level and time.

The disadvantage is high price. The more capacity of the drum you want, the higher the price will be. And the installation is more difficult than other types of washing machines, which requires a professional technician to assist for the installation.

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2. Top-Loading Washing Machine.

This type is popular in many homes but not suitable for condominiums. Because of the limited space Which there are many types of washing machines to choose from ddepends on the brand, model and capacity of the drum. The feature is having a lid for open and closes on the top. It also automatically works. functions are similar to top washing machine but it suitable for washing clothes with little dirty

The advantage is the speed of washing. the average is 30-90 minutes depending on the selected automatic washing program. makes it easier to wash. The special function is able to wash large quantities in once. The maximum is wash up-to 24 kg in a single drum.

The disadvantage is that the washing machine is not as clean as it should be. for the installation, recommend to install by professional technicians as well.

3. Top load washing machine with 2 tubs or twin tubs

This type is no longer popular now. And rarely seen in the market. because with the lifestyle of today’s people who like comfort and save time. Two-drum top load washing machine is the last choice. The feature is clearly divided into a washing drum and a spin tank. Both tanks have a lid on top. This type is suitable for housewives who have time to wash. Because they have to move the clothes from the wash drum to the spin drum and the space for washing have to be wide.

The advantage is the cleanliness of the fabric. Due to the Clearly separated, so we can see dust and hair fragments clearly too. make it easy to wash and clean Moreover, the price is lower than other types of washing machines and can be installed by yourself.

The disadvantage: it takes too much time to wash at each time. in addition to having to move the drum also need to look at the water level while using to prevent water overflowing. There are quite a few functions to use. And while the machine is working, there will be noise

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Capacity of washing machine.

Washing machine capacity is the one of important factor for choosing a washing machine because it is related to size and a space for placement of washing machine as well as the amount of laundry in each time. If there is a large amount of laundry, a capacity of washing machine should be large as well. For example, a washer with a capacity of 5-7 kilograms will be able to wash approximately 25-30 items of clothing, a washer with a capacity of 7-9 kilograms will be able to wash approximately 36-45 items of clothing and a washer with a capacity of 11 kilograms or more will be able to wash approximately 56 items of clothing or more.

Spin Cycles of washing machine (RPM).

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The more spin cycle of washer can dry clothing faster as well, either top-loading washing machine or front-loading washing machine. On the other hand, a high washer spin cycle can damage your clothes too especially to thin fabric clothing. Therefore, you have to be careful about using the suitable spin cycle and it can save your time as well as remove the most amount of water possible without damaging your clothes. Almost of the best spin cycle is at about 400-700 rpm for thin clothing and the best spin cycle for jeans, cotton and wool is at about 1,000 rpm. There are some disadvantages of high spin cycle washing machine which are it makes louder noise and consumes more power than usual.

Function of each washing machine.


Aside from typical function of washing machine, there are additional functions for increasing an efficiency of laundry and it will lead you to do laundry easier. Such as soak function, delay end function, and auto dose function which release laundry detergent and fabric softener automatically. Moreover, some model of washing machine can be controlled by application for more comfortable using.

Position to place the washing machine in the house


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many houses will place a washing machine at washing corner or the corner of the kitchen counter area, which is very popular in condominiums now. for example, 60 cm. of area is suitable for front-loading washing machines. 45 cm. of area is suitable for top-loading washing machines. For normal homes Top-loading washing machine and the two top-loading washing machines is suitable very well. Therefore, before buying, remember to measure the area, Water supply system installation point and the home lighting system as well Otherwise, installation problem may occur.

Material of the washing machine.

Not only should look at the functions of the washing machine. But The material of the washing machine is also necessary. Nowadays the washing machine is designed from a variety of materials with different properties, such as resin and fiber washing machine can go well in high humidity areas without worrying about corrosion. Stainless steel parts and rust-proof coated steel is strong, durable, not damp. But for anyone who likes a lightweight model should choose a polymer or plastic washing machine. And for anyone who wants to reduce the vibration, keep sound during working and save energy should choose a polynox washing machine

Choosing a washing machine, as HomeGuru mentioned above, is just one part that will help every home to choose a washing machine more efficiently. But there are still more many factors to consider. Such as how much a suitable washing machine should be? after-sales service, long term after purchase insurance of spare parts and service center. Also, the new innovation of front and top load washing machines, especially the energy saving system which suitable with everyone lifestyles.

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