Today, home safety is a very important concern for everyone not just the elderly or children in the house only. The most common accidents at home are slipping and falling especially in wet areas such as the hallway, terrace or balcony and bathroom area. Therefore, choosing the right material to cover those areas. It is a matter that should not be overlooked. The most popular basic material is tile which has R Value tiles that we should study it. Because with durability, easy to maintain and offers a wide variety of options to suit every decoration style.

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This time, HomeGuru introduces about choosing to buy tiles, increase safety and help reduce accidents in the house. Tiles with anti-skid properties have an R value, which R is the anti-slip property on the tile surface. It does not mean the roughness or the smoothness of the tile as many people understand. This R value is a standard from the German Standard (DIN 51130) that is given to tiles that have been tested in accordance with the standard. This was tested by wearing rubber soles with treads on the oiled tiles, which gradually tilted the slope up. Tiles that are considered “non-slip tiles” are standard R values between 9-13 and these R values indicate suitability for use in different areas that we can not touch and distinguish which R value tile is.

Some tiles may have the surface is rough, but it is not a slippery tile. Therefore, it is only necessary to view sales data from the manufacturer.

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R9 value tile

R9 value tile is a smooth, matte-surface tile. It is suitable for general use in the home such as living room, bedroom, dining room, pantry and kitchen where the floor is not wet. Tiles of this type have a smooth, matt surface. Therefore, it is easy to clean as normal tiles.

ค่า r กระเบื้อง ดูตรงไหน ค่า r กระเบื้อง ดูตรงไหน กระเบื้องปูพื้น

ค่า R กระเบื้อง

R10 value tile

R10 tiles have a smooth surface, but have a rougher texture than R9 tiles. This rough surface improves friction. This makes it ideal for outdoor areas such as corridors, parking lots, or balconies and terraces. It is also suitable for wet areas in the home, such as kitchens with wet floors and bathrooms, even if the R10 tile has a rough texture. But it does not feel irritation even when walking barefoot. As for the cleaning, it is still as easy as general tiles.

กระเบื้อง R10

R11 value tile

This type of tile has a rougher texture than the first two. But the surface remains smooth. The surface is coarser, like small grains of sand on the surface, making it suitable for frequent wet areas or an area that must be used when wet and slope. These are often outdoor walkways, ramps around the house, washing areas and car parks. Rough surfaces are not suitable for walking barefoot. Including the roughness also causes dust and dirt accumulation. Therefore, it is necessary to clean more frequently. Because if you leave it for a long time, stains will hold tightly, covering the tile surface. You may have a chance to slip.

กระเบื้องปูพื้น ค่า R กระเบื้อง ค่า R กระเบื้อง

กระเบื้อง R11

R12 value tile

R12 value tiles have a very rough texture. Designed for exterior use such as outdoor multipurpose patios, area around the swimming pool. For the interior, it is commonly used to cover wet restaurant kitchens and grease. Or used in the locker room area of the fitness center with continuous use and always wet.

ค่า R กระเบื้อง

R13 value tile

We rarely see the R13 level tiles on sale. Because this type of tile has the roughest texture. It is often used in public areas such as the plaza area outside various buildings including the area around the swimming pool.

Lastly, information on the different R-value tiles that we offer can be helpful when choosing the right tile for your different application style.

ค่า R กระเบื้อง

Even than the R-value tile, it has a surface design to prevent slipping. But keep in mind that the R test is measured by wearing rubber soles, walking on a tile. Therefore, even if tiling the R value, be careful if you walk barefoot. HomeGuru recommends that if you want to enhance security in vulnerable areas such as the shower area in the bathroom, stairs, terrace, outside the house that is likely to be wet and may be slippery. A specially designed anti-slip sticker strip should be installed. Including installing handrails as grips while stepping in and out of those vulnerable areas.

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