You Know? Private space that many people feel relax such as the bathroom can be a dangerous place. We can meet the deadliest animal like “snake”. Many people may think that the snake has a resting place in the backyard or narrow area outside the house. But with the evolution of the snake which has adapted in various areas, an unexpectedly occurrence of a snake in toilet. As the news has been continuously presented until a wide debate arose, how does a snake in toilet occur? How should each house with bathrooms prevent the snake from getting inside the the toilet. HomeGuru will solve the mystery and find ways to get rid of a Snake in the Toilet so that you can use your bathroom comfortably.


How does a snake enter the toilet?

A snake is a reptile that is able to disguise itself and can slip through all areas without anyone observing, therefore, it can enter the toilet from connection points such as drains or vents in the bathroom. The dangerous points such as drains that connect directly to the tank of toilet in the bathroom of the house. Whether it’s a squat toilet or a standard toilet, is not an obstacle for a snake. Especially the downstairs bathroom is considered the riskiest point.


How to prevent a snake from entering the toilet?

A snake inside the toilet: An Unexpected problem and should not be overlooked because it can occur in the bathroom of the house. We can prevent snake appearing in the toilet with the basic methods as follows:

1. Install sieve along the sewer

Check the drain and septic systems. Call the technician to install the snake grill or net, large enough to prevent snake from crawling up the water which is an exit to the public drain.

กันงู ชักโครก กันงู ชักโครก กันงูเข้าท่อ

2. Eliminating snake food sources

is the easiest way. Regularly clean the house from cluttered areas, remove wastes make the house free from musty smell, to avoid dirty animals like rat, lizard, gecko from entering the house.


3. Household items available at home

Use household items such as caustic soda, pour it inside the toilet to prevent snake appearing in the toilet and solve problem that prevent snake from entering the house such as sulfur powder, engine oil or kerosene mix with water and pour it at the drainage area or entrance of the house.

4. Regularly explore the house and around the house

Always check the hole or the vulnerability is where the snake can crawl into the house especially the area around the drain or leak from septic tank because it is the main source of snake that can slip into the house without knowing it. If there is a risk, then you should hurry or shut the hole immediately.


“Snake prevention box” helps to prevent snake from entering the toilet

The problem of snake entering the toilet, however, you can find a way to prevent snake in toilet that can be done early with current technology with product designs that help solve this problem directly such as installing anti-snake pipe, toilet cover or use a snake prevention box to install with the sanitary ware to prevent snake from entering the toilet which the material is made of plastic PP COVER that has counterweight made of Dacrotized coated steel makes it durable to use and prevent snake from entering the toilet.

กล่องกันงู สเปรย์ป้องกันงู ท่อกันงู


Snake entering the toilet, may be considered a far-reaching story for many people. But actually it is a matter that can occur in every home. We will not know that When the snake in our house was. Therefore, it is very necessary that we should protect ourselves first. If it occurs, it can be fatal. Paying attention and following the basic methods that HomeGuru share, you can choose to use according to the expertise of each house to prevent snake entering the toilet.

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