Multipurpose folding table is another furniture that makes it easy to use in everyday life with versatility. It can be use both inside and outside the home. Whether it is a steel folding table or other multipurpose folding table that provide strength and durability. It is versatile, easy to store, easy to move with a lovely price. And with such great versatility and features with its name, a multipurpose folding table. HomeGuru would like you to get to know more and with advice on how to choose and value buying.

• Why do you need a multipurpose folding table in the house?

Due to the advantages and benefits of a folding table that can be use in a wide variety of spaces. Whether it is use for a dinning table in dormitories, apartments, condominiums or in other small spaces. After use, it can be folded up immediately without wasting storage space. So it doesn’t clutter the room and can take advantage of the free space. Or you can use it for the area around the narrow balcony. You can also take out the folding table to sit and sip coffee in the morning sunshine. Or you can use it for a family dinner in the garden, use it for a party with friends in the office, use it at school, use it for work outings, use in a temporary shop booth or even camping at the tourist attraction or use it with specific activities. It can be done quickly and easily.


With the ability to use in a variety of applications as mentioned above. With the features of the folding table that saves space well, has a light weight, makes it easy to move or transport to use outside. The structure is durable, able to withstand the sun, rain resistance, moisture resistant. The surface is not scratched, easy to scrabble. Maintenance and cleaning are easy. It can hold a lot of weight and it is beautiful. The folding table is available in many shapes, suitable for any style for residence or office building. Also, the price is reasonable. Therefore, it is no wonder that folding tables are so popular and it is a furniture that every home should have!

• How to buy a multipurpose folding table according to your needs?

Multipurpose folding tables are selling online in various stores. There are many types. Made from particle board is bringing a small piece of rubber wood through the process Compounded into a sheet mixed with glue and processed through a chemical process until a sheet of different sizes or made of MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), a medium-density plywood that provides a fine, smooth, natural wood and covered with PVC to give the table a lightweight, able to move around easily. The frame for the table legs is usually made of steel so it can support the weight well. It is strong and durable to use. However, there are also many other types of folding tables to choose from. Either a rectangle, a square, a semicircle or spherical. And there are a variety of materials to choose from. Both wooden folding tables, steel folding tables, plastic folding tables and others. So if you want to buy a folding table, you must consider the following main factors:

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1. Choose from the shape of the folding table

• Square folding table is a multipurpose folding table that is the most popular because it is easy to allocate to suit the area. It can be use both inside and outside the house and various activities such as exhibitions, seminars, meetings, sales booths, parties or picnic, etc. There are steel folding tables, wooden folding tables, but mostly square folding tables that are made of plastic that is lightweight and are often coated with UV protection and water. It can be use outdoor, no worry.

• Round folding table is a table that is commonly use for dining, as a dinning table, coffee table at an outing event or use in various banquets, most often a wooden folding table or lightweight plastic for easy transport.

•  Semicircle folding table is a multipurpose folding table specially designed to use in corners according to the constraints of each area. Or it can be use to match together to become a round folding table as well. It depends on the size of the space and the needs of the user.


2. Choose from the quality of the material produced

• Plastic folding table is the most popular folding table. Because there are a variety of beautiful designs to choose from. It is also lightweight, making it convenient when you want to bring it out and use. Or when you need to transport large quantities to be use elsewhere.

• Wooden folding table is a folding table that is beautiful and natural. It is often used to decorate houses, restaurants, cafes, photo studios or even decorate in the outdoor garden.

• Steel folding table is another type of folding table that is commonly use in street food that are commonly seen. Because steel folding tables are especially strong and durable. There are many colors to choose from. It can be conveniently placed and stored.

• Stainless steel folding table is another type of folding table that is known for its strength and durability, not less than a steeling folding table. Therefore, it is popularly use for decorating cafes or a loft style restaurant that wants to show the texture of the material.

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Since the folding tables are made from a number of different materials, when choosing a purchase, the quality of the material must be considered, including the quality of the production that meets the standards or not. You need to get a sturdy folding table that can support the weight properly and has a long service life. They may use the weight test method on the table to make sure that the table can support a lot of weight, meet the actual needs. You should consider how difficult and easy to assemble the table. Or, if there is a shipping company ready to assemble for you, you should check the folding table to make sure there are no defects or damages before receiving the product as well.

3. Choose from the size and strength of the folding table

In addition to materials and production standards, you must consider the size, weight and strength. This is due to the difference in production materials as well. For example, steel folding tables, wooden folding tables and stainless steel folding tables. Although, it has a strong durability as a highlight. But it has more weight, unlike plastic folding table. Therefore, if you want to use a folding table for a long time. You can choose a steel folding table, a wooden folding table and a stainless steel folding table. But if it must be used and folded on a regular basis. It might be better to choose a plastic folding table. And if you want to use in a tight space, you should choose a small folding table to help save space.

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4. Choose from a variety of colors, pattern and design of the folding table

Even though it was primarily designed to focus on functionality, the multipurpose folding table is now having a wider variety of colors and patterns to choose from especially the plastic folding table with a beautiful design that fits into almost every style of home and it offers more options than other types of folding tables, giving you more options for use. The colorful folding tables has a unique pattern that is suitable for use or decorate a place that needs to be different and outstanding such as cafes, restaurants, clothing stores, beauty salons, exhibitions or areas where activities are very special. While plain colored folding tables may be more suitable for formal use, nursing homes, educational establishments or more formal event.

• 3 super value foldable tables that HomeGuru recommends!

After getting to know each type of folding table. Now you already know how to buy a folding table. If anyone still can’t decide which brand of folding table to buy, HomeGuru has selected 3 models of folding tables that are great value for sale only at HomePro. We guarantee of quality and value, definitely worth the price.

1. FURDINI 60×120 cm. Square Multipurpose Folding Table Marble Stone Pattern (SKU: 1166806)

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Square folding table from the brand FURDINI, size 60×120 cm. sturdy leg frame, made of heavy-duty steel, weight distribution up to 50 kg., durable to use. It can be easily folded and save space. The table top is made of 15 mm. thickness particle board and covered with melamine for good resistance to heat and scratches. Add playability and beauty with a modern white marble pattern, suitable for modern homes and those who like to decorate luxury homes or a minimalist style that is currently popular.

2. FURDINI 60×120 cm. Square Multipurpose Folding Table Gray Marble Stone Pattern (SKU: 1166845)


It is a square multipurpose folding table from the brand FURDINI as well, measuring 60×120 cm., which is the perfect size for home use. Frame for table legs is made of strong steel, able to support weight distribution up to 50 kg., so it is durable to use. The legs of the table are foldable and save space. The table top is made of 15 mm. thickness particle board and covered with melamine for good resistance to heat and scratches. With a gray marble pattern, suitable for modern home décor, loft-style houses, industrial-style houses, minimalist-style houses or a house that needs luxury.

3. FURDINI 60×90 cm. Square Multipurpose Folding Table Jeans Pattern (SKU: 1166911)


Another square folding table from the brand FURDINI, size 60×120 cm. The legs are strong and durable because they are made of good quality steel. It can support the weight distribution up to 50 kg. It can be easily folded. It saves home’s space and the storage space. It does not make the house look uncomfortable. The table top is made of 15 mm. thick particle board, covered with melamine. It can withstand heat and scratches well. With a unique pattern of denim fabric, it is suitable for any home style.

These 3 folding tables can be used in various ways without worrying about the weight. Whether it is use to place things or use for sitting and working. Because it is made from quality grade materials. Therefore, it can support a lot of weight, strong and durable. It can be folded easily and easy to move and store. It helps to save usable space in the house as well. Just be careful not to use hard or rough materials, wet rags, detergents or chemicals to clean the table. If you want to use it for a long time, it should not be placed in a location that is expose to strong sunlight, heat, flames, high humidity or placed under the air conditioner or too close to the bathroom. And it should not be misuse. All of these are to help extend the life of the folding table.


And besides all 3 models of multipurpose folding tables that HomeGuru has selected. HomePro also has a wide variety of folding tables to choose from including steel folding tables, wooden folding tables and plastic folding tables. With a variety of sizes, there are many colors and patterns to choose from. Who is looking for a multipurpose folding table, good quality with reasonable price. You can stop by to see products at all HomePro branches or choose to shop online via website and ask for more information at Call center 1284.

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