Think before you buy! First, you have to know the purpose of buying a home theater. Use a home theater to connect with mp3 player like an iPod? or for listening to music? Or for watching movies with 5.1/7.1 (multi channels) sounds? Or just want to make the sound from regular TV channels sound better? If you plan to watch movies mainly or play video games which has multi channels sound, we recommend you to choose a 5.1/7.1 (multi channels) home theater. If you listening to music mainly, then a 2.0/2.1 (multi channels) home theater should be enough for you.


Receiver is the heart of home theater system. Receiver works as

  • Tuner or radio receiver
  • Integrated amplifier, which decodes sound from DVD player or cable box
  • Convert signals from both Digital and Analog and read the signal separately as 5.1 channel or more than that. Some models might be 7.1 channel. The speaker components are:
  • Center speaker: decodes the middle sound or speaking voices. When watching movies, the center speaker works the hardest.
  • Front speakers (left and right) and surround speaker, separate the sound dimension and create realistic sound effects.


All speakers should be the same brand and same model, so the sound field works harmoniously throughout the system. Home theater are mostly sell in set. The prices are range from low to high quality. The speakers should be in the same series.

For the receiver which is an amplifier, is the most complicate one. The technology of receive has developed slower than the amplifier. There are various types of audio and circuit design. Home theater are most commonly used in Mid-End group; it cannot be upgrade to a higher quality. The manufacturers of home theater still develop more options into new models instead of improving the sound quality. For example, fake sounds that we hear inside the hall, cinema, sound field that is equalizes in a small, narrow room. Equalizing the music genres like rock, jazz, pop that uses high-frequency equalizer circuit or Pro Logic program, which make the sound quality worse. This kind of fake sound equalizing makes the sound has low quality obviously. These equalizing modes are for the beginners. Recommend to use a high quality receiver with high watts.

For the audio decoders such as Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro-Logic, DTS including THX, are the details that most people confuse of. What are the importance? The Dolby system might a system that people commonly used for the home theater. It can decode the DVD sound accurately, from left to right and to the center. The decode types labels will indicate which type of system is suitable for specified disc. Most receivers can decode all types of sound. As for THX, most people think that it is a type of sound decoder, but it is not. THX is a company that develops “THX” high fidelity audio/visual reproduction standards. In order for the home theater is get THX label, it has to be tested by THX, whether it meets the standard quality or not. As for Dolby or DTS system, they are just the decoders.

Measurement of the home theater room

The size of the room is the first thing that you have to consider. Because each type of speaker has different ‘good sound’ zones. Small speaker has a limit sound.

In addition, if you increase the volume over the limit, the speaker can be damaged. Therefore, the size of the room is the very first thing that you have to consider.



After you know the size of the room, let’s estimate the budget for the home theater. It might be hard for you to ask for expenses for building a home theater. But if you have a big home theater room, you might as well need a big budget for your home theater set.

How much surround sound do you need?

Nowadays, our audio industry is in transition to new audio systems. Now, we more sound on the ceiling too. If you love the surround sound like in the cinema, which is the Dolby Atmos system, and your financial system is good. We recommend you to install speakers on the ceiling for great sound quality. Or you can buy Dolby Enable Speaker to put on the front, you will have the top sound channel added on immediately.


Know the promotions

It’s good to buy product during promotion or electric appliances expo. The main reason is you can buy product with cheaper price. Whether the store reduce the prices or there are promotions from the credit cards. Follow the promotions and updates on websites and then compare prices and promotions from different stores. When you find a good price, then you can go to the last step, the shopping step.


The last step… go shopping!

When everything is ready, it’s time to go buy a home theater set that you wish for. We recommend that you should stay calm and assess the situation. Let the staff know that you have the information of the home theater. Check the product closely, make sure that the condition of the product is good without scratches. Don’t forget the warranty! Make you buy the products from reliable supplier. So you won’t have to regret later.

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