Pillow is an important item that help that you rest well. But if you choose wrong type of pillow and different sleeping lifestyles may affect various health problems from neck pain, back pain, allergies and colds, especially for those who like to lie on their side, “Body Pillow” is probably the best choice. HomeGuru will take to know the features of the body pillow through this article.


How many types of body pillows?

The body pillow is similar to bolster pillow but is larger in appearance which can be chosen according to the function, usage, suitability and preference of each sleeper.

1. Choose a body pillow according to the interior material such as Manufactured from relief fibers, natural wool, polyclus and memory foam.

Body pillow made from relief fibers or good quality polyester. The pillow is soft, fluffy, not damaged, has high flexibility. For a smooth touch, if the pillow cover is made of fibers, microfiber too will help gentle on the skin and does not cause allergic reactions. Plus, the tangible price just like the body pillow made from poly cluster. The material that feels like natural fur. For customers who like to sleep on a soft pillow, equivalent to a high-priced 5-star hotel. Some brands have developed using technology by replacing fiber with a feeling of soft and comfortable like a real goose-down pillow.


Body pillow made from memory foam will be able to adjust the shape according to the head and neck shape, suitable for people who have neck pain problems and able to receive special weight.

Body pillow made from fur, such as goose feather, is a durable quality material but not suitable for people with allergies. But if you want to use, you should look for a body pillow with the label “Allergy free” which is a sterile wool body pillow.


2. Choose body pillow according to sleeping position

In most cases, users who choose to use body pillows to relax, tend to have a lifestyle that sleeps on your side by using a body pillow for sleeping or hugging as a bolster. If it is a pregnant mother, body pillows will help mothers to sleep fully. Also helps to sleep, flip left, turn right, convenient when wanting to change sleeping position.


How to hold a body pillow to sleep comfortably?

Each sleeping position on a pillow is different depending on the personality and familiarity but generally hugging pillows in 3 ways:

Hugging the body pillow close to the body with a pillow which can throw away body weight and fully leg-down on the pillow. If anyone has problems with snoring, so that the recline position is held on its side half-upside down will help reduce snoring. In general, it is often preferred to sleep and hug a body pillow in this way.


If a person with wide shoulders has to lean the pillow up, to help the arms squeeze less with the body. But for those who like lying down by placing a body pillow on the back to support the back, hips and legs (lying on the back on the back) will allow the sleeper to breathe more and reduce the pressure on the hips and shoulders down, suitable for people with shoulder pain.


Body pillows are especially good on the side

Not only the head pillow that makes you feel sleep well but the body pillow also has many features that help to sleep doubly as well. Because…

  • The body pillow helps support the legs and reduces twisting of the lumbar spine very well.
  • The body pillow prevents the arms from pressing on the chest and can reduce snoring (can reduce snoring a little).


Choose the right body pillow

In general, the selection of body pillows will be chosen according to the physique of the body. Height of each person with different height, such as the normal long body pillow 50 inches, suitable for people whose height is not more than 165 centimeters. 165 centimeters, recommended to choose an extra long body pillow at 60 inches.


How to take care of the body pillow for long use?

The body pillow is an item that must be used daily. Although not receiving much dirt from the outside. Because most of them are often used only in the bedroom but the residue and accumulated inside the pillow. The body is dust that is sometimes not visible to the eyes which is causing the itchy nose and allergies. The best way is, you should take the body pillow out in the sun and hit the dust at least 1 time per week. If wearing pillowcases, they should be removed by hand wash or washing machine by rotating low speed. Be careful, avoid from sharp objects and flames. Do not use sharp objects to cut.


There are a variety of body pillows to choose from. Which HomePro has selected body pillow to meet the different problems of users especially health problems, neck pain, allergies, or a cold under the HLS brand or Home Living Style. Most body pillows are covered with antibacterial fabric including different sleeping lifestyles which has introduced technology came to help in the production to allow users to get quality products at a reasonable price.

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