Water plumbing, one of the main factors of building a house that HomeGuru believes that this may cause you headache. Although, installing water plumbing inside the house and building might be difficult for you, but it is a duty of the building contractor to install the plumbing. But the standard of plumbing installation includes various pipe equipment that you should know so you can discuss with the contractor for decency. Or it may be useful when it’s necessary to renovate house in the future. HomeGuru has gathered basic things that you should know about plumbing for you.

Types of bile ducts or plumbing in the house

If talking about plumbing or ducts, many people may think of the familiar blue plastic pipe. But have you ever wondered how many types of plumbing? There are main 2 types: plastic pipe and metal pipe.

Plastic plumbing pipe

Can be separated into 3 more types:
PVC pipe (Poly Vinyl Chloride) is popularly use in plumbing systems, strong and durable, lightweight, does not rust, resistant to corrosion of many chemicals, and not expensive. There are a variety of sizes and thickness to choose according to the pressure level. But it’s not able to withstand high pressure and temperature. Therefore, it is suitable for water plumbing within the building and use with water at normal temperature.

PP-R pipe (Random Copolymer Polypropylene) Resistant to temperatures up to 95 degrees, can withstand pressure up to 20 bars and there is a homogeneous heat welding to increase the waterproofing properties. But there is a limitation that it can not bear much impact. Therefore, it is not suitable to use in under the ground system.

PE pipe (Poly Ethylene) or HDPE pipe is commonly used as drinking water pipe for its high flexibility, can be bent and curled. Therefore, this type of plumbing pipe can be installed both outside and underground. In addition, it is also resistant to impact and sunlight.

Metal plumbing pipe

Metal pipes used today are steel pipes and copper pipes that are mixed with various substances to improve the properties to be more durable and more rustproof. Therefore, it is suitable to be used as a hot water pipe in a location that must withstand high temperatures. Or it is to be used where it must support a lot of weight or impact.

Aside from plumbing pip types, another method of water pipes that should be considered is the size of the water pipe that is suitable. Normally, the plumbing in the house usually uses size ¾ inches and connect to separate various pipes with size ½ inches.

How to install plumbing inside the house can be divided into 2 ways:

Floating pipeline is floating water pipes on the wall, ceiling or on the wood floor, not buried inside walls or inside structures. It Is a way for water plumbing to float on the house that needs to be put in place for easy maintenance or houses that require additional system installation later. To reduce the hassle and budget of extracting walls for plumbing installation. Although, this is a convenient method, there may be clear sound from the water that runs through the pipes and may not look so neat. But at the same time, floating water plumbing is popular for people who like to decorate their home in Loft and Industrial styles.

Embedded pipeline is the water plumbing pipes that are drilled into the wall or floor to place the system before plastering over, or may be hidden on the ceiling before covering with a ceiling sheet. The installation of this type of plumbing will give a neat and beautiful appearance. But difficult to repair and maintain. Recommend to build service channel, as not to have to extract floors or walls which may affect future structures as well.

Moreover, embedded pipes may have parts that need to be underground as well. The recommended water pipe in this case is a PE pipe with high flexibility, can be bent if the pipe is needed to pass through the bunting or beam, helps to reduce the problem of leakage from various joints. Also, if the structure is collapsed, it will better prevent cracking problems than other types of water pipes

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