The most annoying problem of a house that uses a water pump is inevitable, leaking pump with water leaking. In addition to causing annoyances, it also causes many problems, especially the water pump that shuts off and cuts itself often. Water pump failure signs are different for each house. Some houses are just dripping water, some homes flooding, or sometimes noisy pump. So today, HomeGuru will take you to answer and solve the problem of water pump leaking easily.

When the water pump has a problem, there is a water leak, and there is always a loud noise. It’s not only annoying but also comes with many other issues. Let’s find the answer and be ready to deal with it together.

1. What is the cause of leaking pump?
2. Top 3 signals when you found a leaking pump.
3. Simple ways to notice if the water pump has a problem.
4. Basic troubleshooting techniques.
5. How to repair a leaking pump?


What is the cause of leaking pump?

The root cause of the water pump problem, including the noisy pump, is caused by the rust inside the tank. The steel tank will be welded, so when used for a long time, it will cause rust and corrosion. This makes the steel thinner over time until the efficiency of internal pressure decreases and leads to leakage under the water pump.


Top 3 signals when you found a leaking pump.

If you are sure that the water pump has a problem, HomeGuru will bring you to check the list of what WATER PUMP FAILURE SIGNS are with 3 popular signs common when there is a problem with the water pump.

1. Noisy pump

A widespread problem with water pumps is louder than normal noise. It can be caused by various reasons, but it is common with water pumps that have been used for many years with corrosion. But if it’s a newly bought water pump, it’s constantly noisy and loud. If there are no water stains or water leaks, then there is no leakage problem, but it may be caused by foreign materials getting stuck in the impeller. Be it gravel, rocks, or leaf fragments. Therefore, open the impeller cover and clean it along with removing any foreign material found.

2. Water leaking or dripping from the pump

In the event of an apparent water leak, it is already a sign that the water pump is leaking. This is caused by the mechanical seal inside the pump being worn both by its service life and over a long period of continuous operation. Importantly, if the mechanical seal is exposed to light or rain, it will cause frequent stretching, leading to tearing and leakage.

For water leakage, try checking at various points of the water pump, such as the water fill cap, check valve cover, water pump housing, the nut used to hold the pump at the water inlet, and the impeller cover.

3. Water pump short cycling.

Another common symptom of a water pump failure and a leak is that the water pump runs intermittently or stops working when the water is turned on. This causes the noisy pump to sound intermittent. This symptom is caused by a leak from the internal equipment, such as a deteriorated seal, a decayed pressure tank, and a joint leak.

In addition, if it is a normally installed pump, check to see if there are any leaking areas in the bile ducts. Or if it is a pipe buried in the wall, see where the wall of the house has water seepage or swelling or not. If there is, then the water pump is leaking, and another case is that there may be a leak in the pipe area.


Simple ways to notice if the water pump has a problem.

● The pressure tank area has water stains or rust paint. In some cases, there may be no water dripping.
● Under the water tank, water will seep or drip, causing the surrounding ground to be wet.
● If the water is not used, but the water pump is stuck and stopped, the pipes or taps are not leaking when checking.

Basic troubleshooting techniques.

Once we know that there is a problem with the water pump and clearly a water pump failure signs, you need to fix it first before repairing the water pump.

● Unplug properly to prevent the pump from running until the pump builds up overheat, which may cause a short circuit.
● Switch the water system valve (if the check valve is not inserted) so that the water is by-pass instead. It will allow water to flow into the piping system without going through a pump, which may not make the water flow as strong as using a water pump, but it will help cope in the early stages.
● If the house is equipped with a check valve, do not switch the valve, but remove the plug to disconnect. After that, the water will flow through the check valve itself.


How to repair a leaking pump?

If corrosion occurs in the case of water pump leaks, the steel tank is leaking and becoming thinner. Many people may choose a new tank welding method, which is not a lasting solution as it will soon return. Come leak again. If this is the case, it is recommended that the stainless-steel tank be replaced to increase its service life.

The water pump repair that HomeGuru will bring today will be the fix from the rubber gasket only. Because it can be safely repaired and can continue to use without any other problems.

1. Unplug the water pump

Before proceeding to repair the water pump, preliminarily unplug the water pump to prevent possible harm.

2. Remove the screws properly.

Once the plug is unplugged, turn the screw on the lid, slowly turning it one by one, along with putting your hand on the cover as well. Do not turn it too fast or in a hurry, as there will be a spring pushing the lid in this area. If not careful, the screw can be lost.

3. Replace a new gasket

After removing the screws, remove the old gasket altogether. When removed, put a new gasket in immediately after that, close the cover as before.

4. Plug in the water pump

Once the cover has been put back in, check to see if there are still water pump failure signs. If the water does not leak, then it is finished. But if it is found that the leakage is still the same, check the lid to see if there is any damage or not, such as the buckling that prevents it from closing correctly can cause water to leak. In this case, only the lid must be replaced.

5. If the water does not come up, bleed the air first.

When the process is complete and checks that the water is not leaking, but the water has not been pushed up, it means there is air inside, remove the air in the pump entirely. The method of remove air from the water pump is as follows.

● Remove the plug of the water pump properly.
● Lift the cover off.
● Open the radiator cap by inserting the steel core of the screwdriver into the groove and pressing it with your other hand.
● While turning, you will notice that there is a sound of the wind; slowly turn it off and press the lid down.
● Once the lid is opened, pour tap water into it until the water overflow allows the water to enter instead of the air.
● When the water is full, close the cover.
● Plugin and see if the water pump is working normally.

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Now you know how to check and fix a leaking pump, and noisy pump from HomeGuru is an easy way to do it yourself. If it is a bigger problem and more difficult to fix, it is advisable to replace the water pump or check water pump failure signs by a qualified technician. However, if you don’t have a water pump at home, you can go and buy it at every HomePro branch, and you will find a wide variety of plumbing products at the price you choose for sure.

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