Have you ever?… Have you ever been asked when you are looking for light bulb? And you were asked what kind of light you need? Or even you choose to buy it by yourself, you must be confused for a while. Therefore, we recommend you to understand about lights before going to buy. Just to be sure.


Each room in the house can have more light than a single tone. Whether it is a living room, in addition to a single lamp in the middle of the room ceiling. Many houses will have downlight according to the ceiling corner, at least 4 bulbs or more if it is a large room. Or some homes may add floor lamps, desktop lamps in different angles as well.

แสงไฟ แสงไฟ แสงไฟ


The dining room has a ceiling light in the middle. Also add a floating lantern in the middle of the dining table. The bathroom also has a mirror light to illuminate the mirror, etc. In which all of these have objectives whether creating atmosphere, adding dimension of light, or providing spot brightness is like the color of the light which designed light to meet these various needs. Therefore, we come to know the light before making a purchase decision. At present, there are 3 popular light tones that are:

1. Day Light

Day Light gives a bright white light that can see everything clearly like the light of the sun in the daytime which provides the light closest to natural light and is the most popular as well. This light is suitable for places that need clarity, such as offices, writing rooms.

หลอดไฟ Day Light หลอดไฟ Day Light หลอดไฟ Day Light


2. Cool White

Cool White gives a bluish white light Is a combination of Day Light and Warm White, will get soft and comfortable light Which can be used with all formats every room, inside and outside. But will make the color value of the material distorted from reality. Not suitable for rooms that want to see sharp, lifelike colors. The ideal room should be a living room, kitchen.

หลอดไฟ Cool White หลอดไฟ Cool White หลอดไฟ Cool White


3. Warm White

Warm White gives a warm amber light color. Warm and bright, not too bright. Give a feeling of relaxation, want to relax, suitable for the bedroom. Including a living room that can relax and warm, soft light also creates a romantic atmosphere.

หลอดไฟ Warm White หลอดไฟ Warm White หลอดไฟ Warm White


Each room is given an example as appropriate for the light. However, it depends on personal preference and usage as well, because each room can now be used for many activities. There are many other factors to consider when choosing to buy a lamp, such as the type of lamp, the brightness value for beginners, gradually study, learn, and apply.


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