Speaking of Light Up the Dark House, many people might think of smashing, demolishing and renovating new houses to add windows or lighting to their homes. But actually, we can easily brighten the home by organizing the house properly. When the house looks brighter, it will help the atmosphere in the house suitable for relaxation, look bright, not dull as well. But if anyone still does not know, how to organize a house, HomeGuru has ways to Light Up the Dark House.


Home arrangement to solve dark house

If you encounter problems, the house is so dark that you feel uncomfortable and renovating the house by smashing the walls, adding windows or lighting is too difficult. Rearranging your home can be a more direct solution, which way to make a room brighter. Without breaking the demolition, there are several methods as follow:

Eliminate objects blocking natural light outside the house. If you try to explore and find that the exterior of the house has any obstructions around the door, window or light box, whether it is a stacked object or a tree branch that is covered so that natural light cannot pass through fully. It should be eliminated or relocate the object to the light of the house.

Choose light-colored home paint colors If the house is very dark, changing the interior color to a light color or bright tone will give the feeling of airiness and comfort, making the house look more spacious. In addition, light colors have better light diffusion properties than dark tones, thus correcting a denser room with low light can make the house look brighter.


Change the floor in the house to a lighter color. It’s one of the ways to make a room brighter that many people may overlook. But the floor is a big element in the house. If the floor looks bright, the whole house will look bright as well. Nowadays, we can easily change the house by using light colored rubber tiles over the original floor. Or if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, using a soft colored rug to decorate your home is another interesting option as well.

Choose light-colored furniture. It helps in light distribution as well as light-colored house paint. And the shinier the surface of the furniture will help diffuse the light, the house looks brighter than before.

Put the furniture in the correct position. If there are furniture or home decorations placed in the light of the house. It should be moved away from the direction of the light or if there is little space in the house, then various things should be placed to be in order and leave as much as space as possible to make the house look wide and not uncomfortable.

Decorate the house with mirrors. It will add dimension and light distribution in the house. By choosing to mount the mirror in the opposite position of the lamp or window. Because the mirror will help reflect light or natural light to spread throughout the room.


Choose translucent curtains to allow natural light to pass through more conveniently. Whether it’s a door curtain or a window curtain. But if you are concerned about heat or privacy, you can choose to use heat-reflecting curtains and adjust them to reduce the light passing through.

Light up the room in various dark corners to solve dark house in areas where natural light is not really accessible. This method will not only help illuminate the house. Choosing a decorative lamp that matches your home will also add to the atmosphere of the house to be more warm and pleasant.

Cleaning glass, doors and windows. Because if the glass is always as clear as new, it will allow natural light to pass through the house in full. It is a good way to solve dark house in another easy way.


How to make the dark bathroom more light?

Most bathrooms are designed to be the rooms with the least amount of space in the home especially the old houses that often didn’t have windows, light or air vents.

Use white color for brightness. Whether it’s the floor, walls, toilet bowl, sink or any other area in the bathroom, because white color makes the room look brighter not too dull.

Use a large mirror. Because a large mirror will help make the bathroom look more spacious and also helps to spread the light when the light is turned on better than a small mirror as well.

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Set the correct light position. In addition to lighting up the room, add a light bulb in an area where the light can splash over the top of the mirror and choose to use a lamp that can adjust the strength of the light. This method will not only help spread the light to make the room look brighter and more beautiful. Also, it makes it possible to use the area around the glass more clearly.

Create light that mimics nature. With the installation of light in the ceiling at different levels. This will help the light fixtures look tidy. At the same time, it is a natural as an outdoor bathroom.


Change a solid roof to a transparent roof. It’s just another way to make a room brighter, by using natural light for bathrooms that are not ceiling mounted. Just change the roof sheet from opaque to translucent or roof light to allow natural light to pass through which may choose to change only part of the area. In addition to helping to light up the bathroom. Also, it makes the ceiling look taller and wider. And also, save electricity bills during the day as well.

Install the light guide pipe. Or Solar Tube which is similar to installing a translucent roof. It is the use of natural light from outside inside the house to add light to the house, to get the light all day long. It helps to save energy and save electricity as well.


The kitchen is dark and musty, how to fix it?

Kitchen lighting is important as well as providing a bright and inviting atmosphere to the kitchen. It also helps reduce germs that may have formed. Light Up the Dark House or fix a dark room with low light especially in the kitchen. It has a direct effect on the hygiene of the members of the house which can be modified as follow:

Design an airy kitchen. In case of building a new house or wanting to add a house. The airy kitchen design in the first place will allow the house to have plenty of natural light. And the natural light that will enter the room should not exceed 30% of the room to prevent the kitchen from overheating.

Position the kitchen on the west side. Because this is the direction that will receive the sun in the afternoon. This will help kill germs and make the kitchen not damp.

Change a solid roof to a transparent roof. No need to replace the entire sheet. But you can choose to change only some parts that need a lot of brightness. The same as in the bathroom section.

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Light up the room especially in the middle of the kitchen area or above the island in the kitchen. You may choose a lamp with beautiful design in the room to install more than one lamp to help create a bright and decorate the kitchen as well.

Choose a bulb that produces daylight or white light because the kitchen light is different from the dining room. Choose a bulb that gives the light as close to natural light as possible. Do not choose a bulb that produces bright orange or yellow lights.

Set the lighting position to suit the use such as position above the cooking stove, above the sink, under the wall cabinet, etc. for the convenience of each point.

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The bedroom is dark, how to lighten it up?

Although, many people prefer a solid bedroom for sleeping and resting and that the Light Up the Dark House. The bedroom is not necessary, but if the house is too dark or too dull, it can feel uncomfortable as well. So setting the bedroom to the right amount of light is more beneficial for your mind, mood and health. By the desired bedroom, fix a dark room with low light can be done as follow:

Make the room free of space to make the room look more spacious and bright which can store various appliances. Install beautiful storage boxes, shelves or wall shelves that looks well with the room and orderly at once.

Choose light-colored furniture such as white or light wood color to help make the bedroom look brighter and wider. But if you are afraid that the room will look to bland, you can use natural dark colored furniture to go along with it such as caramel or dark brown to give you a warmer feeling.

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Choose light-colored curtains because it allows natural light to pass through more than solid colored curtains. But if you are concerned about heat or privacy, you can attach double curtains, sheer curtains and blackout curtains which is easy to use, able to receive natural light when needed and close when it’s time to rest.

Decorate the room with decorative lights. In addition to the main lamp used in the room. Decorating the room with other types of lights such as flashing lights, lights in glass jars or wall lights in various areas. Adding light to home, it also helps to create a relaxing atmosphere that makes the bedroom more relaxing.

ห้องนอนมืด ทำยังไงให้สว่างขึ้น

A house that is bright and not obscure, in addition to helping to make the atmosphere warmer. Also, it makes all activities in the home to be comfortable, create happiness in being at home. Therefore, don’t forget the techniques of Light Up the Dark House that HomeGuru has gathered, try to adapt to make the house more cozy.

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