Home decorations reflect the tastes of the residents. This term should be applicable in designing homes to meet the needs of living and make every room in the house more beautiful and livable, such as decoration items in the living room, the room where the family members share the most space. Therefore, it is necessary to choose furniture that reflects the home decoration style and the functionality that can perfectly support the lifestyle of living. Which has a variety of designs to choose from according to preferences and tastes. But what are attractive home decoration accessories? HomeGuru has home decorations that will help change the atmosphere of the living room to not feel monotonous and reflect the residents’ tastes. Let’s recommend it as an idea for every home.

8 home decorations to create the right atmosphere of coziness and let the living room reflect your personal style

1. Sofas

The sofa is an indispensable main decoration item for the living room. These are available in various types: corner sofas, armchairs, fabric sofas, leather sofas, or the popular now-famous multi-function sofa bed, which meets the needs of sitting and sleeping simultaneously comfortably.

Choosing sofas as decoration items will clearly reflect the home decor style and tastes of the homeowner in terms of design, materials, and color schemes, for example:

• Luxury style sofa that reflects luxury, elegance, outstanding.
• Minimal style sofas reflect simplicity, simplicity, cleanliness but are full of taste. It mainly focuses on white, brown, gray, and black tones.
• Loft style sofas reflect the charm, cool, accentuated with dark brown tones, or are sofas made of leather.

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2. Coffee tables

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Coffee tables are home decoration accessories mainly used in conjunction with the couch to place the necessary items during the day. Various options can be paired with a sofa, so you need to choose a center table with the right design and size for the sofa. Most of the time, the height of the sofa table is about 40 centimeters, the length is 120 centimeters, and the width is 60 centimeters.

Shapes are also available in both round and square shapes, depending on the space in the living room. If there is not much space for a table in the middle of the sofa, you may choose to use the airy sofa to save space and not make the room feel crowded.

But if the living room is spacious, you can choose to use a rectangular sofa center table with storage drawers to help increase storage space for items such as remotes and books, which need to be picked up for regular use.

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3. Cushions

beauty to the living room and sofa. Tips for choosing cushions are not complex, mainly. Then look at the colors and patterns of the pillows because the cushions are decoration items that will help make the living room more pleasant. Maybe choose the same color as the sofa or the color that contrasts with the couch for a unique look or cushions with unique patterns, but reflecting the taste in home decoration is unique, such as woven stripes.

In addition to the patterns and colors of the cushions, the sizes are also available from small to large. The size of the cushions depends on the size of the sofa. You should choose the right size for the beauty of the placement. Maybe select different sizes of cushions to decorate the couch to add a playful touch to the area around the sofa to look more attractive.

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4. Carpets

Carpets are decoration items that add patterns to the folk without installing; just choosing a design that matches your home decor style will help your home look tasteful and stand out. Carpets are available in a variety of materials and designs, just like any other living room decoration.

To decorate a room that reflects luxury, choose a faux fur rug, or a Scandinavian living room may choose a rug in light brown or light green tones to reflect nature. But if you want the living room to have an unusual or abstract design, you may choose a patterned carpet, such as stripes or mat-style rugs. In addition to providing beautiful patterns, it is also easy to clean, does not trap dust, which is currently a trendy home decoration.

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5. TV cabinet

TV cabinet decoration items are essential for the living room because helping create a dimension to the charming living room. It can also be used as a storage area for things. The design of the TV cabinet is available quite a lot depending on the needs, decoration style such as Wooden TV cabinet, luxury TV cabinet, loft-style TV cabinet, including the size of the home space.

If your home has limited space or a condominium, you may choose a TV cabinet that is a bit smaller for a 32-inch TV. But if the living room has a lot of space, you can select a wide TV cabinet and has shelves. Store. Or you can choose built-in to be beautiful and reflect different tastes in decorating, outstanding and unique as well.

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6. Lamps

Lamps, home decoration accessories that help add and change the atmosphere in the living room not to be monotonous. Especially during the need to stay at home for a long time, changing and decorating the atmosphere in the living room to be different from the original each day with lamps is one way to relieve stress. Because the lamp’s light will add warmth to the corner of the living room, for example, turn the living room into a cozy cafe with Warm Light lighting.

Lamps for the living room are available in various types, such as floor lamps and hanging lamps. The selection of lights will reflect quite a lot of taste in home decoration. For example, hanging lamps will reflect luxury. But depending on the material of the lamp as well, such as glass, acrylic, etc. For a floor lamp that reflects the style, cool, chic that is popular now.

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7. Curtains

Another indispensable home decoration item for every room in the house is the curtain that protects the sunlight from seeping into the living room. In every room in the house, the patterns and colors of the curtains also add beauty, charm and reflect the decoration taste.

Curtains are currently available in both Black-out and Dim Out, which differ in their degree of sun protection. But if it is a living room decoration, you may choose a Dim Out style that can protect 95% of UV light because it is a room that needs quite a lot of light during the day. Or install through additional sheer curtains to enhance the beauty of the window in the room. Black-out curtains are suitable for installation in the bedroom to block 100% of sunlight, UV light.

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8. Decorative shelving

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Decorative shelving is a popular piece of furniture that can be used as a home decoration. It can add vertical space or replace walls and partitions to divide the room into more proportions. Which sometimes can be DIY decorative wall shelves by yourself, available in a variety of installation materials such as steel frame or wood, depending on the style of home decoration. Or anyone who doesn’t like DIY work can choose ready-made shelves or cabinets that reflect the style of home decoration suitable for every home.

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There are many home decorations to choose from for decorating the living room and every room in the house. In addition to the beauty that mainly reflects the residents’ home decoration style and tastes, HomeGuru would like to consider the functionality and durability to make the furniture last a long time.

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