With the charm of a unique loft-style house and a hot trend among home lovers, today HomeGuru brings you the right loft paint for thousands and how to choose loft polished concrete to match your home. Like TOA Loft color, another help to make your home beautiful, whether it’s modern loft-style or minimal, it can be done easily without any problem.

Simple techniques from HomeGuru will take you to transform your new room into the loft style you want and recommend the right color shades in your style.

1. Loft paint, a great item for modern homes.
2. Get to know 2 styles of loft houses, a hot new trend that never goes out.
3. What common types of loft paint are there?
4. 3 hot color tone groups from TOA Loft, the new choice for home lovers.
5. Simple loft paint technique that you can do yourself, no need a technician.


Loft paint, a great item for modern homes.

If you’re a fan of raw, cool, but charming, loft-style homes, Loft polished concrete is a must-have item for anyone who enjoys this style of home. The color will help make normal cement walls look like bare cement can be applied over the walls of the original house. Just need to prepare the wall surface first to get beautiful colors and sharp wall patterns.

Get to know 2 styles of loft houses, a hot new trend that never goes out.

1. Create a new room with a modern loft-style house.

Modern loft-style house design. Mainly the house has to use white, gray, and black color tones because it gives a calm mood and looks luxurious. The room or house decorated in this style will have Airy and open, no clutter, equipment for decorating the room using floor tones, no patterns, or very few. Emphasizes the elegance and comfort of the eyes, whether it is Modern Luxury, Modern Mid-Century, or even Modern Contemporary.


2. Muji style, don’t miss out on creating a new room in a minimalist style.

Another style of renovating a room with Loft polished concrete is a minimalist style room, including Minimal Loft, Minimal Cozy, and Minimal Rustic. Only a few pieces, focusing on utility. The color scheme that is suitable for this style of the room is Earth Tone or natural color. Not too bright or too bright, giving a comfortable feel, with a smooth touch, like a Japanese house. Popularly decorated with trees such as Indian rubber plants.


What common types of loft paint are there?

• Stripe paint is a color that uses equipment and paints to create a pattern, easy to use, but if not painted well, the room pattern will not be beautiful, risk of dismantling.
• Mixed powder plaster suitable for creating beautiful patterns like real concrete. But in the long term, there is often some dust in the house, not suitable for homes with allergic members.
• Polished plaster is a type that is highly popular because it is easy to use, has a beautiful pattern, has many shades, and most importantly, is suitable for a house renovation or a new room.

3 hot color tone groups from TOA Loft, the new choice for home lovers.

1. TOA Loft Classic

It is a sensational gray tone. Popular loft style. There are 3 shades to choose from: TOA Loft 1 Light Gray, TOA Loft 2 Neutral Gray, and TOA Loft 3 Dark Gray. This is like a real bare plaster wall considered a Loft polished concrete tone for those who like loft-style, mix and match with various furniture styles.

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2. TOA Moroccan-style Loft Paint

Moroccan-style loft paint from TOA will give a vibrant, unique loft-style home. There are two color schemes to choose from TOA Loft 4, a mustard yellow tone with exposed plaster, and TOA Loft 5 in brick red while maintaining a cool and unique.

สีลอฟท์ toa

3. TOA Loft Metallic

It is the latest shade from TOA that has been developed especially for the loft-style. There are 2 tones to choose from TOA Loft Metallic Copper. The copper tone looks raw and cool simultaneously with a style that is like wood and copper metal, giving the room a dimension, and most importantly, it can create a variety of wall patterns.

Another color scheme is TOA Loft Metallic Silver, which is elegant and looks good without being too bright. It can add depth and shallow depth to the room nicely. It has a silver sparkle that gives softness.


Simple loft paint technique that you can do yourself, no need a technician.

The problem with the renovation line that many people want to have a house or loft-style room is that they have to hire a technician who can especially paint a new loft-style house. But if you try TOA Loft and say that, you don’t need to be reluctant anymore. Because the paint is designed to be easy to use and will also help you get the wall with the desired pattern you want.

1. Prepare the wall surface before applying Loft polished concrete.

Before applying Loft polished concrete, the thing that must be checked is the cleanliness of the concrete wall. Whether using a suitable primer, checking that the floor is smooth and without cracks or even mold and algae.

• Prime with TOA Hydro Quick Primer, make the loft wall color as clear and sharp as possible, apply 1 coat, and wait for the wall to dry for about 2 hours.
• If painting the exterior, apply a primer over the old paint first, such as TOA Contract Primer or TOA Hydro Quick Primer, to improve the paint adhesion.
• If the wall is found to have cracks, fill it with TOA Acrylic Filler. In case of tiny cracks and large cracks, fill it with TOA 303 Acrylic Sealant.
• If the surface is not clean, has mold or algae stains, clean it first with TOA 113 Microkill before painting.


2. Prepare Loft polished concrete before applying to the wall.

When the walls are ready, bring the desired color TOA Loft and massage them together. After that, pour into the provided TOA bucket, sweep the paint left and right alternately all over the wall, and leave it for about 6 hours. Once done, repeat 1 round to collect the details and wait another 6 hours.


3. Coating the surface to make the color clear, durable, not deteriorating.

After getting the desired color and getting the new room you want, TOA Loft Clear is applied to the walls to protect the walls painted with Loft polished concrete more durable, reducing the wall dusting. The way to use it is to mix it with about ½ small water bottle and stir well. After that, dip the roller in the TOA Loft Clear mix and apply it on the vertical wall uniquely. Repeat 2 times, each time leave for 2-4 hours.

The specialty of TOA Loft Clear is Crystal Tech technology. The coating overreacts on the loft, making the surface durable and dust-free.

สีลอฟท์ สีปูนลอฟท์ สีลอฟท์ toa

Finished and completed with a technique to transform a new room into a loft-style with Loft paint from TOA that is sharp, natural tones, and the important thing is that it is easy to apply by yourself. And if you want to get Loft polished concrete at an affordable price and in the color scheme you want, you can buy it at any HomePro store.



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