Choosing to buy a sofa seems easy but actually it is not easy as you think!! After knowing the basic requirements that we needed a Love Seat sofa for the two of us then it is easy. You also need to consider what is it use for and where to place it. Next, let’s continue to look at what you should consider before making a purchase, in order to get a favorite sofa for a sweet suite for a long time.

โซฟา Love Seat สำหรับคู่รัก

1. Size is important

Size is the most important because if your room is too small to place a sofa… it’s not going to work. Therefore, you should measure the size of the area to be placed clearly, both width, length, height, to be sure. Even if it’s 2 seats sofa but each brand is produced in unequal sizes. Then ask yourself or the person beside you how comfortable you want to be in the seat. Like a reclining, full reclining, the cushion should reach under the knees or just sit on your feet to fill the floor, not high enough to tiptoe, that’s enough. The length of the seat per person is a bit loose. When you have a left or right tilt that doesn’t get stuck, it’s better to sit comfortably rather than squeezing in uncomfortably. But if a lover who always likes to add sweetness to each other, choose a tight fit, it’s good to sit next to each other to grab what is needed to touch each other accidentally, that creates even more sexiness. And if there is anything more, a sofa that has a lot of width can use the space better. You should also see if you want to have armrests or not. If there are armrests, the width and material used for the armrest are also important.

2. Choose seat cover materials

Seat covers are available in a variety of options. But there are mainly two groups: fabric material and animal skin, which can be further divided into

โซฟา Love Seat สำหรับคู่รัก

Animal Skin Group is divided into real animal skin which is definitely a high price and there is a concern about the unusual odor. But wait… stop and read here for a bit if you think about the duration of use, which is definitely durable. And modern evolution in tanning without worrying about the odor. Genuine leather is also unique to each piece of leather that has a unique character, both shades, patterns, and slight imperfections caused by nature, with a light intensity that has changed, plus wrinkles caused by the use of time but still soft and comfortable and beautiful, that is said “The more genuine leather used, the more beautiful.”

As for Artificial leather, which is a synthetic leather made to imitate genuine leather. Now very advanced evolution, the production of artificial leather is almost equivalent to genuine leather, but still giving a different feeling. A good feature is the smooth, cool touch, can set the color, the pattern is as same as genuine leather. There are many to choose from at a very attractive price. And it is easy to clean, easy to find, convenient to use, but the life and durability are not the same as real leather.

Fabric material group There is a variety to choose from beyond description. Recommend only for the type that is suitable for couples. Simply touch the fabric, it can create romance. Every type of fabric material has the same disadvantage; it is delicate, dusty, easily get stain, must be cleaned very often such as

โซฟา Love Seat สำหรับคู่รัก
Photo byDmitry Bayer on Unsplash

Silk Natural protein fibers which have a glossy, soft and durable, and elegance. It has a smooth touch. But the price is quite expensive and need to be careful when looking after. It may not be suitable for couples who like to have activities and use the sofa often. Unless you are rich, change the sofa as often as changing clothes.

โซฟา Love Seat สำหรับคู่รัก
Photo by Inside Weather on Unplash

Cotton Natural fibers obtained from cotton flowers. The fabric surface is smooth giving a soft touch. When mixed with the right proportion of synthetic fibers, it provides toughness and durability. And it can be dyed in a variety of beautiful colors. The price is friendly, depending on the chosen pattern.

โซฟา Love Seat สำหรับคู่รัก
Photo by Inside Weather on Unplash

Flannel Woven from both natural and synthetic fibers Looks like a soft, shiny coat. Luxurious. Feel comfortable and there are also many colors to choose from.

โซฟา Love Seat สำหรับคู่รัก
Photo by Vincent Wachowiak on Unplash

Nylon Fabric Synthetic fiber that is tough, outstanding, and extremely flexible. Good image retention and return ability, not easily wrinkled. Easily removable, washable and clean, resistant to various chemicals. Nowadays, there are many different color changing sofa covers. Therefore, these qualities meet the lover without hesitation… should quickly possess.

โซฟา Love Seat สำหรับคู่รัก

3. Structure materials are equally important.

Structure of the sofa must have excellent strength, able to support the weight of the person sitting unsteady. Wooden structures have been popular for a long time and it also shows the character of classic and warm. But you should also consider the type of wood that is used. Metal structure have strong advantages, compatible with all designs. In addition, the material inside should not be overlooked because it is a quality anti-beating device for the sofa. The soft or hard cushion depends on the material inside. Couples who think that there will be only one sofa in the house, recommend to choose a cushion that uses both duck feather or goose feather mixed with foam and the combined fibers guarantee a soft, comfortable feel for every touch, with durability, not easily collapsed. For all lovers to tighten the touch closely.

4. Style for your personality

Once all of this has been read, you have decided the right style for your personality. But you also need to consider which room to put the sofa in which there is Mood & Tone. Choose suitable for perfect beauty. Introducing a simple style that is compatible with all Mood & Tone such as Scandinavian design. And for whatever reason, before making decision, you need to try it, sit, touch, lay down, get in touch with yourself first to see if you really like it.

โซฟา Love Seat สำหรับคู่รัก

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