Low water pressure in the shower is a common problem that almost every house has experienced. Whether you try to fix or buy a new one, low water pressure or low-flow showers are still a problem that cannot be solved. And make it take a longer time to shower than usual, not comfortable, feel unclean, and unfresh. Today, HomeGuru will share many tips on how to fix this problem, that every home can fix it by yourself without plumber help anymore!

1. Weak Pressure Water in Plumbing
2. Water Pump Size
3. A Clogged Water System
4. Water Heater with Shower and Small Flexible Hose
5. Lifespan of a Water Heater
6. Shower Water with many Filter

Shower flow… know the cause, can fix easily by yourself slowly

Low water pressure in the shower can happen for a variety of reasons. The sign of low water pressure can be seen obviously. But, before condemning the shower, check the problem doesn’t extend to the whole house. It may be related to the water system, the electrical system in the house, which causes this problem. Let’s check and fix these causes together.

• Weak Pressure Water in Plumbing

The first sign of low water pressure is your shower running slowly, especially if the water is being used at many points at the same time.

The simple solution is installing a water pump and storage tanks to increase the water pressure inside the plumbing, make it more powerful when using water in many places, especially the bathroom on the 2nd or 3rd floor of the house to prevent water flowing problems gradually resulting in a weak shower.

• Water Pump Size


An improperly sized pump can under-pressurize a water system. If you choose a water pump that is smaller than the consumption of people living in one household, the water will flow slowly, and there comes a point when 2 or more people may be using water at the same time.

Typically, pressure pumps boost water pressure, and can also, improve flow rate. The function of a pressure pump is to push water at a faster rate and at a higher pressure. Therefore, a properly sized pump will provide your desired water pressure at the furthest point of your water system with efficiency.

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• A Clogged Water System

Sediment like built-up rust or hard water minerals can accumulate in the shower. It made your shower running slowly. These sediments will accumulate in many areas. Especially these 3 points: water pipe system, shower hose, and obviously point is the shower head that water flows outlet.

Regularly cleaning the shower head, shower hose, and water pipe system is a good solution to remove these sediments. Not to have sediment stains or dirt residue embedded in it, such as hair, dust clogging that make the shower flow slowly. You can submerge the shower head in a container full of the shower cleaner and use a brush to scrub the shower head.

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• Water Heater with Shower and Small Flexible Hose

Water heaters are becoming an essential bathroom appliance in every home. Many water heaters will come with a shower and flexible hose. There are tiny holes in the shower head that causing shower flow problems. But do you know that the small hose and the shower head that comes with the water heater is help to control the water temperature and helps to adjust the amount of water.

But if you want to increase the pressure of the shower, it is recommended to install a water heater with mixing taps to adjust the temperature and water pressure at the desired level. It will help reduce the problem of the low flow rate of the shower.

• Lifespan of a Water Heater


Old age water heater always comes with warning signs such as water flow slowly. Therefore, with regular inspection the conditions of water heater, it helps to prevent problems with water and electrical systems.

With regular checking and many warning signs, it’s time to replace your water heater. You should change a new water heater that is made of plastic or high-quality material, durable and high heat resistance by installing it carefully. It’s always best to get a professional technician to do the installation for you because the install of water heaters is involved in the wiring system in the house.

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• Shower Water with many Filter

These days, all families pay attention to cleanliness and safety in the water. Not only drinking water but also water for use, many homes pay more attention by finding impurities filters such as water filters that are used to filter the water and drinking water in the home system. Including shower equipment such as shower, requires a built-in water filter system to filter dust, chlorine, and other impurities to make the water more quality.

A water shower with many filters may be the reason that makes the water shower flow slowly. So, before you buy the water shower, you have to consider the qualifications and additional functions of the water shower or buy one that is designed to help increase the water pressure while using it.

There are a few tips for fixed low water pressure from HomeGuru. This problem can happen for many reasons as mentioned above. Investigation the root cause of water flow slowly will help every home to find the right solution for themselves. But for any home that does not know water systems such as inspection, repairing, and installation, consulting with specialists is another good choice.

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