“Kitchen” is like a heaven in the house because it is a source of food for everyone in the house. Many homes give significant to the kitchen design. A kitchen is like a masterpiece of the house. The design of the kitchen is not for beauty only; the management of the space is also important in terms of safety. It is not difficult to build a perfect kitchen with your own hands. With a variety of finished products and modern kitchen facilities and appliances, you can just furnish them in places with your own style.


Manage the kitchen plan before choosing kitchen set

Kitchen comes with home functions. First of all, explore and plan the area. Do not forget the spaces for putting the windows for good sunlight exposure at the sink. Make space for a refrigerator. And lastly, choose appliances and furniture that fits your kitchen room shape.

  • U-Shaped Kitchen: the space of the kitchen should be wide and spacious. The kitchen set will take up the space at 3 sides.
  • L-Shaped Kitchen: kitchen set can be placed at small or big L-shaped kitchen room. But the angles might be different.
  • I-Shaped Kitchen: suitable for small kitchen, or a kitchen for display, or a kitchen that connects with other part of the room.


Choose the right shape and design to fit the kitchen

When you already know which kind of appliances and furniture shape suit the kitchen. Choose the appliances and furniture that you like, make sure they are beautiful, strong and durable. You should consider the design service and after sales service too. Like HomePro, we have Home Service to supervise you and help you manage your home.

Placing kitchen appliances

Set the space for placing a stove, oven, microwave and sink which comes with Built-in kitchen set. Use the symmetric triangle principle to help arrange all appliances in the kitchen.

Learn about the height and size

Putting electrical appliances in the kitchen, whether they are big or small, you have to know the basic information of these appliances. You need to know which sizes and how far apart that you should put them. What should be the distance between the hood and the stove?


Lighting and ventilation

If the kitchen is an open space, then the lighting and ventilation is not a big problem. But if the kitchen is in the small, narrow space, at the back of the house, might be a problem. Also, kitchen in condo room has a limited space, the lighting and ventilation might be a problem too. A kitchen needs a light exposure and a good ventilation. Cooking hood can help with the smell. Consider which kind of cooking hood requires gas pipe. For condo kitchen, you may choose a counter with filter without installing a gas pipe. An air filter can help remove bad smell and ventilates the air.

Electricity and lighting systems

Apart from using natural daylight, you need to add more lights during night time. For light underneath the hanging cabinets, recommend to install light at the counter. Then put the electric system and connects with the lighting system in order. Must have a circuit breaker to cut the power off in case of short circuit. Place plugs away from the wet area. Choose plugs with lids for the safety. Another option for you, which can save electricity. Tear down the wall and replace with large windows. You can receive a lot of sunlight which makes you feel fresh. You will feel energetic in cooking breakfast every morning.


Learn to improvise

For the dining room, some household might use soft sofa instead of chairs, for more comfortable in sipping coffee in the morning and dining. Recommend to choose sofa with cabinet at the base, to keep cooking books, napkins and other kitchen utensils. So you can pick them easily. You won’t have to waste money to buy a new cabinet and wasting some more space.

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