Craftsman work, you might think it is a distant. Actually, it is necessary for you know the basic craftsman work. The first thing is getting to know the mechanic tools. From the last article (Click), we talked about the main mechanic tools and how to use them. And now, you already know how to use them. For more accuracy, it would be good for you to know more mechanic tools that you may not have at home.

Tool Box

Available with metal and plastic boxes
Metal boxes: durable and heavy, use for a long time may has rust. Suitable for hard work. Plastic boxes: has lots of space, more functions and lightweight. Available for both light and hard work uses. If you have a lot of tools, recommend you to use a plastic box with wheels. So you don’t need to carry it, just push it while working. Or you put a plastic box on a cart.


Mains Tester Screwdriver

Used to determine the presence oe absence of an elecricity voltage. Choose an insulating material on either side of the handle and shank, which made of steel. Choose the right voltage for our homes, which is 200 – 250 Volts. If you use a screwdriver with 80 -125 Volts, you may feel an electricity leak. How to use a mains tester screwdriver correctly, put the tip of screwdriver on an object to test and use your fingers to hold the handle or the clip of screwdriver to let electricity circulates. Most importantly, don’t put your shoes or stand near an insulate area, electric current may not circulates. Also, do not use this screwdriver with high voltage.

Standard Screwdriver and Phillips Screwdriver

Observe the structure of a screwdriver: the handle, shank, and blade. The handle of a screwdriver should fit with the hand. Make sure it is not slippery. Also, make sure it works well, otherwise, your hand can get tired easily. Hexagon plastic screwdriver which is available for all shops. This type of screwdriver makes your hand gets tired easily. There are 2 types of shanks: round and square shanks. Round shank is for light craftsman work. Square shank is for hard craftsman work. You can also use plier or wrench to help increases torque. Good quality of screwdriver must have the tip of the blade made of steel, which is strong and durable. The price is quite expensive. Some brands, the tip of screwdriver is black, which composed of metal with high carbon, and hard. As for typical screwdriver made of chromium is cheaper and usually damage easily.

Multi-Purpose Saw

For people working with wood and metal seriously, you should have saw for both wood and metal craftsman works. But if you do miscellaneous work, recommend to use a multi-purpose saw which is compact. It can be used to cut various kind of materials such as woods, aluminum, pvc pipes, nail, tiles and glass bottles. Before you buy, you should try to hold a saw, see whether it fits your hand well. Make sure the blade is locked well and the saw is strong enough, not bend easily.


บางชิ้นงานตัด อาจจะใช้วัสดุเล็กๆ ไม่ได้ เลื่อยช่วยให้ตัดงานชิ้นใหญ่ๆ ได้ง่ายขึ้น การตัดสิ่งของในงานช่างไม่ใช่เรื่องง่ายเหมือนตัดกระดาษด้วยกรรไกร เครื่องมือช่างชนิดเลื่อยตัดโลหะจึงเป็นอีกหนึ่งเครื่องมือที่ควรมีติดบ้านไว้เพื่อใช้ตัดสิ่งของที่ต้องการ รูปร่างเป็นโครงเหล็กสี่เหลี่ยมมีด้ามจับและมีใบเลื่อยหยักติดกับคันเลื่อยให้ตัดชิ้นงานได้สะดวก


Some craftsman work may require hacksaw to cut big pieces of wood. Cutting craftsman work is not easy as using a scissor to cut paper. Hacksaw is another tool that every home should have, use for cutting items. A hand saw with rectangular metal frame and handle, the blade is attached to the saw, to easy cutting.

Wood Saw

A basic saw for general craftsman work. Wood saw takes more tiem to cut wood than electric saw. It has a large blade made of flat metal with sharp teeth. The teeth of a saw has different sizes depending on appropriate craftsman work. After using a saw, the blade should be cleaned. Always apply an engine oil to sharpen the saw teeth.


Use for drilling threaded holes. A chisel is thick and wide, less sharp than a parting chisel. Using a chisel, you need a hammer to help. Hold a chisel handle in one hand, and hold a hmmer with another hand and gradually strike the chisel on the wood to cut off pieces of wood little by little. Continue cutting off wood to get a specified depth.Parting chisel or v-chisel is for making the surface of wood smoother. It composed of blade and handle. The blade is made of flat steel which is very sharp. Hold a chisel handle in one hand, and another hand grab on the ferrule of the chisel to control it.


T-Square is a techinal drawing instrument use as a guide for drawing on craftsman work before cutting or install it. There are 2 type: 1. Solid Square or Try Square is for measuring 90 degrees angle which cannot adjust the angle. 2.Set Square is for measuring adjustable angles. Set Square is for creating, checking and cutting angles on woods, cornice, corner wood, and wooden pole with the right angle.

Steel Ruler

Use for measuring lines straightly. It is a tool which everyone is familar with. Mostly use for measuring and drawing lines for craftsman work.

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