Vertical Space Storage Ideas

Fill every square inch of every room in the house with unlimited storage space. Answer all lifestyles of everyone in the house. Both use functions and beauty the way you want with DIY Organize. Vertical storage ideas that HomeGuru has gathered under the concept of Every Inch of Home, Need Home Organize for inspiration. Make home arrangements easy and not boring anymore.

DIY พื้นที่จัดเก็บแนวตั้ง

“Office room”, the space for creating ideas of every generation in the house that must be cleared.

In one day we spend as much time working in the office or working space as the bedroom. Especially when working from home. The office will be the main room in which every house should pay attention to decorate the house and allocate the space inside the office to be comfortable, clean, orderly and the atmosphere is not boring during the day.

Therefore, you need to choose furniture and equipment that is organized without hassle. So that the space in the office is not full of large pile of documents.

DIY Organize

Like a desk if space is limited, recommend you to place the desk against the wall. You should not use solid color furniture Because it will make the room look dark and narrow. You may choose furniture with light colors such as light brown or white tones and installing shelves on the wall. Whether to use a ready-made shelf or DIY Organize by installing a keel shelf so that the shelves can be allocated according to the desired ideas by using the notebook. Ready to find a multipurpose storage box or storage cabinets to store things and various appliances necessary to be organized by writing the name and paste it on the box to put on the shelf.

DIY Organize

Ready to install with Wall Unit, holder, hanging accessories that can be adjusted according to needs. You can place it on the wall or attached to the edge of the desk either vertically or horizontally according to the space area. It can be used with various accessories, whether to place or hang equipment, necessary items can be allocated. Which can be installed in every room in the house for a neat and clean.

แผ่นชั้นกระดาน แผ่นชั้น ตัวแขวนแบบ 4 ขอแขวน

Don’t forget to find a multipurpose storage box. or storage cabinets to separate belongings Necessary things to be organized by writing the name on the front of the box to arrange on the shelf.

And do not forget to add freshness in the office with a small green tree that is easy to take care of or use artificial plants to decorate as you like. Just this, it helps to not be boring during the day.

โต๊ะทำงานเหล็ก ตู้บานเปิด แผ่นชั้นหกเหลี่ยม 3 ชิ้น

DIY Organize

“Kitchen” a space to create delicious menus for every home.

Every menu can be created to be delicious. In addition to ingredients, ingredients, equipment and space in food preparation must be equally ready. Organizing a house in the kitchen or kitchen storage is no less important. Because aside from being easy to pick up also helps the kitchen to look clean and hygienic as well.

DIY Organize

Organizing the house in the kitchen should be organized in a vertical space by attaching a shelf on the wall. Some homes may DIY Organize by using a keel shelf for placing necessary equipment such as small appliances such as a microwave, dishwasher, bowl and find a rack to hang for hanging the pot lid so there is no need to dismantle.

DIY ห้องครัว

In the sink area, find the accessories like dish drainer that can be used to hold the dishes when washing is complete. This will save space for people living in condominiums as well including finding narrow shelves with wheels that can be easily moved to various angles to use to place condiment bottles, jars that must be regularly used. And most importantly, don’t forget to prepare an organized box for storing various types of food to help preserve food and can store unwanted odors very well.

DIY Organize DIY Organize DIY Organize

DIY Organize

DIY Organize or Keel Shelf helps increase the vertical living space for the walls of small and large houses. It Can be installed, expanded, removable by yourself and as required Keep every corner in the house orderly

DIY Organize

“Living room” the area of happiness for everyone in the family.

The living room is the face of every house that is used as a space to create happiness among everyone in the family. Which use to welcome friends who will visit during the holidays. It must be meticulous when choosing furniture and organize the house to make the room orderly and pleasant to live Some houses may have the concept of home design, such as Lofts Style, Minimal Style, Neo Deco Style, or Fun Frolic according to preference.

DIY Organize

When receiving the concept, choose furniture and decorations in the same tone In choosing furniture, it is advisable to choose furniture that can be used in a variety of functions, such as a sofa or a center table for placing things in the center for storing small things, storage cabinets, shoes tables, and shoes and can be used for sitting and relaxing in.

DIY ห้องนั่งเล่น

The storage in the living room still focuses on organizing the vertical space with DIY Organize, with a keel shelf that can be moved as needed. Then decorate with picture frames, desk lamp, basket or multi-purpose box to organize the things you need and separate unnecessary pieces for easy to use.

DIY Organize โต๊ะกลาง ไฟตั้งโต๊ะ

DIY ห้องนั่งเล่น

If the keel shelves are not enough to organize, then can find a steel drawer with wheels which can be placed as decorative furniture for the living room to look more stylish.

“Laundry room” cluttered corner that needs to be organized.

It’s not strange that the laundry room or the laundry room is cluttered and disordered. Because it has to be used as a laundry area and iron the clothes at the same time, but should not be neglected in the organization of the room. Because the laundry room is often a collection of dust Organizing your home with DIY Organize wall shelves can help with this problem. Because it’s an easy way, do it yourself and increase more living space Because most The laundry room is usually not very large.

DIY Organize

Initially, it is recommended to clear unused items first. Then find a multipurpose box or baskets to store stored items such as detergent, fabric softeners, iron, placed on shelves Ready to find a laundry rack to hang clothes to wait for ironing.

DIY ห้องซักผ้า

As for the house, which has a lot of shoes, you can change the area at the bottom of the keel shelf in the laundry room can be a shoe storage compartment by suggesting to find a shoe box that is stackable to put in to increase storage space and prevent dust.

แผ่นชั้นตะแกรง ขอแขวนเดี่ยวแบบโค้ง 4 ชิ้น แผงตะแกรง

DIY ห้องซักผ้า

“Kid’s room” attracted to the color and Wall Unit.

Children’s area Should organize the house in proportion for easy storage of toys of those fathers and mothers that has to keep the toys growing every other day. Suggesting an organization with a wall unit that everyone in the house can help DIY Organize with a small keel shelf to be used to place toys, books and hanging small items for children.

DIY Organize

Finding a multipurpose box to organize to separate the types of toys will help your baby’s room live better. Combined with the selection of colorful furniture, with cartoon characters such as tables, chairs, lamps, decorations, and the color of the room in bright tones. By choosing to use blue, pink, or cute pattern wallpaper Will definitely attract children not to be bored of their room.

ตะกร้าหูหิ้ว เก้าอี้เด็ก กล่องกระดาษเหลี่ยม

DIY ห้องเด็ก

DIY Organize is another trick to organize your home in every corner of the house in a vertical space to make the most of the space also convenient. No need to clean often and also helps reduce dust inside the house with many storage devices and most importantly.

DIY ห้องเด็ก

Increase the degree to make the house more livable. Without having to go out to find the happiness area outside of the house to check in anywhere else as well.

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