Disposable Teflon containers, is it true… after rumors said that the coating of “Teflon pan” contains carcinogens? But nowadays, Teflon containers are still used by healthcare housewives, butlers and you. Because with innovation that reduces the amount of fat in cooking without the need for oil for good health. Plus, it is easy to clean. Therefore, Teflon containers are an option for cooking. Despite the negative rumors that came out. HomeGuru has good information for every home that loves to cook. And for you who are looking for kitchen utensils to cook, so that every family meal will be delicious.


Characteristics and outstanding properties of Teflon containers

“Very slippery,” is one of the outstanding features of a Teflon coated container especially cookware sets such as pans that are made of copper metal and then coated with Teflon. Thus, making while cooking, especially fried food non-stick food, non-greasy pan, lightweight body, comfortable to handle, and easy to clean.

Teflon is a trade name for polytetrafluoroethylene. (Polytetrafluoroethylene – PTFE) In addition to the properties that make it slip. Teflon is also inert to react with chemicals, acids, alkalis and is resistant to heat during cooking up to 150 ? C or more. And a melting point of 327 degrees Celsius by a Teflon pan or a Teflon pan with a Teflon coating of about 2-3 layers of the container.

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Is Teflon coated container dangerous?

“Teflon pan” contains carcinogens? Disposable Teflon containers, it is probably a question that many homes have heard of and are concerned when it comes to using Teflon cooking utensil. But actually, Teflon coating is not harmful to health. But it is not recommended to burn the Teflon container at a high temperature that the melting point of 327 degrees because the Teflon material will rise to the atmosphere. The vapor that floated up there may affect symptoms similar to the flu. But in general, it will not occur with normal cooking temperatures and should not be put in the oven or microwave. Because the oven temperature is too high. Before use, it is recommended to observe the label. There is a symbol indicating that it is suitable for use with any type of stove such as the fire symbol is suitable for use with gas stove. Circle curl symbol is suitable for induction cooker.

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Or another problem is Teflon pan used and peeled. Most of you fear of chemical residues into the body. But for Teflon coating will be expelled from the body. It does not accumulate and not harmful to health. But the harmful substances are substances used to coat the fabric to prevent water such as coating PFOA or PFOS is Teflon as well. But it will provide water protection, dry most will be coated in nano towel. Therefore, disposable Teflon containers are not always necessary.

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How to take care of Teflon container not to let it peels?

Peeled Teflon pan may cause by improper maintenance after use. When peeling occurs, causing the misconception that disposable Teflon containers are not durable. As in the market, there are Teflon pans available. You can choose from a variety of quality. Some homes choose to buy Teflon pans that are inexpensive. The Teflon coating on the pan maybe thin and not enough to stick to the pan. After using it for a while, the problem may come off.

The correct way to use the Teflon pan is choosing a plastic spatula, a coated spatula, or a wooden spatula. Because it is a material that is not sharp and has smooth edges including cleaning should not use a capillary and scotch bright to scrub the pan. Use a sponge to rub gently and most importantly, do not pour water immediately while the Teflon pan is still hot. This will cause the Teflon pan to peel off. After every use, we recommend you to use vegetable oil to coat the pan and wipe it off. This will help the Teflon pan durable.


Which brand of Teflon pan is good?

Factors in choosing a Teflon pan to respond to cost-effective household use for housewives and butlers. You should consider the material, quality, brand and good characteristics of the pan. See which one you should choose. Most of the time, the selection of Teflon pans is commercially available in department stores. This will depend on the following main factors:

1. The coating thickness to help keep heat well.
2. Speed of heat transfers of pan. Some brands heat quickly. Some brands heat very slowly.
3. Ease of cleaning pan and stains.
4. Power consumption or temperature distribution.

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Some of the most popular brands of home use are Tefal, Seagull and Zebra Teflon.

Tefal is another brand that is popular among housewives, health conscious women. Because most of the Tefal pans are non-stick pans and there are a variety of designs to choose from Deep Teflon pan, Induction pan, Flat pan. And now Tefal has incorporates three technologies to make cooking easier: Thermo Signal, a red dot on the pan that shows the ideal temperature to start cooking, Anti-Scratch non-stick coating to prevent scratching. The Teflon pan keeps heat evenly distributed and innovative. It does not burn food. Thermo-Fusion Plus can be used with all type of stoves.

Seagull is another brand that is equally popular. With a variety of products which the materials in the production are of high quality. It is strong and durable. It can be used with all type of stoves. Since the bottom of the pan is a new type of Energy Net Induction and the pan is thick, it can dissipate the heat well.

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In addition, there are many Teflon pans with quality brands at reasonable prices such as PINTINOX, RISOLI, MEYER, BIALETTI for you to choose from and the type of use in the kitchen. It’s not just a selection of quality Teflon pans. Choosing a gas stove or an electric stove, it is equally necessary because each type of stove gives different temperatures. It may affect the usability of each type of pan as well.


According to HomeGuru’s article above, Teflon utensils are still the most popular cookware in many homes. Which there are a wide variety of pans to choose from. But with the features of Teflon pan that can be used on most type of stoves and can cook a variety of dishes. Solving questions about disposable Teflon containers, may not be necessary. Because if you choose a quality Teflon pan, use it correctly with proper maintenance. This will help your Teflon pan last for long time for sure.

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