A kitchen cabinet is a piece of furniture that has been in the Thai kitchen for a long time. Many people are familiar with using kitchen cabinets from childhood to adulthood. It is an indispensable kitchen item that many people, especially families who often cook. If there are multiple members, storing food in a kitchen cabinet is still more than just storing food in the refrigerator. Because there is no need to waste energy in reheating food, it can also store kitchen utensils in order. Including today, there are also both aluminum kitchen cabinets and stainless kitchen cabinets that are both durable and designed to fit more modern homes. HomeGuru has compiled an attractive new kitchen cabinet for you.

• How to choose the perfect kitchen cabinets!

1. Techniques for choosing kitchen cabinets
2. Kitchen cabinets that HomeGuru recommends


• Techniques for choosing kitchen cabinets

This is because the use of kitchen cabinets is not just for storing fresh food or ready-to-eat food. But kitchen cabinets are also designed to keep various condiments and utensils in the kitchen, from sauce bottles, sauce bottles, fish sauce, sugar, vinegar, etc., or kitchen utensils such as plates, bowls, and bowls, cutlery, and utensils. Cups, buckets, basins, pots, etc. Therefore, when choosing a kitchen cabinet, one must consider the functionality that corresponds to each kitchen and the material used in production for longevity, among other factors. Others need to be considered together.

1. Choose a kitchen cupboard that made of durable materials

Kitchen cabinets today are available in a wide variety of designs made of wood, PVC, aluminum, or stainless steel, each with its own pros and cons. A wood kitchen cabinet is quite expensive, but it will last a long time if it is made of good quality plywood. A kitchen cabinet made of PVC, which is relatively cheap, has a wide selection of colors but will last a lifetime, not very long. As for the aluminum kitchen cabinets and stainless kitchen cabinets are durable and moisture-resistant but may be limited in color choices.

2. Choose a kitchen cabinet size that match with your kitchen area

Whether it’s aluminum kitchen cabinets, PVC cupboards, stainless kitchen cabinets, or wooden cupboards, there are various sizes to choose from. Therefore, when buying a pantry for use in a home with limited space, be sure to check the size of the available space first to get a cupboard that will fit perfectly into the available space.

3. Choose a kitchen cupboard from storage functions

Each brand of the cupboard has a different internal design and often has many shelves, a small number of compartments. This is to store food, containers, and various equipment according to the needs of users. Some cabinets can be closed on the upper floor, on the lower floor, or completely closed. Including some pantry models, some brands will be able to put gas stoves as well.


4. Choose a kitchen cupboard with bugsnub

Of course, there will always be ants disturbing where there is food, causing damage and annoyance to the homeowner. Therefore, buying a pantry with ant-proof cup legs will help prevent ants’ growing food in the cabinet.

5. Choose a kitchen cupboard to match your home

Another factor in choosing kitchen cabinets that many people attach importance to other factors is the house’s beauty. Buying a pantry is a big piece of furniture for your home. If you choose to match the house or kitchen, it will help make the house’s atmosphere look beautiful, make the kitchen look attractive, and cook every day.

The color scheme of the cupboard also influences the overall look of the kitchen with aluminum kitchen cabinets and silver stainless steel cabinets. It will make the kitchen look modern and modern, while the light-colored pantry will make the kitchen look more spacious and bright. But if you have a very spacious kitchen or has enough light, you can choose a dark-colored cupboard as well.

• Kitchen cabinets that HomeGuru recommends



The standing kitchen cabinet from the brand CABIN is made of WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) plastic through efficient molding. Strong and durable like natural wood, more durable than general plastic. The material does not decay and does not absorb water, so it does not swell when exposed to moisture or water. Free from termites and wood-eating insects. The handle is shaped to fit your hand, strong and corrosion-resistant. It has a stand that distributes the weight to support a stable and easy-to-carry stand. Easy to use with 4 door panels and air vents. It can be used to store food and kitchen equipment multipurpose. It stands out beautifully with a modern, modern and unique design, answering both decoration and functionality.



The versatile aluminum kitchen cabinets from the CABIN are made of standard quality materials. The structure and door frame are made of good quality aluminum material, durable to use as well. The drawer front panel is made of powder-coated galvanized steel, the edge of the cabinet is covered with aluminum. With a handle made of ABS plastic and the inner layer is covered with a High-Pressure Laminate sheet, resistant to heat, able to support water well. And there is a shelf for organizing the containers to increase the usable space. Cabinet doors are designed to open and close tightly to prevent dust or insects, easy to move and place. The middle and bottom have ventilation holes to reduce odors inside the cabinet.



White multipurpose kitchen cabinet from KING brand made from durable ABS material, one-time injection molding. So, it’s beautiful seamlessly, not warped. It can effectively waterproof, does not swell, does not blister. In addition, there is no need to worry about termites and other gnawing insects. Easy to install, can be used for both inside and outside the house in a covered area. Modern design meets both decoration and functionality.



Another multipurpose kitchen cabinet from the KING brand comes with 3 layers of storage shelves. It can fully store food and kitchen equipment. Made of good quality ABS material, solid and durable, white color, modern look that goes with any home style. Seamless design with a single injection molding, no warping or deflection. Can effectively prevent termites and various insects. Easy to move, convenient placement can be used both inside and outside the house in covered areas.



SANKI multipurpose aluminum kitchen cabinets are durable because the structure is made of high-quality coated steel, solid and durable, not easy to bend. The cabinet is made of anodized aluminum, difficult to black stain, beautiful color, anti-rust. It helps to strengthen it, does not swell when exposed to water, and does not deform. In addition, the rubber edge is reinforced to effectively prevent dust and insects. There is a glass front that can clearly see the inside. More storage versatility with 4 tiers for more organized storage of food utensils.



Aluminum kitchen cabinets, another model from SANKI in which the cabinet material has been anodized aluminum makes it more beautiful and stronger. Prevents black stains, and rust does not swell when exposed to water and does not deform. The construction is made of good quality coated steel, solid and durable, not easily bent. Reinforced rubber edge, prevent dust and insects. The front of the mirror is a mirror. Can see clearly inside, suitable for installation in every home kitchen. Versatile and more versatile storage with proportional shelves helps you keep your food utensils organized.

These are kitchen cabinets from leading brands that HomeGuru has selected to be worth the price and dare to guarantee that the quality is more than the price. But there are still many models and brands that are equally interesting, including stainless kitchen cabinets, plastic cupboards, etc., and many other kitchen furniture. If anyone is not satisfied, they can come and buy. You can do it yourself at any HomePro branch or shop online with just a click www.homepro.co.th For more information, please contact HomePro Call Center 1284.

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