At last! Long holidays that everyone has been looking forward to is here. In this 4G era, watching movies in cinema is outdated. Stay home, lie on your comfortable couch, relax and watch international movies and series all day. Feel great at home! Nowadays, the film industry began a marketing on making movie closer to the audiences. So movie application has been made. Some movie applications are created from huge movie companies. It is another way of distributing movies rather than in the cinema. And audiences can enjoy more genre of movies. Let’s see the popular movie application on Smart TV that you shouldn’t miss. HomeGuru has information to share with you.


The most popular movie application in this era. Netflix has been established for 20 years in the U.S., from DVD rental shop then transformed into a full streaming movie application. Netflix started with charging fees in 1999 and later on expanded the company which produce its own movies and series. Netflix now transformed from mobile application to application on Smart TV. Netflix is considered as as Application Channel for movie lovers because it compiles all movies and series from various companies in one place.


Another movie application that we often use which is from our neighboring country (Malaysia). Iflix is in partnership with more than 100 movie companies and studios. However, Iflix is based on TV channels which has emphasis mostly on Reality and Talk Show. Thai people who are not good at English, don’t worry, every program and movie comes with Thai subtitled. A movie application on Smart TV that you shouldn’t miss.


A new variety movie application which is becoming popular in Thailand. With various copyrighted movies, series and entertainment programs (with Thai subtitled) from famous movie companies all over Asia such as Japan, Hong Kong and Korea. Plus, real-time updates for movies and programs. Viu is a movie application that offers variety of entertainment pleasures. Also, it comes with an interesting free movie package.

วิสเพลย์ (Wisplay)

A movie buffet application which offers more than 2,000 movies and sell only in package. An application for Thai movie lovers which compile all Thai movies from past to present, either movies shown in theaters and Indy movies that are hard to find. Wisplay also has movies, series and cartoons from abroad as well.

To install movie applications on Smart TV, you need to connect your TV with an internet modem, set the network to Wireless and enter the password. Then, search for an application you would like to use. Now you can choose an application for watching movies.

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