Multipurpose Trolley, vehicle with small wheels, move with force or push which is considered as a labor-saving aid needed for people who have to move belongings on a regular basis. Whether it’s a pile of documents, hand tools, gardening equipment, or even some construction equipment. Currently, there are many types of carts to choose from.

Both manufactured from plastic, steel and aluminum that is strong but lightweight.


There is also a foldable wheelchair that is easy to use and save storage space for many models. Each model has different characteristics. But a multipurpose trolley, what are the benefits? And which models of carts are interesting? HomeGuru has the answer.


Benefits of a multipurpose trolley

As everyone knows that multipurpose trolley is designed to move things, various appliances. It is therefore certain that are benefits of a multipurpose trolley. The main thing is that it is a labor-saving device to be comfortable when carrying large amounts of items. But aside from being convenient, it also provides many benefits for moving as follows:


  • It helps to save more time in moving items because many items can be moved or heavy items at the same time.
  • It helps to increase user safety. Due to the movement of heavy items by using the lifting force. It may adversely affect long-term health or there is a risk of accidents during transportation.
รถเข็น 4 ล้อลาก รถเข็น 4 ล้อลาก รถเข็น 4 ล้อลาก


  • It helps to reduce the damage of things that need to be transported especially items that are heavy to prevent damage during transportation.
  • Most multipurpose trolleys are strong, durable and resist impact and able to support a lot of weight.
  • The foldable trolley will save storage space and convenient for carrying as well.


Choosing a multipurpose trolley to use

Multipurpose trolleys are familiar. It is divided into 2 types which are 4-wheel carts and 2-wheel carts which are different.


4-wheel cart

It Is a cart with 4 small wheels installed in the corner of the weight plate and has a handle attached to the weight plate for ease of use. Some handles can be folded for convenience in storage. This type of trolley is widely used both in homes, office buildings, warehouses, factories or in stores. Because it is easy to use, has little effort, is lightweight and highly versatile.

รถเข็นตะแกรงรอบ รถเข็นพื้นเหล็กชั้นเดียว รถเข็นพื้นเหล็กชั้นเดียว


2-wheel cart

It Is a cart that uses the same working principle as the rocker beam which will have 3 components, which are the base, 2 wheels and the long trolley to handle, widely used in industry. Due to being able to carry heavy loads well, high agility, can be conveniently used even in tight spaces and there are many styles to choose from depending on the nature of the items that need to be transported.

รถเข็นอเนกประสงค์พับได้ 2 ล้อ รถเข็นอเนกประสงค์พับได้ 2 ล้อ รถเข็นอเนกประสงค์พับได้ 2 ล้อ


Aside from the 2-wheel and 4-wheel carts that are already popular and familiar, it is already familiar. There are now a variety of carts that have been further customized to be easy to use.

And more diverse such as towing cart or dolly cart, tall cart, oil tank cart, cement cart and 6-wheeled multipurpose trolley, etc.


Each type of cart has different characteristics. Therefore, choosing a cart to use must consider many factors. In order to get a trolley that is most suitable for your needs, in general, consider the following:


Considering the nature of the operation that needs to be used for transportation. How much weight is needed to be transported? If it is a large item, it may be necessary to use a 4-wheel cart to be able to support the weight without needing to lift.

รถเข็นอเนกประสงค์ รถเข็นอเนกประสงค์ 2 ชั้น มีล้อ รถเข็นผ้าอเนกประสงค์ พับได้ 4 ล้อ

Consider the size of the things that need to be transported that are in shape. What shape? How much space does it need to be placed? If the item that needs to be moved can be rolled. You may have to use a cart with a grill or have an edge like a shopping cart in a mall to reduce the risk of damage during transportation. But if the item can be stacked together, using a 2-wheel cart may provide more flexibility.


Consider the area that needs to be used and how the wheelchair must be used in the environment. Is it a confined space? The surface condition is smooth or rough surface. If it is a narrow space, 2-wheel cart may be needed. And if the area is rough, may have to choose a cart with large wheels and wide wheels.


Multipurpose trolley that HomeGuru recommends

6-wheel cart JINLONG JL-LLC-MINI01

It Is a 6-wheel cart that is lightweight but strong because it is produced from good quality aluminum, meets standards. The highlight is the 6-wheel covered with high quality tires. Makes it possible to move documents or items that are heavy weight smoothly, comfortably, the handle area is covered with non-slip rubber, the ergonomic grip helps increase safety while operating. You can adjust the handle as appropriate. Also, it can be foldable, therefore, saving storage space and convenient to carry to use in all areas.

MATALL 120 kg. foldable multipurpose trolley

It is a cart from the brand MATALL that can be used to move things or general purpose work, light weight, easy to use, suitable for moving heavy items. With durable aluminum alloy frame, not warped, deformed, comes with 2 large wheels for easy transportation. It can be used on both smooth and rough surfaces. The handle is covered with rubber that makes the grip firm, not slipping, able to support up to 120 kilograms (safe weight of approximately 100 kilograms). Therefore, saving storage space as well.

2IN1 JR-8062 foldable multipurpose trolley

It is a 2IN1 trolley that can be adjusted to use both 2-wheel and 4-wheel to support a variety of applications including moving things, general documents, hand tools, cabinets, shelves, etc. with a small weight. It can support 100 kilograms (safe working weight 80 – 90 kilograms). Made from high quality steel, can support the specified weight without twisting, losing shape Suitable for use in both residences and office buildings. The handle can be folded. Therefore, convenient to store.

As you can see, a multipurpose trolley is another device that can help facilitate various tasks in daily life more than you think and is a device that is not expensive at all when compared to the convenience and benefits we receive. Which will be used in the home Inside the office or even a foldable wheelchair that can be easily carried out of the field.

รถเข็นอเนกประสงค์พับได้ รถเข็นอเนกประสงค์พับได้ รถเข็นอเนกประสงค์พับได้


It provides value, energy saving, time saving and is considered a device that HomeGuru recommends that every home should have.

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