In the current situation, the prevention of COVID-19 is a matter that everyone must learn seriously. If children, young people or old people are at risk of getting this virus especially in the conditions where the disease continue to spread continuously and rapidly. The prevention of COVID-19 is very necessary. HomeGuru has collected essential items that will help reduce the risk of infection.


New Normal

COVID-19 outbreak, in addition to having a direct effect on health. It also affects the daily life of the people causing many people to inevitably change their lifestyle such as work from home, communicate or trade online, abstain from spending with cash, spacing or social distancing, buy food to take home, including the need to carry personal use and necessary items every time you leave the house. Which these things will become a new way of life or new normal that everyone has to adapt to it, to build self-immunity and prevent a more widespread epidemic. Since we used to carry only a wallet and a mobile phone. But now there is a need for new items to use for the prevention of COVID-19.


Must-have items to protect against COVID-19

Although, staying at home is the safest and best way to prevent the spread of the disease. But if you really need to leave the house carrying items to the prevention of COVID-19 with you to add some level of peace of mind. The things that are indispensable include…

Face mask

Important item for the prevention of COVID-19 first of all, it is important and indispensable. It is like another piece of clothing that must be worn before you leave the house. Because the virus may be mixed in the air. Choosing a medical mask with a built-in filter can help reduce the risk of virus exposure. It helps reduce repeated epidemic. It also provides effective protection against dust and other toxins in the air. At the same time, if not in a high-risk area, you can also choose to use a cloth mask as well. But choosing to use a cloth mask, you should choose a cloth mask that is waterproof. The fabric is not lint or harsh to irritate the skin, good ventilation, makes breathing easy, not damp and it should be a cloth mask that can be put in a filter to help prevent germs as well.

หน้ากากอนามัย หน้ากากผ้ากันน้ำ ผู้ใหญ่ GQ หน้ากากผ้าปิดจมูก คล้องคอ


Alcohol gel or soap without washing

Washing your hands frequently is another essential requirement, just like wearing a mask. Because hands are the vital organs that you need to handle things all the time. An alcohol gel is the best cleaning aid. Because it is easy to carry, easy to buy and there are a variety of designs to choose from. But the selection of alcohol gel should be to kill viruses, bacteria and various germs. Be sure to choose a type that is 70% or more alcohol concentrated and a one with a moisturizer, vitamin or other moisturizer to prevent dry hands from frequent alcohol exposure. Wash your hands with alcohol gel, alternating with soap washing which currently has soap without washing. It is an option for people who do not want their hands to be too dry.

แอลกอฮอล์เจล เจลแอลกอฮอล์ เจลล้างมือ

วิธีป้องกัน COVID-19

Wet tissue paper

Carrying tissues out of home is normal for many people. But in this age, when germs spread quickly and severely, carrying just a dry tissue may not be enough. Cleaning items like wet tissue paper is another interesting option. Because they are versatile and easy to carry, choosing wipes for cleaning your hands and other things around you. You should choose one that has anti-virus, mold and bacteria inhibitors to help reduce the risk of experience things efficiently.

Mercury thermometer or portable thermometer

Items that have to check yourself for peace of mind first. Because one of the indications that we are sick or not in the first place is body temperature. Carrying a thermometer or a small thermometer will allow you to check the temperature of both you and those people around you at all times especially skin-free thermometers that do not risk touching others.

เครื่องวัดอุณหภูมิ ถุงมือยางอเนกประสงค์ ถุงมือ PVC

ของใช้ป้องกัน COVID

Rubber finger or rubber gloves

Small items that reduce the risk of touching objects. Although, the finger rubbers are normally used for wearing fingers to work, assembling electronic components to protect fingers from various devices, in the current situation it is used as an item for the prevention of COVID-19 is another useful piece. The same goes for the rubber gloves that everyone is familiar with. Because both are cheap, easy to buy, easy to carry, helps prevent germs from picking up money or touch things in public to some extent. However, when wearing rubber, wearing fingers or rubber gloves, do not accidentally put your hands to rub your face. And after using it, it should be separated from other types of waste to prevent contagion. And wash your hands every time.


Personal use for dining

At regular interval, many people may have heard of the campaign for the Thai people “Eat hot – Middle spoon – Wash your hands” well, right? But in the current situation, the Ministry of Public Health has advised people to adopt the principle “Eat hot – Middle spoon – Wash your hands.” Because of the use of spoons together, in addition to being unable to help prevent viruses, it may become an intermediary to spread the disease itself. It’s time to carry your personal spoons when you need to share meals with others is a must. By the word personal spoon in this place, it means that all meal diners must have two pairs of cutlery, one for scooping the food from the plate into their personal plate. And another pair to scoop the food from a personal dish to eat.

ชุดกล่องถนอมอาหาร SEAGULL ชุดกล่องอาหาร+กระเป๋า ROCKET ชุดกล่องอาหาร+กระเป๋า


Not only personal utensils, other personal use that everyone should carry when eating out, including a portable, personal mug or water bottle. Personal tubes or disposable tubes, various food containers such as personal food boxes, personal lunch box that can be washed by hand by yourself. This will ensure that all food utensils are safe. This reduces the risk of using items mixed with others.


Portable items for the prevention of COVID-19. Although, it can help reduce the risk of transmission and exposure to the virus in daily life. But keep in mind that it is equally important to be cautious in vulnerable areas by maintaining social distancing including taking care of physical and mental health to be strong and ready to deal with any situation. Prepare and adjust to a New Normal life to reduce your chance of disease and not being infected by others without knowing. HomeGuru’s encouragement to everyone through this crisis together.

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