Nowadays, keeping and cleaning the house has become more convenient and faster which comes from various cleaning products developed to be more effective. But the improved cleaning ability is due in part of the new synthetic chemicals. They can be dangerous if they are exposed or inhaled frequently. In addition, many people also prefer maintenance, home improvement or DIY work, so they are exposed to various chemicals in reagents or pains, as well as inhaling vapors and dust. Therefore, basic self-defense should not be overlooked. Even if it is only a few minutes of use. But the opportunity to risk mistaken or accidents always happens. The losses incurred may not be worth the simple preparation that can help prevent. So HomeGuru recommends a Must-Have Safety Equipment at Home. Let’s see.


1. Safety Glasses

The eyes are very important. If you can’t see, life would be difficult. Therefore, eye protection is something that should not be overlooked. Even if it is a general cleaning such as brushing blinds or sweeping across the ceiling. Dust or dirt may enter your eyes. It also includes repairs and maintenance work as drilling walls, installing shelves or DIY craft projects that may have sparks splashed into the eyes. It also helps to prevent splashing of the cleaner and other aerosols too. Wearing safety glasses can help protect your eyes. If you wear eyeglasses, choose glasses that are designed to be worn over eyeglasses. Choosing glasses should be fitted with the face to be able to protect both the front and the side. Although, these glasses are usually one size. But some models can adjust the legs of the glasses to be long or short which helps the glasses fit the face well.

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2. Air Filter Mask

Many people view that wearing a mask is not necessary when cleaning the house. Conventional particulate matter may not be harmful. But nowadays, air pollution is increasing which pollution can capture with dust and may float to adhere to various surfaces in the house. Cleaning may cause dust to spread. Increases the risk of inhalation of those pollutants that can accumulate in the body. In addition, home repairs or DIY work can also contain dust, debris, aerosols and volatile aerosols such as paints or coatings. Therefore, it is best to look for a filter mask that uses a dedicated filter. There is a choice of filter cartridges designed to protect against small dust and substances.

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3. All Purpose Gloves

Wearing gloves while doing housework, DIY work or repairs help to prevent contact with regularly used cleaning chemicals. You can use inexpensive plastic gloves or choose to use rubber, nitrile gloves that fit your hand. Convenient to work, latex gloves are made from natural rubber. For people who are allergic to rubber, it can cause skin irritation or even life threatening. Choose to use synthetic nitrile gloves that are popular to make gloves. Nowadays, advanced nitrile technology has made it superior to rubber gloves. Powder-type gloves provide a more comfortable and dry wearing experience than conventional gloves. If you need to wear gloves for a long time, HomeGuru recommends a powered type. Anyone who likes home repairs, DIY work or having to move items that have to touch rough or sharp surfaces, you should get thick knit gloves to protect your hands. Thin knitted gloves coated with natural rubber or synthetic rubber helps to hold or lift things firmly without losing the as well.

For anyone who likes to decorate their garden by themselves, you probably know that sometimes using hands is easier than using tools. Therefore, gloves are essential to help protect your skin and nails. HomeGuru recommends a cultivating glove designed with a built-in finger sleeve. It also makes it easy to use your fingers while protecting your fingers and hands.

ถุงมือพลาสติกอเนกประสงค์ ถุงมือยางอเนกประสงค์ชนิดมีแป้ง ถุงมือถักกันลื่นเคลือบยางธรรมชาติ


4. Utility Cart

In an age when everyone had the tools and equipment to take care of home, many people had to rely on carrying things by themselves and for people with outdoor hobbies. Sometimes it may be necessary to transport multiple items. Long-distance transport of heavy objects can cause myositis and may affect the spine. Therefore, a cart is a device tat every home should have. It helps move things easily and safely.

Carts are divided into 2 main categories according to their patterns and usage. The first is a cart of boxes, furniture or home electrical equipment. You should choose a 4-wheel cart with a flat trolley frame. It can be extended to accommodate large items and can easily place in items onto the cart. The second type of cart is a utility cart. You should choose a 4-wheel folding cart that looks like a pickup truck. The edge of the pickup truck makes it easy to carry things. Prevent falling, suitable for carrying goods from supermarkets, gardening or other outdoor equipment. Because the folding cart can be easily carried and put in the trunk of the car.

It should be noted that when choosing a durable cart, it should be made of non-corrosive materials or with anti-rust coating or paint spraying. In addition, you should choose a cart that uses rubber wheels which makes it easy to push both flat and rough surfaces. It reduces vibration and noise when it is better than hard plastic wheels.

รถเข็น 4 ล้อ รถเข็นผ้าอเนกประสงค์ พับได้ 4 ล้อ


Lastly, whether it’s just daily cleaning or home repair that must be used in conjunction with the equipment or various chemicals. There is always a chance of unexpected danger. Unpredictable preparation with the Must-Have Safety Equipment at Home that HomeGuru selected to introduce this time. It reduces the risk and increase safety of you and your family members. HomePro also has other protective equipment. If you are interested, you can visit the branch near your home.

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