Songkran 2021 is a time when many people have a long vacation, but they don’t have any plans to go out and do anything. Because as you know, there is still a coronavirus outbreak. Although, the overall situation is not as severe as the previous period. And although, the government’s measures are somewhat kind for doing Songkran activities. But going for splashing the water or socializing outside the house is still at risk of spreading the virus anyway. Therefore, staying at home to stop the infection for the nation is still a practice on Songkran Day 2021 that HomeGuru wants everyone to be aware of. Because if anyone doesn’t aware of, the number of infected cases increase, the next Songkran the following years may not be happen for a long time.

Why should you not do outdoor activities during Songkran 2021?
Carrying on the good tradition of Thailand as New Normal during COVID-19


Why should you not do outdoor activities during Songkran 2021?

Although, the government has already revealed that it can arrange Songkran Day 2021 can be controlled if COVID-19 is in place. In which TAT has thought of a campaign that uses the slogan “Rinse, sprinkle, put on a mask, no splashing water,” that, despite refraining from splashing water, refraining from playing powder, including wearing a mask and keeping a distance between each other. But going out and participating in community activities is still at risk of infection. Even though there is a vaccine against COVID-19. Because in fact, wearing a mask or Face Shield during Songkran period, there is a chance to get wet from the activities of water sprinkling, watering or other activities that use water as a component. It has not been investigated and there is a certainty that it can help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The masks or a cloth mask is most effective when it is dry.

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In case of a mask or a cloth mask is soak in water, drench or come off, thus, allowing the aerosols from the body secretions while speaking, laughing or yelling to easily spread the virus. Especially, when in a community when there is no way of knowing that the people walking or, the people around are infected with COVID-19? It cannot be denied that in Thailand there is no 100% proactive scFreening.

And for vaccine against COVID-19, regardless of the brand of vaccine. There is no vaccine to guarantee that infection will not occur. But if the infection actually occurs, it will be able to help mitigate it. And although, vaccinated people are believed to have a low chance of spreading the virus or have a shorter time to release the bacteria. But once the infection has been infected, it can still spread the infection to others. But the person may not be seen severe symptoms to the point that they are hospital admission. Additionally, many doctors say that vaccination does not guarantee that a person will not be infected with the COVID-19 virus. Songkran activities is still a matter to be aware of.

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Carrying on the good tradition of Thailand as New Normal during COVID-19

Although, the traditional Songkran activities may be modified to suit the current situation. It may cause the individual to feel unfamiliar especially the elderly within the family. But even if this Songkran 2021 the family cannot be with each other. But it can be adjusted to do various activities at home or to have a close relationship with each other in the family the same as every year. You can do many things at home. Each activity is simply modified in the form and method. But the results that came out will be no different from Songkran that everyone was familiar with.

1. Pour water to Buddha statue in the house

Songkran activities for the prosperity of the Buddhists that do it every year during the Songkran festival. Because it is considered a spiritual matter for the start of the near year for Thai people especially with the elderly. The old people who inherited each other from generation to generation, with many families going to pour water to the temple near their home or the temple that they respect. But in time like this, pouring water into the Buddha statue at home is no different. By pouring water at home, one must not forget about keeping a distance between people to reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus. Everyone should have a personal container for fetching water and should queue up to pour water at Buddha statue, one by one.

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2. Pouring water to the elders for blessings

Songkran activities for families that are indispensable. Traditionally, it was considered a reunification activity where everyone travels to show respect and love for the elders and to meet with each other within the family. But Songkran 2021 may have to change the form from the original activity where the whole family members come together for the members who live in the same house only.

By water and paying respect to adults at home during COVID-19. This should be some distance between them. It may be a symbolic watering of water, such as pouring water into a bowl and speaking to make a wish. The use of water sprays to bless the children or hug, kiss each other, may be a risk of contracting a virus.

3. Make merit at home instead of going to the temple

As many of you may have heard that charitable philanthropy, no matter where the merit is made, no matter how much it is, the merit will be no different. The same is true for Thai New Year’s merit making such as Songkran Day. Usually, there are gatherings at nearby temples to make alms, merit, listen to sermons, listen to the dharma for the prosperity. But all of the above is Songkran activities that you should be absolutely avoided during time like this. Because the more people gather together, the more risk of spreading COVID-19 as a shadow.

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Making merit at home is a safe and versatile option. Because making merit is not limited to meditation. But praying to pay respect to the Buddha image, practicing morality and praying or sitting at home meditation gives the same results. In addition, merit making is not limited to merit making with monks only. But including the remembrance of the deceased or helping the disadvantage are considered merit making as well. There are also many merit making channels online. Or if you really want to give alms to monks in front of the house it can still be done. But you must not forget to wear a mask and keep a distance from the monks to suit the situation as well.

4. Helping animals online instead of releasing birds and fish

Making merit with animals such as releasing birds and fish is another Songkran activity that was taken as a way of practice continues during Songkran festival including other merit festivals as well. But during the time of caution against COVID-19. Turning to online animal rescue can be a promising alternative.

For example, helping homeless animals, rescuing sick animals through various foundations, helping wild animals form wildfires. Saving marine animals from ecological toxicity oil contamination or from litter and marine impurities, etc. Although, you cannot travel to help directly. But donating items, animal food, animal care equipment, support for operating expenses or even send encouragement to foundations to help these animals. Either way is considered Songkran activities. By making merit with animals as well as releasing birds and fish.

สงกรานต์ปี 2564

สงกรานต์ปี 2564 สงกรานต์ปี 2564 สงกรานต์ปี 2564

5. Splashing water and play powder online

For Songkran activities that everyone wants for a fun and colorful atmosphere like in the years before the COVID-19 such as splashing water and powder on Songkran Day. You have to be patient because going out to splash water together during this time is a risk for spreading the virus quickly in a wide range. But there are more or less ways to alleviate the urge to play water. With the online water splashing channels and many websites that have been designed for everyone to join and enjoy the atmosphere of Songkran 2021 to feel the joy of each other. Even though the way of practice has changed, but the feels of good will remain the same.

Although, Songkran 2021 is going through a crisis of the COVID-19 and many people are unfamiliar with this kind of adaptation. But if everyone is together, stay at home, stop the infection for the nation. Choose to organize Songkran activities in a way that does not have to take risks, HomeGuru believes that Thai people will soon get the Songkran Day that everyone misses back.

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