Tile grout, many people are heartbroken with dull colors to the nasty black with old mold grout on the floor, bathroom, or even the wall that is covered with dirty tiles. But regardless of what the reason is that the old tile grout looks unattractive, HomeGuru has ideas to change the New Tile Grout to the start. With a small knowledge of grout and techniques for choosing color grout that are different from the original.


First step

Prepare the equipment using a grater, tile cutter, or cutter (available in Homepro also). Dust brush, sponge, cloth, grout, grout, plastic scraper or canister and stirrer for mixing grout. Once all the items have been prepared, let’s get started.

ผ้าไมโครไฟเบอร์คัลเลอร์ เกรียงโป๊วสี ฟองน้ำ+ใยขัด


Second step

Start with wearing gloves to protect hands. Before cleaning and then gradually scrape away the old grout with a cutter or scraping tiles. Once finished, use a brush to round the grout that has come out of the tile groove completely. Then use a sponge to moisten the cleaning solution along the groove thoroughly. Let it dry. Then go to mix the grout (follow the instructions on the product straight away). Leave for 3-4 minutes.

ยาแนวกระเบื้องใหม่ ยาแนวกระเบื้องใหม่ ยาแนวกระเบื้องใหม่


Third step

Apply the mixed grout to the tile grout and use a plastic spatula or squeegee to apply. Cover the 45 degree angle with the tile and leave for 30 minutes. Wait for the grout to dry. Then use a sponge to wipe the water gently.

Wipe away all excess grout. After leaving for about 24 hours, it can be used.

กาวยาแนว กาวยาแนว กาวยาแนว


Additional suggestions

Better to buy mold-resistant grout because it contains chemicals that inhibit mold. Like microban, the price is a little higher than normal. But for good hygiene and easy cleaning and convenience, it is considered worthwhile or use ready-made tile grout, liquid tube, can be squeezed easily, but no color to choose from… As for the color selection of tile grout If you want beauty that is simple and harmonious Choose the same color tone as the tile. But if wanting to look beautiful with dimensions. Choose a color that contrasts with the tile color or the opposite color, will make the tile lines stand out and have gimmicks. Unbelievable. Take a look at some examples of white tiles that use other grout colors. It can change emotions and feelings quite well.

ยาแนวกระเบื้อง ยาแนวกระเบื้อง ยาแนวกระเบื้อง


HomeGuru hope that readers will enjoy the selection of grout color. Add a new look for a beautiful house and enjoy changing the grout yourself.

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