This era, anything must be saved, the more energy, the more saving and choosing wisely. Regardless of electrical appliances, you must pay attention to the appearance, features, and most importantly, must help save energy and save money in your pocket too This is called true value!

“Electricity saving label no. 5” is an important helper that is indispensable in the selection of various electrical appliances. Because the label will provide basic information about each type of electrical equipment. Both the level of electricity usage, energy efficiency and the cost per year to be an information for making a purchase decision in order to get appliances that are cost-effective and have good efficiency The electrical appliances that have received the electricity saving label no. 5 are electrical appliances that have passed the energy efficiency testing that has met the standards set by EGAT and the Ministry of Energy. The energy saving label has an economy level from number 1 to number 5, which is the most energy-saving level.

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What does the Energy Saving Label 5 tell us?

Choosing certified electrical appliances “Electricity Saving Label No. 5” will help us calculate the estimated cost per year that each type of electrical appliances is effective in helping to save energy much.
1. More numbers, more power saving.
2. The label specifies the year that the energy bill was tested.
3. The electrical appliances are specified.
4. There is a watermark of the Ministry of Energy in the middle of the label.
5. Show the number of electricity consumed per year and the electricity cost per year which this section will help compare which brands are more economical.
6. Show regulatory agencies with symbols. “Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand” and the Ministry of Energy with white letters on a green background.
7. There is information for inquiry at the bottom of the label.

* If the information on these labels is complete, then you can be sure that they are genuine label*

The method of calculating the annual cost estimate to ensure that the electrical appliances that we choose are truly economical with a simple way of thinking.

“Cost (baht) = Electric power unit (kWh) × Electric energy cost per unit”

Example of the calculation of electrical energy units (kWh) and the estimation of cost saving / year of 12,000 BTU / hr. air conditioners by comparing the efficiency of air conditioners that have passed the certification no. 5 and TIS standards.

1. Set the air conditioner to use 8 hours / day
2. Electric energy cost per unit = 3.28 baht / unit
Estimation of cost savings / year
Cost (baht) = 954.62 kWh × 3.28 baht = 3131.14 baht

“Choose appliances with the electricity-saving label no. 5 to help the nation reduce electricity usage by over 53,000 million baht. Reducing electricity demand by over 27,000 megawatts, reducing carbon dioxide emission of 9.87 million tons.”

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