Non-Slip Bathroom Mat is comfortable and suitable for use in the bathroom to help prevent slip accidents caused by non-standard tiles or caused by the wrong type of tiles. This problem may occur with all family members, especially with children and the elderly. Currently, there are many types of floor mats and an anti-slip bath mat for you to choose. These mats are produced from various materials, both plastic silicone rubber or being popular like polished stones. Each type of material has different usability features. It depends on the needs of each house.

The floor mat helps prevent danger to only residents and helps to add beauty to the house. Today, HomeGuru will share the non-slip bathroom mat and floor mats selection techniques for all rooms and help your home look outstanding.

Choosing the right safety floor mats


1. Material of floor mats

Materials of various types of pads and anti-slip bath mat are available in a variety of applications. But in general, the non-slip pad is made of silicone rubber because of the convenience of cleaning, reducing bacterial and fungi. It also has high flexibility. Thus, before choosing, you should know the properties of each material to get a quality non-slip sheet for use in the bathroom.

But if other floor mats are used in the kitchen to help relieve pain while standing dishwashing. The selected material should be soft, such as the materials produced from PVC, is resistant to use, and is non-toxic. Or a stone carpet pad, popularity, is made from natural soil or diatomite stones that are qualified to absorb water quickly and easy to clean.

2. Size

In addition to the material, the size is also essential to consider. Therefore, choose other floor mats to be the right size, not too small or too big. Because if choosing a non-slip bathroom mat that is larger than the area to be placed, there may be more disadvantages than advantages.

3. Transparency of the anti-slip mat

Transparency and opacity are essential. Because the use, especially the anti-slip bath mat, has a higher chance of getting mold than other types of floor mats because it is regularly exposed to water. Choosing to use a translucent sheet will help notice black stains or mold easily, reducing the accumulation of germs and bacteria because when there are stains, they need to be cleaned quickly.

4. Drain holes of non-slip bathroom mat

Anti-slip bath mat must choose to use with drainage holes because in addition to helping the water to drain faster. It also helps to reduce mold accumulation and reduce accidents more. Because when the sheet does not absorb water, it will dry quickly.

But for other floor mats not used in the bathroom, there is no need to choose one with a drain hole. But should choose safe to use, non-toxic, such as a baby pad.

What kind of floor mats are suitable for each room?

1. Bathrooms, areas that need safety


The bathroom is the first room in the house that is prone to accidents often because the floor is slippery. Therefore, it is necessary to find a way to increase the safety of family members without having to demolish and save money by choosing a quality non-slip bathroom mat. It helps both safety and cleanliness for the good health of everyone in the family.


And besides the anti-slip bath mat, there is also a doormat made from diatomite stone. It has a water-absorbing property and is ideal for placing in front of the bathroom to dry your feet clean. Reduces the accumulation of fungi, bacteria. There are many patterns to choose from according to the needs and style of home decoration.

พรมหินเช็ดเท้า พรมหินเช็ดเท้า พรมหินเช็ดเท้า

2. Kitchen, cooking zone for every delicious meal


In the kitchen, housewives and housewives should find extra items such as standing mats to help with the pain of standing while washing dishes or preparing meals. Most of them are multipurpose sheets made of PVC, can be used on both sides, are soft to the touch, safe to use, non-toxic. It is durable, easy to wipe clean, and available in various patterns depending on your preference.

พรมปูพื้น พรมปูพื้น พรมปูพื้น

3. Living room, common area for family


The living room is the common area of the family, where the floor is often decorated with carpets according to the interior design style. The selection of mats for the room must consider many elements such as the size of the area and the size of the carpet that must be related, the quality materials, the pattern, and the color tones that help make the living room attractive and stand out.

Currently, there are many types of carpet designs, such as Multipurpose mat style rug; besides having a beautiful pattern, the mat is also environmentally friendly. Because the material is made from recycled materials, does not absorb water, does not collect dust, some models are also produced with a variety of innovations. For example, the innovative UV inhibitor does not crack or fade quickly. Therefore, it can be used inside the bedroom, living room, and outside areas such as the garden.

เสื่อปูพื้น เสื่อปูพื้น เสื่อปูพื้น

But for homes with children, choosing different types of floor mats to accommodate children’s walking, sitting, and activities will make the living room perfect and can capture your child’s attention.


The general feature of a pad for children’s use in the home should be a safe multipurpose pad. Non-toxic and without substances that cause harm to the skin and body, odorless, environmentally friendly, waterproof, dustproof, and easy to wipe clean. Most of them are made of quality PVC, many patterns, and can be used inside and outside the house.

แผ่นรองพื้น แผ่นรองพื้น แผ่นรองพื้น

4. Bedroom, the boosting energy area


It is popular to lay a carpet or decorative mat in most bedrooms to add a pattern to the floor and make it stand out. Taking beauty, soft texture to the touch, and safety in people with respiratory problems such as allergies.

Carpets that are popular for floor coverings include faux fur rugs made from acrylic fibers. It is durable, not easy to tear, gives a soft and comfortable touch, does not irritate the skin like natural wool. The back of the rug should be made from Microsuede shearing cloth, giving the feel of genuine leather. And most importantly, it must be a carpet that is easy to clean, does not trap dust. It can be washed by hand and machine for the convenience of maintenance.

แผ่นกันลื่น แผ่นกันลื่น แผ่นกันลื่น
Every room in the house needs to choose the right type of floor mat for safety and efficiency in use. Especially in the bathroom, should install a non-slip bathroom mat that has the right features in terms of material, size, as HomeGuru said above, to help reduce concerns about the safety of all family members.

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