Not Enough Light… is the main problem that is inevitable for most of us, working people right? Especially during the time that you have to sit and work from home in the office at home all day. Sometimes a light bulb or the natural light in the room that illuminates the desk is not enough. You feel like wanting to get up and change the light bulb by yourself. Because of fatigue in the eyes due to having to sit and stare at the computer screen for a long time. As a result, the efficiency of work each day is reduced. Today, HomeGuru has some great tricks to add lighting in the office. In a variety of ways especially choosing a working angle, light bulb color selection to help create an atmosphere in the office. So you can relax and your eyes will be comfortable and get more efficient work, for every home.


Where does the light in the office come from?

1. Natural light helps to comfort your eyes

Not enough light, but if there is natural light, it increases the brightness and create a brighter atmosphere in the office while you are sitting and working during the daytime. This is very good because of natural light is a good light for the eyes of the whole family, not only for working people like you. You need to choose a desk position and working chair in an area receiving natural light. Without the need to turn on the lights from the LED lamp or desk lamp, such as setting a desk close to the window or near the balcony. And if you are worried that it will be hot or getting too much light, you can use curtain to filter the light, to help receive enough natural light during work.

Working desk should face the natural light. If you are left-handed, natural light should shine through the right. And on the contrary, if you are right-handed, natural light should shine through the left. So the light will not disturb you during work


2. The light from light bulb helps to organize the lighting in the room

Inside the office, when there is not enough light, choosing to use Halogen, Fluorescent, LED light bulb as light around the room instead of using natural light is another good choice for working people like us. Because the light from the fluorescent lamp is a light that gives the middle brightness, not too intense and humid. And most importantly, it is most similar to natural light. It should be only white light. Or if you want to create an atmosphere in the room to look modern or more luxurious, you may choose to install chandelier to be a decorative light, helping you to sit and work without being boring.

And if you want to add lighting to specific spots in the office, placing a desk lamp can help to add light in the position you want to focus very well such as the computer screen or at the area that require you to gaze for a long time.

ไฟอ่านหนังสือ ไฟอ่านหนังสือ LED ไฟอ่านหนังสือกลางคืน


Choose the right light level of the light bulb to suit the office

When it comes to choosing a lamp for lighting and create an efficient atmosphere while sitting at work during the day and at night in the office. Don’t think that choosing to use a lamp or LED lamp at the brightness level or any light bulb color is enough. Because each color of the lamp has different effects on the day’s usage.

In general, the optimum operating lamp brightness level should be 400-600 lux, the light bulb color or color temperature, if the temperature is low, the light of the lamp is warm such as orange. But if the temperature is high, the light bulb is a cool color such as blue or white, which is currently available in three types of light bulb color: Warm white, Cool white and Daylight, which gives a feeling and suitability differently as follow:


Warm white bulb – The temperature of the light is around 2,000 – 3,000 Kelvin, giving the light a warm yellow tone to make the room feel relaxed. It is the most comfortable light, suitable for decorating the bedroom or living room.

Cool white bulb – The color temperature is approximately 4,000 – 5,000 Kelvin, giving the light a pleasant white tone. Mostly, install in bathroom, kitchen and office.

Daylight bulb – It is the brightest white light bulb. It looks like a light in nature. The color temperature is 6,000 Kelvin, so it can be seen clearly. Suitable for most office lighting because it helps to comfort the eyes while working. It is a light that is comfortable for the eyes. It contributes to the feeling of enthusiasm and energy and allows the color vision that is not as distorted as Warm white.

But for homes that choose to use warm white light as an element for the room, but need to work in that area, choosing a desk lamp instead of replacing a lamp by choosing to use daylight bulb. It can help you to work during the day and not get tired. Or if the family has to work during the night where there is insufficient light, using an LED Accent Light spotlight can also help with long term eyes health.

หลอดไฟ หลอดไฟ LED หลอด LED


Caution when choosing to use “desk lamp”

1. Avoid light reflection from the desk lamp

Light reflection must be avoided. Even if there is a lamp to illuminate an office where there is insufficient light. Be sure to choose the right position for the lamp placement. Otherwise, it will have a more negative effect than good. For example, arrange the desk in an angle where the light reflects a lot from behind or above the head. Because the light will cause shadow to fall on the desk and the computer screen area.

2. Lamp height must be related to the light distance

Desk lamp height is related to the illumination distance of the light. Therefore, you should not choose the lamp that is too high or too low. You should choose the right desk lamp. The height of the desk is approximately 60-64 inches to help distribute light evenly during working.

3. Lamp shape is no less important

Desk lamp is not only shine brightly during use but also it helps to enhance the design of the home office. Therefore, it is imperative to select the shape of the lamp to match the working desk. It should not be so small that the desk looks wide and not so big that the desk looks too small and there is no space left to place other items. Generally, the size of the lamp must not exceed one, two times the height of the desk. And the part of the lampshade should be at eye level to prevent too much light from shining on the eyes. In addition, it is best to choose a lamp made of lightweight materials rather than a heavy weight lamp.

แสงไฟ เหมาะกับการ ทำงาน

Not enough light… is not only a problem during working. But it also affects the daily life of everyone in the family. Because not only will it brighten up every room in the house, as HomeGuru says, but it will also help create the atmosphere. It does not make the room look uncomfortable and affect the feelings of the residents especially in the office where you need to pay attention to the composition of lighting. Choosing a desk lamp, LED light bulb, as well as the direction of the desk position in order to stimulate the feeling of relaxation while working more effectively and does not cause damage to the eyes in the long term as well.

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