Organize a cluttered wardrobe, many people don’t know the area where to start. It would be difficult for many people with so many personal items and clothes that they have no place to store them. It must be taken out and stored outside the closet, encroaching on the space inside the room to become more congested and cramped. Especially if someone has a chronic disease such as allergies, it is even worse because piles of clothes can become a source of dust accumulation in the room. This directly affects hygiene. So, organizing your closet in an orderly manner will solve all of these problems. But how to organize a cluttered wardrobe to be easy to use, save space and take less time, not protracted? HomeGuru has a good technique for you.

• Ways to organize your wardrobe to avoid cluttering again

1. Sort and classify all clothing and accessories.
2. Keep clothes in the closet neatly.


• Sort and classify all clothing and accessories.

1. Take out all the clothes and belongings in the wardrobe.

The first step in organizing your closet is to take out all the clothes inside the closet to sort and classify all your clothes and accessories. By doing this, you may find new clothes that you have bought and have never worn. Discover old clothes that you forgot you had or clothes that you can’t find because they may be kept so deep that they cannot be seen or stored for so long that they forget.

2. Decide what to keep or toss

After getting all the clothes and accessories out of the closet, it’s time to look at each item to clarify which items are still in use, which are used for a long time, and which are not. To allocate space for necessary storage by considering these factors.

2.1 Can you still fit into your clothes?

Because some of the clothes you buy may be too loose or too tight. Or some old clothes that have been washed and stretched or shrink may not fit properly anymore. Therefore, separate only comfortable clothes, easy to button up, not damaged, not too tight or too loose.

2.2 Do you have clothes that went out of style and no longer used?

Many people probably have some clothes that they keep waiting for one day to have a chance to wear. Such as small clothes waiting to be thin, discount clothes that have been bought for a year that has not been used, clothes that are waiting to be worn for special occasions such as evening dresses or outdated suits. Including other fashion styles that used to be very popular or clothes in large sizes that were worn during pregnancy, these should be considered carefully again to see if it is still possible to use or not. Or if stored, it will be a waste of storage space.

2.3 Clothes that have not been worn for a long time.

Perhaps removing all the clothes to organize a cluttered wardrobe might lead us to find that your favorite clothes were worn a lot once they started to wear out and may never be worn again. But you couldn’t decide to leave it, so you kept the closet like that. Or, if some new clothing doesn’t fit well and doesn’t get picked up often, it might be time to clear things up. Or, if it’s still in good condition, it can be passed on to people in need by donating it.

2.4 Many of the same clothes.

Many people, when they see their favorite clothes, they often repurchase them. And it may be that often until you find out that there are many duplicates of the exact same clothes, including school uniforms or work uniforms, that may be more than necessary. In this case, try to consider choosing the one in good condition and then choosing the old one.

After you have sorted out which items to keep, which objects to discard or to donate later, organize your clothes and other items into separate piles for your convenience in organizing your closet in the next step.


3. Manage the clothes to be discarded or donated

Deciding to throw away your favorite clothes or donate them is often the most challenging part of organizing a cluttered wardrobe. It makes the closet messy into the same loop because you don’t want to let them go. So, the way to organize your wardrobe that works in one go is to really make up your mind by organizing your closet that has been sorted out according to the following guidelines.

3.1 The dress that has not been worn for a year but is still in good condition can be donated to someone who needs it.

3.2 Favorite outfits that are in a stretched condition, with holes, torn marks, or fading, should be discarded without any regrets.

3.3 The dress that does not fit the body or the clothing that is kept waiting for the skinny, recommends that you decide to donate it.

3.4 Some sets that are in good condition may be passed on to relatives, friends, or resold as extra income.

4. Sort and store clothes to suit the storage space.

For clothes and belongings that have been sorted out, they need to be sorted again as well. But this time, it’s sorting out which clothes will be put back in the closet and which will be in the storage space that isn’t out of the way often. This is to help save storage space. You may try to consider the following factors.

4.1 Clothes that seldom wear

One of the ways to organize your wardrobe to save space is to sort your clothes for the season. Thick sweaters, coats, or scarves for winter that may not be out of the way often can be kept in separate boxes. Next, put a label clearly indicating the type of clothing. Then put it in the storage room, under the bed, or other storage areas in the house instead.

4.2 Clothes or items of sentimental value

For sentimental items like a knitted sweater made by your mother, a high school team jersey, memorabilia signed by a favorite footballer, or a gift from someone special, these clothes can be stored separately or hung on the wall as home decoration, it’s a good idea.

5. Keep the closet clean and ready for storage.

Before you continue organizing your closet, it is recommended to clean the nooks and crannies inside the cabinet thoroughly. Or if there are signs of damage, they should be repaired in good condition. Or maybe take a chance to change a new look to the wardrobe by trying a DIY fresh paint to match the room to control the tone in the same way as the room for comfort and also like getting a new piece of furniture in the house.


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• Keep clothes in the closet neatly.

After sorting clothes and cleaning the wardrobe, it’s time to put the clothes in the closet. There are ways to organize your wardrobe, easy to handle, and you can follow these techniques.

1. Choose clothes for hanging to hang and organize them.

Organizing a cluttered wardrobe by hanging clothes not only keeps clothes from getting crumpled but also makes them easy to see, so you don’t forget to pick them up and mix and match. As well as saving storage space, which can choose the technique of sorting and hanging clothes in one of the following methods.

1.1 Seasonal Clothes, if it’s summer, keep a thick sweater, coat, or scarf in a box or drawer in the closet. The other storage in the house first is to have enough space in the closet for storage.

1.2 Separate your work clothes from your go-to or at-home outfits so you can quickly pick up your work clothes for the rush mornings of the workday.

1.3 According to each category, arrange the clothes on the hanger according to the type of clothing, such as suits, shirts, long-sleeved shirts, short-sleeved shirts, sleeveless or tank tops, pants, skirts, or dresses.

1.4 Store clothes in order of frequency of use by hanging your favorite clothes or clothes that you need to use regularly in the most easily accessible place.

1.5 Separate clothes according to the dress’s color, such as black dresses, white dresses, earth tones, or pastel tones.

1.6 Store the clothes by using the color of the hangers to categorize each piece of clothing, such as white hangers for work clothes or black hangers for general clothes.

1.7 You can hang your clothes according to their length, or you can choose to hang your clothes according to the size of the sleeves.

2. Store leftover clothes in place.

When you finish organizing your closet, if the hangers in the closet are full but still have leftover clothes or clothes that don’t need to be hung, such as swimwear, gym clothes, pajamas, or underwear, you need to use other storage devices too.

2.1 For the space under the clothesline in the closet that is still empty, ways to organize your wardrobe in this section may be to find storage boxes or organizing boxes to put the rest of your clothes. Or maybe use small drawer boxes to be stacked together to save space.

2.2 Most wardrobes have a shelf above the clothes rail at the top of the cabinet. This space may be used for storing items that will be used once in a while, such as spare towels or other items such as blankets, bedding or suitcases, etc.


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3. Find a space to store your shoes.

Organizing a cluttered wardrobe by keeping your shoes together with your clothes in the closet is a waste of space. If the cleanliness is not taken care of thoroughly, it may cause dirt to accumulate. Including unpleasant odors quickly, so it is recommended to store shoes using the following methods instead.

3.1 Store with shoe types such as work shoes, sports shoes, boots, and sandals, etc.

3.2 Store according to the frequency of use. For example, regular work shoes may be stored where they are most easily accessible. Long boots for winter or occasional fashion shoes can be stowed behind other pairs.

3.3 Shoes that you wear regularly can be stored near the door of the house for easy access. And it helps to save storage space in the wardrobe as well.

3.4 If space is limited and shoes need to be stored in the closet. You can also find clear and stackable shoe boxes to keep your shoes easily. Easy to pick up and use and save space inside the wardrobe as well.

3.5 If the wardrobe door is not a sliding door, there will be more space to use by hanging shoes around the closet door.


That’s it. Organizing a cluttered wardrobe to reclaim a comfortable, simple, uncluttered life is done. And all of this is just a technique for organizing your closet that HomeGuru has put together for you. However, it can be flexible according to the suitability of each house because each house has a different amount of clothes and storage space. Therefore, it is important that when the wardrobe is organized, it must be kept clean and tidy so that the closet is always in its original condition.

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