Every area in the house requires storage, even in the refrigerator. In order to have a worthwhile storage space in the refrigerator organizing device like a box to organize a variety of functions. Refrigerator shelf can help every home find comfort and easy picking things in the refrigerator. While also help to keep the refrigerator tidy and clean during the longest period of food intake. But how to organize it correctly? HomeGuru has ideas and equipment to help make organizing the refrigerator.


4 ways to organize a refrigerator to help increase space

1. Clean the fridge


Refrigerator cleanliness is something that every home should not be ignored, as well as cleaning the house. Because the refrigerator is responsible for preserving and keeping food always fresh. If not cleaned at all, there may be accumulation of dirt that we may not see.

The method of cleaning the refrigerator is not difficult. Just unplug the refrigerator and remove all the items inside the refrigerator. Open the refrigerator and see stains inside as for the shelves in the refrigerator. Wash with dishwashing liquid. Then wipe clean inside the refrigerator, use a sponge to moisten the entire area of the refrigerator. Some homes may use baking soda mixed with warm water. Or use refrigerator cleaners as a convenient aid. Then use a clean cloth to wipe it clean, it will help the refrigerator clean and more fresh.

2. Organizing boxes, first aid of the refrigerator


กล่องจัดเก็บในตู้เย็น กล่องจัดระเบียบตู้เย็น กล่องจัดระเบียบตู้เย็น กล่องจัดระเบียบตู้เย็น

In the fridge there are many kinds of food, from drinking water, vegetables, fruits, or even foods that need to be kept for a day. Refrigerator organizing tools are therefore necessary to select according to the type of food to be stored. There are many types, from stackable storage boxes, fresh keeper storage boxes, handle storage boxes and storage boxes with lids and baskets with different functions.

Stackable beverage cans storage box

Aside from drinking water at every home, drinking from the water filter is prepared and put in a bottle of water soaked in the refrigerator for drinking when thirsty. Cold canned drinks such as soft drinks, fruit juices and beer are another drink that almost every home has to chill in the fridge. But if bought too many, wasting space in the refrigerator. Finding a refrigerator organizing box as an aid for easy access, convenient and can not fall in the fridge is another good way.

Fresh keeper refrigerator organizing box


It Is another type of refrigerator organizing box that many home use. Aside from helping the refrigerator be beautiful, organized, easy to find and clean. This type of box also helps to preserve food and extend the life of vegetables and fruits to be fresh longer and not bruised, suitable for any home that likes to eat vegetables and fruits regularly. This type of box is available in a variety of functions, including the Duo Fresh Keeper, which has the function to adjust the compartment in many ways, the form with flexible silicone material, beautiful design and has a flip lid, making open-close the box is even easier.

Organize box in a refrigerator with handles


กล่องจัดระเบียบตู้เย็น กล่องจัดเก็บในตู้เย็น กล่องจัดระเบียบตู้เย็น กล่องจัดเก็บในตู้เย็น

This box can be used with a variety of foods, including vegetables, fruits, desserts and other foods that need to be organized with handles to help pick things up in the refrigerator more conveniently.

Organize box in the refrigerator with lid and basket

Refrigerator storage box with lid complete with 2 baskets into an organized box Multi-Function, can use both the removable basket or put in a basket to divide space into storage for vegetables, fruits, or desserts, and can also be stacked in multiple boxes to save even more space in the refrigerator.

Rotating condiment bottle storage tray

Condiments such as sauces and salad dressing that must be eaten on a regular basis but there is a problem every time that must be removed from the refrigerator. The placement in a 360 degree rotating tray will help find the sauce and easily flavored. While also saving more living space without having to waste time picking up that bottle. This bottle, just by rotating, can find your favorite flavoring bottle in a waste of time.

How to choose a box to organize a refrigerator for good health?

Most refrigerator organizers are manufactured from plastic. Therefore, pay attention to choosing good quality plastic that is PP BPA Free, which is a plastic that has food contact properties that does not cause cancer. This is a major problem that many homes are worried about using plastic to store food. In addition, the plastic that is PP BPA Free is resistant to frost and does not cause cracks during use. In addition, before and after every use, it should be cleaned with a cloth moistened with water or can be washed with dishwashing liquid as usual and wipe with a clean cloth every time too.

3. Zip lock bags help organize refrigerator


Another help to keep the fridge organized. In addition to the refrigerator organizing box, Zip lock bags are another device that every home uses. Especially with fruit the casing is finished, can be put in a zip lock bag, freeze in the refrigerator and take to eat all day. The use of zip lock bags in every home can be labeled with food at the zip lock bags area to make it easy to find without having to search and increase the usable space in the refrigerator as well.

4. Arrange and divide the zones for the refrigerator clearly


When cleaning and have all the tools to be organized. What every home should do is to place and clearly define the refrigerator zone. Which may be divided according to the type of food, such as vegetables, fresh food, rice, beverages or divided by the expiration date of the food. Food that is about to expire should be clearly laid out for easy and convenient handling for eating.


organize a refrigerator with these simple devices, for every home, you can do it yourself. While also not taking long to clear the fridge to be clean and to reduce odors in the refrigerator. And most importantly, help reduce germs impurities that accumulate in the refrigerator that may result in health problems as well.

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