The year 2020 is going to pass again. This year we have to admit that it is a year that the whole world has been through a lot. Both problems with dust, disease and the economy that made many people feel tired and exhausted. HomeGuru want to share a Tricks to Organize Your Home for the New Year welcome good things. Because we wants to see every still have faith. There is hope for the good that is ahead and revitalizes yourself. It starts with the little things surrounding it, like organizing a house that needs to be lived every day to look new, lively and welcome the good things in 2021 to come in the coming days which can be easily done. Just a few steps will make your home more pleasant and feel good again.

7 ทริคจัดบ้านรับปีใหม่ อยู่สบาย รับสุข รับทรัพย์

Inside the house

1. Unused items, throw them away. The mess in the home is part of the discomfort. The clutter-free place makes living in the house inconvenient. It is also a source of dust accumulation as well as various pathogens as well. In the new year, the clutters must be cleared out by removing unused items or give it other people who need it like the shelves, dolls, books and old clothes that you do not use. In addition to making the house more space available. It is also a practice to share for others to receive merit from the beginning of the year.


2. Repair the damaged items. Damaged household items are difficult to use. It also has a negative effect on both mood and well-being. You should inspect and look for the parts the needs to be repaired especially the light bulb, door and window to use easily as before. But if the crockery is broken, it is recommended to take it away and not keep it in the house. Because in addition to being not suitable for use, it may cut your hand as well.


3. Change something for a new feeling. The atmosphere in the old house is dull, not refreshing. It directly affects the feeling of living. If you want to change the atmosphere, you have to try some adjustments to create a new feeling, such as painting the walls or sticking the wallpaper, changing a new piece of furniture, changing the curtains or new bedding with beautiful patterns that looks comfortable which does not need to dismantle the whole things. Just adjust the corner to create a new image that is different from the original.

วอลล์เปเปอร์ DIY โซฟาผ้า 2 ที่นั่ง ผ้าม่านจีบ


4. Big cleaning. Take action to clean the house, it seems to be something that every house has to do on a regular basis. But to welcome the new year, it must be more special, by allowing big cleaning to be more thorough including wiping, cleaning, scrubbing removing stains around the house and the kitchen. Also, scrub the bathroom to be free of odors. Make sure to swipe off the dust on the back of the cupboards, under the bed, the small corner windows that are often seen through. Doing a large cleaning will help clear up any dust buildup. At the same time, it was also to clean up one’s own mind.

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Outside the house

5. Beautiful front house and nice space. We have probably heard some people that the front of the house is like a hotspot. If you want to attract good things to enter the house, so it must start from the front of the house as the first point especially the open courtyard or what in Chinese is called “Meng Teang” is an empty space or courtyard. The front that waits for power, the glass should be trimmed and decorated beautifully, not to let things to block the wind which Feng Shui is considered as an energy that makes living comfortably.


6. Build water garden to add coolness. Home and the context which we live, it is the area where various forms of energy will be retained and circulated. All we have to do is add good energy to circulate around the house. One of the easiest ways is to build a small pond decoration such as fountain or waterfall with flowing water. Because the water will add coolness, suitable for a tropical house along with adjusting Feng Shui to distribute fresh energy throughout the area.

น้ำพุสไตล์โมเดิร์น หญ้าเทียมแผ่น เครื่องเล็มหญ้าแบตเตอรี่


7. The side and the back of the house must be neat. Not only the front of the house that needs a beautiful view. The back of the house and the corner zone must be neat as well. In order not destroy the scenery and become a hotbed of pathogens. You may decorate the floor with gravel or laying the floor with a walkway sheet alternating with artificial glass that looks like real glass. So you don’t have to take care of it. It can add life to the house as well.


In addition to the interior and exterior of the new home. Life can change for the good. It needs to be modified within ourselves to be a better version at the same time. Consider yourself by letting go of your prejudice and yourself. Obviously explore where our weaknesses are. Where you should improve and gradually begin to adjust when the cause changes. The results will surely change accordingly. HomeGuru hopes that everyone will have a beautiful new year. Get happiness and receive the wealth that your heart desires. Happy New Year!

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