Choosing the right paint colors in your home can make all the difference in lifting your mood and setting a scene. Selecting a home painting is not just about choosing a good and satisfying color but looking at its durability over the long term. Like home paint, Nippon Paint meets all the needs of people who have a home. And if you want to opt for quality paint like Nippon Paint, it is essential to prepare the walls before painting. Today, HomeGuru introduces professional and in-depth home paint tips that will make your home the most beautiful and durable color.

Nippon Paint

Preparing before painting, not just choosing a good quality paint, but knowing the correct paint process will give you more quality and durable home paint.
1. Get to know the color paint chart
2. 7 Tools for home painting
3. Surface and wall preparation techniques before use Nippon Paint
4. Topcoat with Nippon Paint watercolors

Nippon Paint

Get to know the color paint chart

Before preparing to paint your home, whether it is interior paint or exterior paint, it’s important to know the shade system. And matching house paint to suit the house. For Nippon Paint, there are 7 shades to choose from, including:

1. Classic Whites

It is the classic color scheme of a typical house with high brightness. Provides a relaxing mood and eye-soothing suitable for applying in living rooms and bedrooms as well as for homes with limited living space.

2. Lustrous Pinks & Reds

As for Nippon’s pink and red tones, there are several shades to choose from light to dark tones. This color scheme is suitable for rooms with a warm feeling. Indicates family spending time together, such as dining room and living room.

3. Zingy Yellows & Oranges

This is a warm tone but shouldn’t be used in rooms with too much light. Suitable for matching color Mediterranean Charm tone because it feels like being with nature, feeling refreshed. It is a shade that is close to the color of the soil.

4. Serene Greens & Blues

This shade has a cool vibe that is perfect for this Coastal Villa exterior color scheme, which is a deep indigo ocean color scheme. You’ll often see Coastal Villa color matching in condo projects.

5. Elegant Purples, Greys & Neutrals

Elegant Purples, Grays & Neutrals color scheme, although cool but must be used in rooms that are very spacious, because the shade is darker, if used in a tiny room, it will make the room look narrower.

6. Earthy Neutrals

It is a color scheme that is suitable for minimalist styles and like nature. The distinctive feature of the Earth Tone range is that it can contrast with light and dark tones, giving the house a sense of dimensionality and size. Suitable for painting in Tropical Retreat style.

7. Captivating Accents

Finally, the Captivating Accents color scheme is quite intense. Therefore, it is a group that is suitable for use mainly for cutting colors, not suitable for striking, such as contrasting with Classic Whites.


7 Tools for home painting

Now that you know the tone and color of Nippon Paint, the next step is to prepare a checklist of important equipment before painting the house.

• Rollers – This is the most important tool, especially for applying wide walls.
• Paint brush – used for applying small areas or detailing work such as edges, corners.
• Paint bucket – used to divide the color you want, especially by mixing with water before applying to the wall.
• Canvas Flooring – If you don’t want to encounter the paint dripping on the floor and have to scrape off the paint, you should find a canvas to cover the floor first. If you want to save money, may use cardboard or newspaper instead.
• Roller extension handle – able to handle high-altitude painting without needing a chair or table.
• Sandpaper – Used for cleaning walls and preparing a smooth surface, especially for renovating an old house that needs to be painted over the original item.
• Scotch tape – for covering unwanted areas to prevent paint from messing up or over the edges.


Surface and wall preparation techniques before use Nippon Paint

If you want to paint your house professionally. Before you start painting, you should prepare the walls first. To keep surfaces clean, completely dry, and free from dust, otherwise uneven surface color problems may occur.

1. Clean the wall before painting


Before the house paint is applied, the first step is to clean the walls ready to match the chosen house paint. If it is an old wall that has been painted before, check if the wall has stains or uneven surfaces. If there is dirt, use sandpaper to scrub the wall surface until there are no gnarled marks. If other stains are found, such as mold, algae, and other impurities, wash the dirt with VINILEX Bio Wash mold and moss remover. It removes stains well and reduces the recurrence of the same problem again. In the new walls, apply the Nippon Paint Momento Primer 2 times to clean the wall before applying the primer.

2. Priming the old plaster wall

Nippon Paint

After the stain has been removed, the old cement surface will clearly suffer from paint film deterioration and debris. Therefore, old plaster should be primed with Excel Primer to strengthen the cover, increase the adhesion of the topcoat and wall, and provide long-term protection to the surface of the house.

3. Filler and repair the cracked wall


For house walls with cracks, ivory, uneven and homogeneous surfaces, Terracryl Acrylic putty must be repaired. It helps fill in cracks on the wall, giving it a smooth surface. Do not paint the topcoat if not fix it yet. Otherwise, it will cause the color to be unsmooth, and the streak marks will be seen more clearly.

4. Primer the wall with Nippon Paint


Once the walls are ready, the next step is to smooth the wall’s surface or floor. To increase the adhesion of the topcoat, especially the new cement floor with high alkali and salt values. Therefore, a primer for new mortar should be applied first with a new primer, Nippon Paint 5100 Wall Sealer, with anti-alkali and salt properties. It also increases the adhesion between the topcoat and the wall.

In case of old floors, a Nippon Paint Aqua Sealer may be chosen especially suitable for old cement floors. It is formulated from 100% acrylic adhesive that penetrates the surface well. The key is to ensure that the topcoat does not deteriorate prematurely.

น้ำยากำจัดเชื้อราและตะไคร่น้ำ สีโป๊วผนังอะคริลิก สีรองพื้นเท็กเจอร์

Topcoat with Nippon Paint watercolors

After preparing the wall is completed. The topcoat painting is the last step, which is very important. If selecting an inferior quality product, it may cause the wall color to fade quickly. In some cases, it may result in a problem with the surface of the house within 1-2 years.

1. Paint the topcoat with Nippon Paint Weatherbond exterior paint


As for the topcoat of Nippon Paint, it is quite the answer to today’s houses. In particular, Thailand with hot weather has to be exposed to direct sunlight. The new Weatherbond is guaranteed to be highly durable for up to 15 years and comes with Cross-Link technology to make the wall more robust and resistant to all weather conditions. It eliminates peeling paint and helps reflect the sun’s rays, so the house doesn’t accumulate too much heat. Most importantly, there are various shades to choose from to suit your style.

In interior painting, Nippon Paint Air Care uses air purifying properties and absorbs the irritant formaldehyde. The paint has a slight smell, so there is no problem with the interior paint smell. More importantly, the paint is designed to be easy to clean and can wipe off dirt without affecting the freshness of the color.

2. Increase durability of the home surface with Momento Clear Coat


After applying the topcoat, it is the process of increasing the durability of the house surface and enhancing the durability of the exterior paint with Momento Clear Coat. Helps block sunlight and protect your home from the environment. Therefore, after applying a topcoat, make sure to add durability to the house’s walls as the last step.

สีน้ำทาภายนอก สีน้ำทาภายใน NIPPON สีน้ำทาภายใน

Now you know how to paint a house with a good technique from Nippon Paint. That should meet the needs of HomeGuru members who have plans to make a new house or renovate. If these techniques are applied correctly, such as prepare the walls before painting and selecting paint types. You can assure you that your home will be fresh, without any problems with paint flaking or premature deterioration of paint. And if you are looking for the most affordable Nippon Paint, you can shop at all Homepro stores.

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