Close to the end of the year again. This year looks like months have disappeared because of the COVID-19 crisis. But many people are still waiting for a fun party. New year’s eve, welcome good things in the new year. Just thinking about the party and find clothes, ready to go to the party. But what if this year you change from guest to organizer? You can’t help but worry about what to prepare to make the guests who come to join the party in the New Year’s Eve moment happy. Don’t worry because HomeGuru has helpers for anyone who is planning to prepare a party for with Party Items Must Have or cool items. Let’s go shopping.


Outdoor Furniture

The year-end party came with a cold breeze. This refreshing atmosphere is best suited for outdoor parties. Choose an empty space. Outdoors or in the garden, arrange a corner for placing a gift box. A table to place food and a set of furniture to be used as a living area for chilling. Choose a furniture set that is not very heavy, easy to lift and move, the size fits the size of the space to be placed.

In a small space, place a small folding table and chairs or the seat can be separated parts. If the area is wide, use a long plastic bench, daybed chair, Sofa set. For homes with children and the elderly, choose a sturdy furniture with a backrest and soft cushions.


Beautiful set of plates and bowls

The tableware is one element that expresses the organizers’ tastes. Let the foam cup, paper plate, plastic spoon goes first. Should choose a set of bowls and bowls, dips as a matching set. Or if it does not match, at least ask for a stylish design, may be a small container. Put in pieces, so that it is easy to pick up and place food and then come out looking beautiful I am sure that if photographed and shared on social media like a professional.

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Barbecue grills

At any party, a barbecue grill is one of the basic tools to create a fun party atmosphere, to grill and chat from the beginning of the party until the end of party will not be bored. Even if the weather is cold as well, eating hot food and smoky smoke is a pleasure to trade with.

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Shabu pot with electric stove

Celebrating a moment of happiness after going through a long difficult year. This minute, you have to give shabu only to heal everything. Any home should not miss making hot shabu. In fragrant broth, it is an option for people who feel that grilling on the charcoal grill is not If you’re going to be worth the purchase, look for a model with an electric stove in the same set. Quick and easy to make. No need to set fire to waste time.

ไอเทมสายปาร์ตี้ต้องมี รับปีใหม่

Oil free fryer

Preparing food is the most difficult and time consuming activity. Which you have to think of the menu, go shopping and buy and come back to cook which is not just one item especially the must-have fried menu and when making it, you will hardly be able to take your eyes off the front of the stove to do anything else. Having good cooking aids, ready to receive guests without hassle, will reduce the workload a lot, such as the hot air oven, oil-free fryer Put it in and just wait. Don’t have to sit guard. Do not be afraid of burns. Any one can do it.

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Multipurpose box for keeping drinks

Party drinks have to be tight enough to keep up all night long, whether it’s soft drinks like sweet drinks, fruit juices, tea, coffee, sodas, or hard drinks that are constantly replenished by guests. There should be a large multipurpose box with ice to hold drinks and put it nearby in party area. So you don’t have to spend time walking to get a drink from the kitchen refrigerator frequently.


Bluetooth speaker

The rhythm is the color of the party. If there is no music, the whole work is completely bland. If it was in the past, it would have to have a set of audio and speakers connected to the extension cord. But in this era with wireless speakers, makes it even easier to hold a professional party, just have a smart phone or notebook to be connected. These speakers can be moved to different locations or outside the home for shopping. In addition to checking the sound, be sure to look for models that can last anywhere from 5 hours to 30 hours of battery life, including a size that will suit the venue. Such as the outdoor area of 30-40 square meters, 10-20 guests suitable for large. Even if you put it away, you still heard a loud noise covering, happy nights will be fun without stumbling.


Reading up to this point, you must be confident in organizing the party until you wish that the day of the party would move quickly. Well, right? If you want this event to look chic. Let’s try to set the theme of the dress. Arrange lighting to enhance the atmosphere. Looking for fun activities Let everyone do it together. Fill the good times to be extremely worthy of waiting for more than 360 days after the event, you must impress your visitors for sure.

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