One of the problems that bother everyone in the house that is encountered regularly from the bathroom that needs to be used every day. The problem is that the pipe is not straight. The origin of many other problems both cannot flush down the toilet, leakage at the toilet base or even unwanted odors that emanate. Each problem makes people in the house don’t want to use the bathroom at all. But when it was resolved, it seemed like a big issue, like a home agenda. You don’t know how to fix it but never mind, the problem of sanitary ware is not a big issue because HomeGuru has the solution!

Know before fixing… what kind of sanitary wastewater pipe system that we use?

First of all, you must understand first that the sanitary sewer system is divided into 2 types, which are P-Trap and S-Trap.

The Pipe is Not Straight, Distracting Problems. Can Be Solved!
P-Trap and S-Trap

For the sewer to the wall, if there is a problem, the pipe distance does not fit together and the house is not the Precast wall which can be fixed by drilling the wall to re-pipe. But for ground pipes, it is quite difficult to solve the problem because in the construction process, the pipeline will be prepared at the same time and pouring concrete too which the method of fixing the sewer to the ground is not periodically. Having to look at the work site together is not an issue in any kind of distance. And how can it be fixed?

Floor extraction… Can solve the problem of the floor drain pipe or not?

The installation of a correct and standard toilet. The toilet drain pipe from the gooseneck must be connected tightly with the prepared drain pipe and has an anti-odor gasket for sealing the joints to prevent leaks and odors. In addition, to all the problems mentioned above, there is a high chance of occurrence which also affects the beauty of the bathroom due to the installation of a non-periodic toilet.

The solution that most technicians do in the case that the homeowner does not want to change to a new toilet, is to extract additional flooring to adjust the pipe distance which is simply called that the slide of the pipe hole. A common method after extracting the floor from the pipe into a basin is to put the toilet on the floor for a new distance without wearing a drain. Which, in doing this, despite the use of an anti-odor ring or grout around the toilet, but the chance of an unpleasant odor problem and the problem of water leaks every time you wash, there is still a lot of risk.

Floor extraction… Can solve the problem of the floor

If you really want to fix in this way, you can do it, but it is recommended to use 45-degree elbow to help connect in order to reduce the space between the pipes along the floor extraction marks. This method can be done only in the upper bathroom in some cases. Due to the space and floor area variables which must break through the ground to get the right distance.

If not ground… How to solve the problem of sewerage pipes down the floor?

In most cases, toilets with floor drain, the distance from the center to the wall by the standard is approximately 30.5 cm. If the distance is more or less, it is necessary to fix before installing the surface finishing material. Which the methods of correction are different depending on the distance.

In case the distance of the drain pipe is less than 30.5 cm. from the wall

If the prepared drain hose is in the range of 22-30.5 cm, it is advisable to change to a new toilet. By choosing to use a toilet with an Adjustable Trap, which can adjust the distance of the toilet by the distance in the range of 22-30.5 cm.

But if the provided drainage pipe is less than 22 cm, it is recommended to change to a new toilet. By choosing to use a toilet with a wall pipe which is available in both wall and floor standing designs. Then, connect the pipe to the floor so that the pipe is straight. In this case, it is necessary to build an additional layer of the back wall, so in the case of a narrow bathroom, it is also necessary to consider the remaining front space whether it is convenient to use or not.

In case the distance of the drain pipe is less than 30.5 cm. from the wall

In case the distance of the drain pipe is more than 30.5 cm. from the wall

If the provided drainage pipe is more than 10 cm away from the wall, it is recommended to build another wall behind the toilet bowl. In order not to let the toilet bowl seem to stand upright in the middle of the bathroom, which may build a wall higher along the wall. Or if having a small budget, you may build a wall to a height of about 1 m and then renovate it beautifully or drill storage compartments.

If the prepared sewer pipe has a distance of less than 10 cm from the wall, it is recommended to solve the same problem with a distance of 10 cm or more. Instead, just reverse the narrow side of the brick building instead of the normal side to reduce the width of the newly built wall or maybe make a brick up to 10 cm high and then choose light wall to help support the top instead of all the bricks. Aside from not being a burden on the structure of extra weight, it also helps to save construction time.

In case, that there is a 2-3 cm gap between the sewer pipe and the wall, the problem can be solved by reinforcing the back wall with plaster to increase the wall thickness to fit the toilet.

In case the distance of the drain pipe is more than 30.5 cm. from the wall

As you can see, the solution is not as difficult as you think. But the best way is to prevent problems from the construction process, by checking the distance of the sewer that the technician has prepared correctly before the process of pouring the concrete floor.

In order to prevent the trifling problems that may arise. In the case of secondhand homes that encounter this problem, you can apply the above knowledge and try to adapt to suit each house.

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