Even though, Thailand has a warm climate, but with a cool atmosphere in the garden is so relaxing. The idea of having a small garden party at home, in the evening, is getting more popular. Family and best friends can share a quality time together in the atmosphere we can create. Everyone can be happy and have fun without wasting too much money. Let’s see what do we need for a simple house party!

1. Evaluate The No. of Guests

Make sure the area is good enough to accommodate tables and chairs for all guest. Don’t forget to prepare extra chairs for additional guests. Choose tables and chairs that are adjustable and used for a regular basis.


2. Create an Atmosphere with Lights

Party in the garden needs a natural touch. Add lights, beautiful hanging lanterns to make the party more special. Use lanterns or wired lights to decorate the trees to light up the special moments.


3. Tablecloth

Enhance your party with beautiful pattern tablecloth such as flowers pattern which get along well with the garden atmosphere. Consider selecting a tablecloth for party and on a regular basis.

4. Soft Cushion

One more thing to have for a garden party is cushion. Recommended to choose cushions with basic color or dotted or lined patterns. Guests would feel comfortable with soft cushions.


5. Colorful Water Glasses

Colorful water glasses are good for outdoor garden party. Glasses with texture or pattern help create joyful atmosphere. Recommended tall glasses for fruit juices and short glasses for cocktails. After the party, these glasses can be kept as a collection for reception.


6. Water Jug

With colorful water glasses, water jugs are also needed. Use water jugs for beverages such as fruit punch, lemonade and passion fruit juices with mint leaves for refreshment. Water jug with press button is also optional.


7. Serving Tray

Food and beverages serving trays for an outdoor party. Practical serving trays help organize food and appetizers for guests to pick up easily.


8. Lights

Create a warm party atmosphere with lights. Choose chic lanterns for decoration, make a party more fun and joyful. Guests can take nice photos with beautiful, bright lights.

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