Which home has electrical appliances? The house must have an extension socket or three-eye plug in order to connect the electric wire to the point far from the main socket. But who would have imagined that a single trailer plug would become a silent disaster? And may be the source of the fire until the house burns down to the entire house. Which the analysis of most of the cause of the fire caused by the extension socket plug found that caused by the use of trailer Plugs, resulting in short circuits and poor quality extension socket purchases. Production is not standardized for use. The plug that we tend to use in conjunction with this electrical device is not anything but have to choose carefully. In this article, HomeGuru has compiled 5 principles for buying standard extension plugs in order to prevent serious incidents from affecting life and property afterwards.


Choose a standard extension socket plug

1. There is a symbol of TIS. on extension plug

Extension plug, even though it is a small piece of equipment. But every time you buy, you must look for the Industrial Product Certification Mark (TIS.) 2432-2555 or TIS. extension plug that must be clearly shown on the product or box. Observe carefully that it must not be TIS. (TIS. 11-2531) which will specify only the standard of the electric wire, not including other parts. For TIS. TIS. Set number TIS 2432-2555 This will cover the trailer line. Trailer plugs including electrical wires, sockets, sockets, switches, and voltage as well. An extension plug that is standardized the plastic box must be well heat resistant.

The contacts use high quality materials, fit cable spacing soldering inside tightly through the production process that meets all standards. Be sure to check every item before reaching you.


2. High quality plastic, fire retardant

Extension plug, most of the products that are on the market, the cover or the plug box are usually made from normal grade plastic. When the power is over used or the plug is not properly attached to the base, it will cause heat or sparks. Plastic therefore melts and ignites easily. The external material that is a trailer plug cover Must be materials that are highly resistant to heat, not fire. It is high quality plastic in accordance with UL94 standards such as ABS plastic, AVC plastic or polycarbonate that has the property to help prevent the spread of fire not to cause damage to other parts.

วิธีซื้อปลั๊กพ่วง วิธีซื้อปลั๊กพ่วง วิธีซื้อปลั๊กพ่วง


3. With 3 legs for grounding against electric shock

Many people may wonder that why are the plugs in the plug that we use both models with 2 holes (Sockets) and 3 holes? Some people choose to buy a plug with 2 holes. When buying appliances with 3 pins, then deduct the excess. 1 Legs so that they can fit into a wall socket. In fact, the two plugs and the flat pins Is a product that TIS. do not sell. Since the 2-hole plug does not have a ground, only the Line and Neutral (L-N) cable. The standard plug and outlet must be 3-round type. The additional legs will act as a ground. Responsible for welding electricity to the ground When there is an electric leakage, it will run down the ground without passing through the body. Therefore, we are not electrocuted.

However, it is necessary to check the inside of the box and the trailer plug to see if they are actually connected to ground ground circuits, because some brands are placed on only fake pins. But not connecting the actual circuit inside.


4. The L, N contacts are copper.

Components that are contacts inside the trailer plug are important points that cannot be overlooked. Extension plug that do not have quality, will use galvanized steel which is an object that has low conductivity causing a lot of heat to accumulate. If the electrical appliances are used in an amount that exceeds the limit will be one of the reasons that can cause a fire in medium quality brands will choose to use brass (Mixture of copper and zinc) which is of decent quality. But the best and most expensive material is copper, with outstanding properties that can conduct electricity well. Therefore, not accumulating much heat reduces the risk of fire plugs make the home more secure.

วิธีซื้อปลั๊กพ่วง วิธีซื้อปลั๊กไฟ วิธีซื้อปลั๊กไฟ


5. With built-in breaker

One reason that fire caused by using a trailer plug is that the electricity exceeds the rated current of the extension plug. By plugging in many electrical devices at the same time, do not pull the plug when not in use. If using the amount of electricity specified by each plug will generate high heat until the wires melt causing the two copper wires inside to touch each other until causing a short circuit and a fire. In the olden days, there was no on-off switch and the fuse helps to cut off electricity. When overused, causing frequent fire. Nowadays, many brands have improved the function to meet this problem.

You should look for an extension plug with an on-off switch with a built-in circuit breaker to prevent overcurrent and help cut off the electricity automatically.


In addition to buying, the right way to use it is important that cannot be overlooked. Otherwise, even risky when buying good products for the proper use of trailer plugs, do not use a trailer with large electrical appliances such as refrigerators. To prevent the electric wires from overheating and causing short-circuits, be careful not to plug one piece of plug into electrical appliances which consumes a lot of electricity at the same time and does not plug in many different connectors.

วิธีซื้อปลั๊กไฟ วิธีซื้อปลั๊กไฟ วิธีซื้อปลั๊กไฟ


When not in use, should pull the plug from the mains plug or switch off completely. Don’t leave it all night. Importantly, if the extension plug is damaged, the cord is broken, burns, the socket is loose, then the spark lights which should not be repaired or used again.

You should buy a new replacement because all of them cause heat to accumulate from over-using electricity causing electric shortcuts to trip and fire as well.

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