Portable Refrigerator one of its items must have that will help answer the needs of the housewife and you, the new age butler, who enjoy doing outdoor activities with family or a group of friends especially camping activities that need to carry fresh food and drinks to create a delicious menu together in the early evening. Portable Refrigerator therefore, becoming a good helper of every home because in addition to helping to preserve the freshness of the food longer. HomeGuru has many advantages of portable fridge freezer to leave for every home to reduce concerns about food freshness.


Why must be a portable refrigerator?

Refrigerators are actually the top appliances that every house needs to already have especially nowadays, with the development of new innovations, the functionality of the refrigerator creates comfort for the housewife. And you more butler, such as Nature FRESH, help keep the chilled and juicy fruit always tastes good. Cooling system like Super Cooling function etc.

But the need for refrigerators sometimes isn’t limited to the house itself. Sometimes wanting to drink cold water on the car or at various outdoor locations, portable refrigerators have become one of the many house to pay attention. But do you know that in foreign countries, Portable fridge freezer It has been used extensively for more than 10 years, on transport, home, ambulance, or even in the home. Because it is comfortable, easy to carry, it is easier to move around than walking to open the refrigerator.

ตู้เย็นพกพา ตู้เย็นพกพา ตู้เย็นพกพา


8 What are the advantages of a portable refrigerator?

A portable refrigerator makes life easier because it can be plugged in and used anywhere, anytime, even when traveling on a car.


Close at hand especially while spending time in the bedroom. Walking down to open the refrigerator would be quite boring. Portable fridge freezer It will help with the convenience of the family can pick up cold drinking water or ice cream anytime or even a snack dip. Add more pleasure in watching movies and resting for everyone in the family better.

A portable refrigerator best help in food preservation Whether to use at home or during travel including the storage of various cooking ingredients Still doing great or even keeping the quality of the milk of the mother after giving birth is convenient without having to change the ice. Maintaining good quality of milk continuously because it is able to preserve all the essential nutrients.

Good temperature control for chilling drinks. Who like to go out and do activities outside the home. Choosing to keep cool drinks in the portable refrigerator will help keep the temperature to preserve the taste of each type of drink from losing its flavor which can be set to a constant cool temperature until the cool drink becomes jelly or ice at all.


Suitable for medical portable refrigerator can be used for the storage of important medical materials and equipment. In particular, the temperature regulation of various organ parts, drugs and others is very important and necessary.

Easy to transport with temperature control especially for small businesses or frozen food business because portable fridge freezer. In addition to helping to keep the temperature of the food, drinks are good then It also supports vibration during transportation as well.

Portable refrigerator There are a variety of sizes to choose from as appropriate, from 33 liters, 65 liters, 88 liters, which each house can be applied according to their needs and according to various situations.


It is rugged and durable, ecially portable freezers from Dometic, a leading Swedish product that is strong, durable and will last for many years. Because with quality materials in production, making sure to use it for sure with a 2-year warranty as well.

ตู้เย็นแช่แข็งพกพา ตู้เย็นแช่แข็งพกพา ตู้เย็นแช่แข็งพกพา


Different ways to use portable refrigerator

In terms of the use of a portable refrigerator, it is not difficult, just connect the portable refrigerator to the home electrical system. Which can be used for both AC and DC household electricity. Or in the case of using a portable refrigerator outside or doing other outdoor activities, there is no need to worry about fire. Because a portable refrigerator can be easily used, just connect the refrigerator to the car’s electrical system at the cigarette lighter socket and turn it on. That’s it, it allows you to use the portable refrigerator throughout the journey. In addition, it also increases the convenience for everyone in the family with the portable refrigerator temperature control system via the mobile application system without wasting time to check the temperature of the refrigerator frequently.

ถังเก็บความเย็น ถังเก็บความเย็น ถังเก็บความเย็น


In addition to the benefits of a portable refrigerator that HomeGuru mentioned above. Important factors in choosing portable fridge freezer come as a companion device to meet the lifestyles of everyone in the family. Who loves comfort, love to cook and love to travel long distances. Doing activities outside the home is functional, such as suitable for use in the car, compact, easy to carry, can contain a lot of stuff. It can be frozen meat and fruits without worrying about the freshness of the food. It is important to pay equal attention.


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