Power outage! This situation is common in thunderstorms causing the need to prepare candles and torches every time it rains If the lights go out during the day, it may not be as difficult as during the night. But it cannot be denied that almost all activities of life in this era need to rely on electricity. Because if no electricity is used may mean not being able to work. This will affect the time of submission immediately. This content, “HomeGuru” has Cause of a Power Outage answers to all questions. So that every home can be prepared to cope with the situation without electricity without worry.


1. What Cause of a Power Outage?

Accidents and natural disasters such as rain, thunderstorms, lightning down the transmission line or electrical equipment. Damage the fuse or some protective equipment. Or the storm causes the branches to touch the power lines, causing a temporary short circuit to ground, resulting in a temporary power outage or even an accident on the road. Driving a car crashing a falling electric pole Inevitably results in the power outage as well.


Technical interruptions of the utilities. It may come from failure in the electricity generating and transmission system, the Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), such as the breakdown of electrical equipment in the transmission system or the short-circuit of the transmission system. In the provinces, sometimes the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) has both extinguished electricity from an emergency situation and power cuts in order to perform work according to a plan with a clear period.

Home electrical system failure such as electric leakage (Ground Fault Circuit), electrical sockets from the use of overload power at fuses. (In case of using a fuse) will be able to accommodate or the size of the electricity meter is not balanced with the number of appliances and power consumption. This symptom can be observed from frequent power outages. The power goes out in one house many times when the power goes out but the circuit breaker does not cut, etc.

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2. Effects of power outage

Today’s life is tied to almost all activities. Facility Various electronic equipment to working tools, all have to rely on electricity to drive If the power is turned off often and repeatedly, not only will I feel uncomfortable. It’s hot because there is no fan. Air conditioner and must be in the dark, doing anything inconvenient only in the evening. Some situations can be life-threatening, for example, in the home, patients need an air purifier. Breathing apparatus, etc. It also affects businesses that require electricity mainly, such as fish farming, computer-based work, machine operation and others. When the power goes out, it will cause more or less damage to the products in the production process.


3. When the power goes out, what to do?

First of all, be conscious, look for lighting equipment close at hand to explore your house. Then try to observe in the neighborhood to see if the lights go out or not. If your house has a single house power outage or just some point in the house. Usually, caused by malfunctions in our own home, such as a power cut off working. The home’s main switch panel should be inspected and switched off properly.

Turn off the power or unplug an electrical appliance at risk of a power surge especially electrical appliances that require constant voltage such as computers, air conditioners, televisions, otherwise, if the power turns suddenly. A power surge may cause damage to that device or appliance.


Save energy consumption of devices that are still working, for example, the phone goes to power saving mode. Close unnecessary applications to prolong battery life. Open the refrigerator to a minimum, allowing the interior to remain cool enough to keep food fresh for as long as possible.

In houses where the water supply is connected to the electric water pump. If the power goes out, the water usage will be jammed accordingly. You should reserve water in a bucket or a large water basin for refilling for flushing. But if there is a spare water tank at home, then no worries.

If the neighborhood was found to be extinguished for no apparent reason. You should notify the Electricity Authority immediately. In order to acknowledge the problem and expedite help resolve it. Don’t assume that someone has called already because if different people have different thoughts that no one call to inform.


4. Where is the power outage? Call here

Metropolitan Electricity Authority (Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Samut Prakan) inform the Metropolitan Electricity Authority MEA Tel. 1130. In addition to the aforementioned 3 provinces, notify PEA, call 1129.

Don’t forget! Inform the name-surname or the name of the applicant to use electricity contact phone number and the 12-digit electricity user number found on the electricity bill. Because in the numbers there will be information near place of residence makes follow-up assistance and editing easier.


5. Devices for preparing for a power outage

Flashlights, candles, classic power outage devices that every home will have to light up in an emergency. For candles, choose a relatively large size to provide illumination in a wide area. The base can stand firmly and have to be careful in selecting the area to place safely.


An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a device that supplies uninterruptible power for electrical and electronic equipment to be able to work continuously temporarily during a power outage and will adjust the voltage to remain at a safe level. Prevents damage that may occur from power drops, surges and overloads.


LED emergency lighting is an indoor backup lighting device which will automatically light up when there is a power failure. This emergency light operates on battery power which will be charged with the home power all the time. So that it is ready to use every time when the power goes out. It is one device that is worth buying for your home to use.

ไฟฉุกเฉิน ไฟดับ เตรียมรับมือไฟดับ เตรียมรับมือไฟดับ


Power bank for charging mobile phones In an emergency What is required in this era is a phone in hand to reassure you that there is a communication tool. In the smartphone device, there is also a built-in flashlight function. Although not as bright as a flashlight, it can be replaced in an emergency. There should be a power bank inside the house. Which is a large capacity backup battery. This allows the phone to be used continuously for several hours until the electricity returns to normal.


Does your home have all the amenities that will make life easier during the power outage? If you don’t have one yet, look for it and use it. In case of unforeseen events happen, they will be ready to resolve the problem immediately.

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