Since Summer has started, no matter which part of Thailand, many people are complaining that the weather is hot like hell! When leaving home, we feel like fainting. However, if we stay inside the house and turn on the air conditioner to freezing cold, your electric fees might cost a lot. ‘Cooling Fan’ is another choice that HomeGuru would like to recommend. Although, cooling fan might not be as cool as an air conditioner but it surely has a better performance than mist fan and general fan. In fact, it saves electric energy, relieve heat and less costs. Cooling fans come with modest prices, let’s get into the details of cooling fan.

Evaporative fan

‘Cooling fan’ is an electric appliance which is becoming popular due to the hot weather. Somehow general fan does not work well for this heat. The pros of cooling fan are: energy-saving, working mainly with a propeller like normal fan and of course, use similar power energy just like normal fan. But cooling fan provides cooler air which close to air conditioner. And it is much cheaper in price.

Therefore, many people pay attention and choose to buy more cooling fans. Some people are still confusing between ‘cooling fan’ and ‘mist fan’ because it has similar name. As a matter of fact, they work totally different.

‘Cooling fan’ or Evaporative Air Cooler work with an Evaporative Cooling Systems, or pulling off heat from the air through the cooling pad. Inside of the machine is equipped with a humidifier panel behind the propeller, this panel is called Cooling Pad, which usually produced from materials with special water holding properties and has water pipe acts as water dropper to maintain moisture to the cooling pad at all times. When the machine starts working, the propeller will suck hot air from the air through the cooling pad, causing the water to evaporate and transforms into a cold vapor that reduces the temperature around. Which normal fan can just blow out the air without cool air.

On the contrary, Mist Fan works by praying water and then using the air from the propeller to blow and spread out the water spray. This working principle is suitable for use in areas that need moisture or open space only.

‘Cooling fan’ is more suitable for use in residential areas because it provides freshness without creating moisture in the air or no disturbance from water spray, does not make the house humid. You can get cool air like natural wind. It saves power energy and water because there is water circulation in the system. Easy to use, convenient to move and easy to maintain as well.

Although, there are many pros of cooling fan. If you choose to buy a cooler fan, you should know the limitations first. Even though cooling fan is suitable for use in residential areas, it is suitable for the room with ventilated air because the machine needs to suck air from the outside all the time. If you use cooling fan in a closed room without ventilated air, it may cause damp odors. Then, you must frequently add water to cool. And you must clean the tank and cooling pad to prevent the occurrence of fungi or germs that may accumulate and that can be harmful to your body.

Moreover, what people often expect and misunderstand about cooling fan is it must be cool like an air conditioner. We should understand that the working principle of cooling fan is just like normal fan. The fan must focus on to your body in order to get full cooling. But the cool air does not remain cool as an air conditioner and does not work well for a large area because it cannot spread out the cool air throughout the room like an air conditioner. When cooling fan is working, it is noisy than normal fan which can be disturbing. If you choose to buy a cooling fan, you must consider this.

Cooling fan prices start from thousands to ten thousand Baht, depending on the special features of each model and brand. Some models even have remote control, air purification system, able to repel mosquitos or a portable cooling fan. Cooling fans are currently available in a variety of options.

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