The path of life is like a road. As anyone would not want to run on a path full of potholes. But sometimes it is inevitable because many roads in our house. The road surface lines are damaged, wavy and rough. Either in the road, highway or in alleys. Causing difficulty in traveling and causing many complaints. But when there are no alternative routes to choose from, it needs to be taken at risk. Until the responsible agency will come in to repair Which sometimes has to wait for a long budget over the years It would be great if we and the people in the community could D.I.Y fix it before by ourselves for the welfare of life without waiting.


What are the causes of bumpy roads?

Before the road is repaired Let’s first understand what are the main causes of bumpy roads to understand the basic condition of the road surface that is damaged. This will make it easier to repair. It is divided into the road surface from 3 main materials: paved road surface, concrete road surface and gravel road surface.

Deterioration of the paved road surface

Paved roads can be damaged for a number of reasons, such as road surface fatigue, subsidence of roadbed, road or pavement. Resulting in shear forces that exceed the capability of the road structure. This can be observed from nearby crevices and spilling of soil. Potholes on the road surface The road surface has collapsed in a groove along the wheel.


Deterioration of the concrete road surface

The concrete road will be reinforced with steel inside, making it highly durable. The service life is about 30-40 years, but it can be damaged for 2 main reasons: Caused by the concrete itself, such as the mixture has inappropriate proportions. Too little cement. The stone is not tough enough or reinforcing the wrong position Make the concrete surface peel off There are cracks due to shrinkage and Caused by the road or the road is not strong enough. It can cause damage such as overburden, cracks in corners and joints of the concrete slab.

Gravel damage

From a survey in 2016. In 2019, about 1,500 kilometers of gravel roads in Thailand remain in Thailand, which this type of road has not yet been paved or concrete on the surface. It causes potholes easily when being washed and eroded by rainwater or vehicles passing through.


Most popular repair methods

1. The easiest way is to use gravel. Small crushed stone. Pour it into the pit and spread it to fit the road surface.
2. Use mortar for road surface repair. It is a fast-acting polymer mortar. Add quartz sand and micro fibers to reduce surface cracking. Suitable for repairing corroded concrete road surface 3-8 mm. If not available, use cement mixed with water and fine sand instead.
3. Ready-mixed asphalt is a product that mixes stone with asphalt, emulsion and solution ready to be used without mixing with other materials. It can be used to repair both asphalt and concrete roads. Just scoop it out, fill up the pit on the road and use a shovel, shovel, and slat to level.

ยางมะตอยสำเร็จรูป พลั่ว ปลายตัด เครื่องตบดิน


Know the finished asphalt sheet New innovations in road repair

Covering the road surface with asphalt mixes. It will even make it easier to repair the road itself. But there are still limitations, such as it takes a lot of force to compaction and smooth the material. The time it takes to leave the asphalt to remain in shape is quite long. So now there are new innovations. Precast asphalt comes as another option to help you choose This is a 3-layer substrate. The top layer is asphalt and gravel to be able to resist water, load and friction as well. The middle layer has a fiber mesh. Improves flexibility. Along with reinforcement to prevent tearing. It helps maintain the shape of the asphalt slab. The bottom layer serves to create adhesion to various surfaces to be covered.

แผ่นยางมะตอยสำเร็จรูป ซีเมนต์ซ่อมแซม ยางมะตอยกันซึม

แผ่นยางมะตอยสำเร็จรูป BICBOK

BICBOK finished asphalt sheet. Prefabricated asphalt panels designed to withstand the weather as well. It is waterproof and can support the weight as well, small cars, large cars can run over and can also be used as covering materials for various types of surfaces such as concrete, ground, wood, steel, tile. Increase the adhesion to the ground to be used to repair cracks. Slippage of concrete, prevent dust and mud on gravel roads or apply to customize the landscape. Adjust the pedestrian conditions Pave the floor, parking lot or driveway While still retaining the outstanding characteristics of asphalt as well.

How to use asphalt slabs

Very easy to use, starting from leveling the floor to be smooth. Then peel off the adhesive tape on the back of the asphalt. And then paved onto the desired surface immediately If the sheet does not fit in the area, you can use a cutter to slit and cut along the desired shape. As for the background on the back, there is an adhesive on the lower layer with high adhesion strength. It can be used on most types of surfaces such as ceramic tile, concrete, gravel, grass, and uneven areas.


For any house that is having problems with the front road or the road in the alley. While waiting for the time, do not surrender to the problem. Try using ready-made asphalt sheets to solve problems. So that the road is smooth. You can travel with peace of mind, driving safely, add beauty to the house and community with our own hands.

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