Pressure cookers are used often in cooking contests and medium-sized restaurants, despite the fact that many of us have never heard of them. Slow cookers are sometimes seen as just cosmetic kitchenware, something people keep about the house but never use. They also believe that the project will be prohibitive in terms of cost. Pressure cookers are available in a wide range of price points, from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. Buying a pressure cooker might be a daunting task, but HomeGuru has a solution for you!

● Pressure cooker, secret item for professional cooker, choose wisely!

1. Why is the slow cooker becoming so popular?
2. How does the slow cooker work?
3. Don’t miss these slow cooker shopping tips!
4. When using a slow cooker, be aware of these precautions.


● Why is the slow cooker becoming so popular?

As expert cooks, we know that boiled and stewed dishes take the longest to cook, and that some dishes can be savored throughout the day and night. The pressure cooker can save you a lot of time when it comes to preparing this type of meal. It is possible to cook a stew in a pressure cooker in less than half an hour because the cooking time is reduced by as much as 70% or a third. Using less gas or electricity also saves money on gas bills in the house, which is another benefit of this much speedier cooking.

Cooking takes less time and uses less water, which is better for your health in the long run. Ensures that nutrients are not diluted as much as with typical cooking methods, allowing everyone in the house to have a nutritious meal that tastes great. and reap the full benefits of the nutrients. What really matters is that it’s really simple to use; food is ready in only a few seconds; it’s also quick to clean, so you may use it frequently without becoming bored!

● How does the slow cooker work?

Because pressure cooker operations are designed to be simple and not difficult, they are easy and convenient to operate. The pressure cooker has a locking lid that resembles a regular pressure cooker. Additionally, an internal steam pressure control valve will be included. An increase in temperature of roughly 122 degrees Celsius can be achieved when a gasket is placed over a pressure cooker’s lid and brought to pressure. Handles a variety of challenging recipes, including those requiring the use of tough cuts of meat like drumsticks and feet. All of these dishes may be prepared up to 70% faster!

● Don’t miss these slow cooker shopping tips!

You can see why a pressure cooker is a wonderful buy after learning how it works and its advantages. Other advantages exist. Pressure cookers are getting more popular and more inexpensive. There are several models and manufacturers to choose from. How can you avoid it? Pick one of the choices below!

1. Choose a pressure cooker based on the material used to make it.

This means that a pressure cooker of a certain type will produce different results than another. In addition to aluminum and stainless-steel pressure cookers, microwave PP plastic pressure cookers are also available. Depending on the needs of the home, each style has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.


Pressure cookers that are made with high-quality materials should also be chosen, but don’t forget about their safety features. In order to prevent food burns and an explosion, it needs to be able to swiftly release pressure, have automatic temperature management, and be able to set the heat.

2. Choose a pressure cooker that is suitable for the dish.

Aside from the different materials used in manufacturing, each brand of pressure cooker has a different pressure value. The higher the pressure, the higher the pot’s internal temperature. Anyone who wants to utilize a pressure cooker to quickly heat up so they can make more of their favorite foods should check the pressure gauge as well. This pressure, measured in kPa (kilpascal), is used to describe stiff and difficult-to-soften beef meals that necessitate lengthy boiling or stewing. A high pressure of 80 – 90 kPa or greater can be used. Foods that are easy to prepare, such as many vegetables, are better suited to a pressure level of 50-70 kPa. A pressure cooker with independent high-low pressure settings is ideal if you want to produce a variety of dishes.

3. Choose a pressure cooker that can accommodate your family’s needs.

To ensure that no one misses the savory flavor, it is important to underline this point. Don’t freak out over the size of the pressure cooker, just realize that you can only fit 1/3 or 2/3 of the ingredients you see into it. Because the raw materials may swell if they are crushed and cooked in a pressure cooker to their maximum extent. A pot with a huge capacity, or even one that is slightly larger than usual, is always the better choice.

There are pressure cookers ranging in size from 3 to 6 liters, which are the most common. The formula for determining which pressure cooker size is appropriate for the number of family members can be found here: “number of family members + 1 liter”. For example, if you have four people in your family, you should look for a pressure cooker with a capacity of at least 5 liters.

4. Select a pressure cooker to use with your home stove.

In the same way that some cookware is not compatible with both gas and electric stoves, some slow cooker models are not. This means that before making a purchase, double-check what type of stove you currently have at home to see if the pressure cooker you’re interested in will work with it. If you want, you can save time and money by purchasing a single type that can be used with both gas and electric stoves.

5. Choose a pressure cooker based on your budget.

A pressure cooker can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of baht, as previously said, depending on the quality, materials, and systems. In order to cook a large variety of high-quality foods, pressurized presses must be pricey. In order to receive a general estimate and budget, it is helpful to identify the properties you need.


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● When using a slow cooker, be aware of these precautions.

Even if you buy a top-of-the-line pressure cooker, if you use it incorrectly, you’ll be entitled to a boom. The manual and how to use it should be studied thoroughly before using it. Using a pressure cooker can save cooking time by applying pressure, but improper use can result in an explosion and damage to people and property around. The pressure cooker should be checked before each usage to ensure proper functioning.

The first step in making a pressure cooker meal is to add the raw ingredients to the pot, but do not include any water. But there should be little wiggle room here and there. Close the pressure cooker’s lid after turning the lock in a safe direction after turning the burner on. The lid should never be opened while the pressure cooker is in use. This one piece of advice has caused many people to make a costly error. Discard any residual hot steam pressure in the pressure cooker before lifting the cover.

This kitchen equipment may be recognizable to some but may be unfamiliar to others due to lack of use, fear of using it or a lack of necessity for it. However, HomeGuru can ensure that the pressure cooker will become another favorite in the kitchen of any cooking enthusiast if the slow cooker is utilized carefully. If you’re interested in purchasing any, you may do so at any HomePro location or conveniently online at Call the HomePro Call Center at 1284 if you’d like further information.

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