Electric power drop is a frustrating and a big problem among power users in many areas. The problem of electric power drop and power surge is a problem that occurs in specific areas. If a particular area has this problem, it is likely that this problem is repeated all the time and it is a problem that needs to be corrected only by electricity. Users can only prevent any damage that may occur especially problems with large appliances such as air conditioners. One big problem is frequently encountered is electric power drop when air conditioner is working or electric power drop when you can’t turn on the air conditioner.

Until many people worry that electric power drop will cause the air conditioner be broken? HomeGuru has answers and how to prevent.

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What are the causes of electric power drop?

First of all, it is important to understand that an electric power problem drop is a voltage-related problem. In Thailand, the voltage system is mostly in the standard of 220 volts, which is a level that is not too much or too little for household use. But if in some areas there is a lot of electricity. The power cables are so dense that the mains cable cannot support sufficiently simultaneous use or the power cable that is connected to it is damaged or has a very long service life, it can cause the voltage transmission system to supply to different areas to be unbalanced, unable to supply electricity up to 220 volts as standard and is the source of the electric power drop.


In addition, electric power drop can occur for many reasons, such as the use of multiple appliances by the consumer. The power rating, the load, the excessive current, the resulting surges from the use of power-intensive appliances such as some drills or such as metal welding cabinets, etc., where the conductors of electricity are interrupted or there is a short circuit in any part of the power cord, the internal power leakage to the ground or even the external climate change, thunderstorm, natural thunder.


Frequent electric power drop, will the air conditioner crash?

In case of an electric power drop while the air conditioner operates, it will cause a short period of time. At the electric power drop, there is still a residual current in the power cord causing the air conditioner to still work. But it can not work fully because normal air conditioners use at least 200 – 220 volts of electricity, if the electricity drops below 175 volts, the unit will have to restart all the time and may cause the motor to heat up and burn. Including making the air compressor. This is a coolant that is in the hot coil part, so if there is an electric power drop or a sudden power failure when the air conditioner is running, it is recommended to pull down the air control breaker to prevent the air conditioner from crashing.

Another problem that often occurs is the electric power drop, the air conditioner does not turn on. With primary solutions by turning off the power switch into the machine by lifting the breaker down and leave it for about 5 minutes and then turn it on again. Most of which will be able to solve this problem. But if fixed and still cannot turn on the air conditioner and users who are not skilled in air conditioners and electrical systems are advised to call a technician.

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The device prevents the air conditioner break from frequent electric power drop

When the problem of frequent electric power drop is a nuisance in our daily life and it can also cause the air conditioner to crash under voltage protection for A / C. It is what many people look for. Which current protection devices are sold in many models and many forms, each of which has its advantages and limitations as follows:

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer or an automatic hot pot

Stabilizer serves to adjust the voltage in the event of an overload, surges that come into the range 155 – 253 volts automatically to have a constant voltage of 220 volts to be able to use electrical appliances continuously. Because and for the safety of life and property, the device has a Relay Control system that can be used for a long time. And it can be used continuously without having to shut down frequently high resistance to motor load surges. It can be used for both 1 phase 220 volts and 3 phase 380 volts, and users do not have to maintain the machine while using it.



UPS acts to back up the power and maintain the voltage automatically from the voltage drop, power surges, surges that come in the 168 – 275 volt range automatically to have a constant voltage of 220 volts and if the power failure backup, the fire will act as an emergency light as well. It is suitable for high-priced appliances such as air conditioners, water pumps, CCTV cameras, computers, etc. The device can tell you the time to back up the power. Controlled by an intelligent microprocessor system. It can be used continuously without having to turn off the power frequently. With overload or short circuit protection but will be able to be used with a single phase 220 volt system only.

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Step Up Transformer

Step Up Transformer can be used with 1 phase 220 volt system as a voltage regulator that users have to adjust the transformer according to the voltage by themselves. You can adjust the voltage when there is a power failure. And reduce the voltage when the power is over to maintain the level at 220 volts by yourself. If there is a sudden surge of electricity in excess of 220 volts that the voltage transformer cannot be adjusted in a timely manner, it may result in damage to electrical appliances. The electric booster is an ideal device for users who can adjust the parameters themselves all the time. But the advantage of this device is that it is less expensive than a stabilizer and uninterruptible power supply. It is popular for outdoor use such as in gardens or farms.

If you want to buy under voltage protection for A / C and various electrical appliances that said. The first thing to keep in mind is its proper use. Because each house has different power consumption rates. Each appliance has a power rating on the device, so it is necessary to calculate the wattage of your home appliances before purchasing a voltage regulator. By choosing a unit with a wattage higher than the total watt of all appliances.


Electric power drop, which type of air conditioner should be used?

Which brand of air conditioners are fireproof? This is another question that many people want to know. Because apart from the power fall protection device. Nowadays, new air conditioners from many leading brands. The brand also has a circuit board design to prevent the effects of power surges or power drops. And in some models also develop to memorize different values when the power is off. When the light turns on again, it can resume normal work immediately, which brands of air conditioners prevent power failures, must look at the circuit board and its main functions, such as Daikin Super Smile Inverter II with ultra-durable circuit boards. Super PCB Pro that can operate even during power drop to 150 volts and during power surges up to 440 volts or Mitsubishi Heavy Duty Model Standard Inverter – YW Series Original Air Inverter Whole system that can withstand voltage surges up to 470 volts.

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Although an electric power drop can be prevented by regular monitoring of the voltage, but inevitably affects a lot on daily life and directly affect the life of electrical appliances in the home. So if in any area encounter frequent electric power drop, HomeGuru would recommend contacting the local electricity authority to check and fix them at the cause.

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