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One classic problem for house builders on the road near the factory, near the garage, near the airport or in an alley that is crowded with people, is the problem of noise pollution is disturbing especially during the time of rest. If there is frequent noise which makes it harder to sleep and is a source of insufficient rest, resulting in the daytime easily feeling irritated and lose mental health. If you are unable to resolve the external environment. The best way is to change our home. This article “HomeGuru” has ways to prevent noise without having to pay a lot of money. Let’s check to see which ones are sufficient for better mental health.

Usually the best sound protection is using sound absorbing sheet. But the above method would be suitable for a recording room, a movie room or a restaurant that offers karaoke. The sound absorbing sheet will protect the audio in and out of the sound very well. But for general homes, the installation of sound absorbing sheets can be unneeded and costly. In this article, there are 7 ways to prevent external noise to some degree.

1. Close gaps around the walls of the house, space above and below the door

If the door and window are closed completely, but you still can hear the noise clearly from the outside. Recommend the readers to check the spaces in the said room such as the gap between the door and the floor, the gap between window sills, including inspect the cracks in the wall. Because the sound may creep through all channels.

  • In case of gaps between doors, currently, there is a door barrier device manufactured from rubber sheets which can be attached to block spaces immediately.
  • In case of a gap between the jamb, you may use silicone to cover the border in order to attach to the wall attached to the adjacent type.
  • The cracks on the wall, use the color putty method, it will help various cracks return to normal.
Sample door with rubber seals to help prevent sound well.
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2. Change the original window to a completely closed version

The style of windows and materials used It is important that affects the sound reception as well. You should choose a window that has few joints and completely closed such as aluminum frame window, glass panes will help prevent sound better than windows wood frame and wood paneling. As for the window styles that are soundproof is a sliding sash window with the soundproof border. But if it is a louver window, sound protection features will be reduced.

The joints between the panels overlap and are not tightly attached is a way for sound to enter the house

3. Ceiling

The sound does not enter the house only through wall or window, but the sound can also come through the window well. Ceiling mounting is another important part of preventing sound. Even if the ceiling is installed with insulation. Such insulation, although the main property does not prevent sound. But also helps to absorb the sound as well. Both prevent from hot and sound.

4. Stick thick wallpaper

Many people may think that the wallpaper is just a wall decoration. But actually, some wallpapers also help absorb the noise such as 3D wallpaper with high and low embossing, PE Foam thick wallpaper, with a soft foam texture, it helps to reduce noise from nearby areas well. Add peace and privacy to another level.

5. Attach the curtains to help absorb sound

Aside from attaching the wallpaper, did you know that the curtains that we use to filter the light is also another help that is used to absorb sound. By having to use good quality thick fabric which have the ability to reduce the intensity of sound waves more. Currently, weaving technology has been developed that helps the fabric to be lighter and more absorbent than before and many times as well.

6. Reducing sound reflection with wall shelves or built-in work

Does the Readers have noticed that after we finished building a new house while the room is still empty there is not much furniture and decoration? The sound in the house will echo well. That is because there are no items to help absorb the sound. Resonate The wall goes back and forth. A room that is too open, therefore, can better reflect the sound inside the room than furniture. How to reduce the refraction of sound waves easily, you can do mezzanine installation for placing things or installing Built-in TV shelf or book shelf, a large closet covering the wall will help reduce noise.

7. Plant trees around the house

A natural way is another way to absorb outside noise such as planting trees, especially leaves with thick shrubs, to form a fence or plant around the house. This helps absorb pollutants and various dust and also helps prevent sound pollution at the same time. Not only this, if the readers plant many types of trees in the future, little birds will come to live, play the melodies to make you feel the pleasure.

These 7 methods are a solution to the basic problems for houses that have been built or live. But if the house is still don’t start building, sound protection can be done in many ways including house plan designs by choosing the room location. For living within the house, choose lightweight masonry or double layer brickwork, will help prevent sound Walls are better than single layer construction.

For anyone who is experiencing this problem, try to apply the idea conveniently and conveniently. And if looking for a solution to reduce noise disturbance such as carpets, curtains, wallpapers, garden decorations, planting materials or want to redecorate the house. Visit Homepro, there is a Home Service point for advice from product features, 3D designs to virtual reality. Free! Including installation services to home improvement services by expert technicians. “Be assured of the service with a quality guarantee up to 365 days.”

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