Recently, Thailand has faced hazardous PM 2.5 dust particles spreading all over the country. A serious matter that we all have to face without lasting solutions. All we can do now is put on N95 masks to protect ourselves from the toxic dust particles. We hope that making artificial rain or water spraying brings down the pollution. In this situation, we need to concern and be alert for the safety and health issues of our families. ‘Planting Trees for Air Purification’, may be one of the best choices and it can be a sustainable solution for the future. Every family can join basic trees planting together. HomeGuru would like to invite you to learn about PM 2.5 and types of trees suitable for air purification. So you will have ideas about the ornamental plants for your beautiful home through this article.

What is PM 2.5?

As we all probably already know, PM 2.5 (particulate matter) is small dust particles less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter or small about 1 out of 25 times of human hair, which human nose hair cannot filter these toxic particles. So they can spread through the body and cause serious impact on health problems.

What causes PM 2.5?

The main factors causing these toxic particles are burning at open air areas, vehicles exhaustion (especially from diesel engines), emissions from power plants and factories and including the combination of other gases in an atmosphere that is toxic to human bodies.

Can ‘Air purification tree’ really helps?

“Research in China found that 1 pine tree can filter dust particles PM10 (10 microns) for 300 grams per year. As for The Netherlands also found that tree can filter dust particles for 1.4 kilograms per year. Although, there is no mention about the ability to trap dust particles of 2.5 microns, but the principles are not different,” Ms. Amporn Butrungsri, an Experienced Public Health Specialist, Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health, has stated.
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Trees planted in the house, no matter big or ornamental, in addition to filter toxic particles, they also act as air purifiers and help absorb toxins from the environment as well.

How to manage ‘Air purification tree’ landscaping?

For a house with a large area, planting trees as fences is one of the alternatives, beside, they can trap dust particles, provide shades and give privacy for residents as well.

For residents with limited space, such as living at condo or dormitory that is not convenient for planting large trees, recommend to arrange a vertical garden with beautiful ornamental plants is a good choice.

What kind of ‘Air purification tree’ is the best?

Trees are naturally preventing and capturing dust particles. Choosing air purification tree, recommend to choose tree with thick, rough or hairy leaves help trap dust better. Larger leaves can trap more dust and prevent dust from spreading all over.

What kind of ‘Air purification tree’ we should plant?

Pine tree – There is a research that certifies that pine tree is well dust-proofed, suitable to be planted as fence for your house. And there are many varieties to choose from such as Pradipat, Sonchat and Son Sam Bai pine trees.


Kannika or Night Jasmine – Medium flower shrub, can be planted on a small, narrow space. In addition to the pleasant aroma, its thick, rough, hairy leaves, it works as a good wind shield and PM 2.5 dust-proof well.

De Lee or Peace Lily – Beautiful just like Flamingo flower. It is popularly plant both indoor and outdoor of the house. In addition to beauty, it helps to absorb toxins very well.

Devil’s Ivy – Beautiful, ornamental plant and easy to find in the market. It grows easily from water and all types of soil and very easy to take care. It an incredibly good air purification plant. It can be arranged in a variety of garden styles.

HomeGuru hopes that everyone already has ideas for ‘Air purification tree’ or ‘Dust filter trees’ that are suitable for your gardens.

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