How often do you want to hang pictures or install shelves? Not knowing what to do it or may experience problems when the piercing is loose or unable to support the weight. First of all, we need to know what the wall to be pierced is made with. For homes and condos, most of them are brick walls, concrete block wall, aerated concrete wall and concrete walls. Which each type of wall must choose the right screws and anchors. Let’s see which wall mounting drilling options are right for your application?



Self-tapping screws and anchors

This PVC screw and anchors are suitable for fastening of masonry and concrete walls. General use that does not support a lot of weight. On average, this type of screws and anchors can support a weight of no more than 10-20 kg per point, such as a small shelf or picture frame hanging. Installed using a drill bit that is the same size as the anchors once the screws are tightened, the screws will expand to anchor in the wall.



Self-tapping screws for concrete blocks

The difference between anchored concrete block and anchors is that it is made from tough, durable plastic than PVC. And there are many frequent teeth grooves designed for bonding porous concrete blocks that use the same installation as screws and plastic anchor. But it can hold more weight than PVC anchors approximately not more than 30 kg per point.



Aerated concrete screw and anchor

This type of drilling rig is designed specifically for the more popular aerated concrete wall and came to bear instead the masonry in the construction. The cleaver has a sharp sawtooth shape, which is suitable for drilling fast-weight concrete with a fine texture like a sponge. This set of screws and anchors can support a maximum weight of 35 kg per installation point. Do the same way as screws and plastic anchors.



Concrete fixing screws

This type of screw is designed to have a large screw thread and made from high quality steel that is hard Installation, use a drill bit to drill a pilot hole. By choosing a drill with a diameter of about 1.5-2 mm smaller than the screw body, then can be screwed with a screwdriver or wrench without needing to install any anchors because the screw threads that are hard and are designed to increase the adhesion to the concrete but it can not be used with a brick wall that is not as strong as a concrete wall. The brick texture will come off. The advantage of this type of screw is that it is not necessary to drill large holes in a hard concrete wall.

Which is quite difficult And can support a lot of weight, such as screw No. 10, which measures 4.8 mm in length, 20 mm in length, can support 100 kg.



Expansion knot with anchors for concrete walls

This type of drill rig is designed for use with concrete. Focus on points that need to get a lot of weight Including the installation of concrete floors or ceilings Anchors use a variety of materials. Steel anchor suitable for internal use Lead and stainless steel anchors are suitable for external use. For use in Generally use 2 styles. The first type is a set of screws with sleep sleeve can support up to 90 kg of weight per mounting point by drilling holes equal to the size of anchors. Insert anchors and then tighten the bolts, which will extend the sleeve so that they are fastened to the wall.



For the second type, is an drop-in anchor which can support a very high weight when compared to the size. For example, an inch 1 ยาว inch long can hold up to 400 kg, but will use to drill holes and buried anchor just like other drilling tools. But an anchor drop-in requires a specific hammer to expand the anchor.



In all types of wall mounting screws mentioned, although how much screws and bolts can support the weight? There are still other variables to consider, such as the size and length of screws and anchors. Number of anchor points that help spread the force and another important parameter is the strength properties of the wall that penetrate. Regardless of how strong the drilling rig is If the wall cannot accept it, it will loose as well.

Therefore, consider these elements before installing or use a skilled technician to install the equipment or things that need to be mounted on the wall would be better.

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