Loft-style houses made of raw concrete are considered one of the most popular modern houses. With uniqueness and coolness, any arrangement is beautiful and looks good. Today, HomeGuru will take you to know more about polished concrete houses, open all techniques to make bare concrete walls attractive, charming, good-looking, unique, and recommend how to take care of the pattern of the house’s walls to be durable.


Before starting a bare concrete wall house, let’s get to know more about the loft-style place and open up all the renovation techniques you shouldn’t miss.

1. Let’s get to know the raw concrete house.
2. Types of concrete loft house.
3. Pros and cons of raw concrete houses.
4. 4 types of plastering raw concrete for loft-style home
5. Techniques to decorate a loft-style room to make it look chic without dowdy.


Let’s get to know the raw concrete house.

Loft style house or raw concrete house is a house style designed and built to be cool by emphasizing the wall structure and natural pattern of plasterwork. The bare concrete wall does not use materials to cover or add decorations such as wallpaper. Therefore, a loft-style house is a house that focuses on showing the authenticity and beauty of the concrete structure. This makes this style of home unique, charming, calm, and unique.

Types of concrete loft house.

Among the material styles of the loft-style houses are mainly divided into 2 types:

1. Poured concrete walls

The first is a house in which concrete is poured onto a mold for casting a specially made concrete wall. The template depends on the design and needs of the homeowner, and the architect team can choose both wood and steel. But the molded concrete house is quite costly. The budget is relatively high because it requires a template and requires a professional team to carry out the construction to get a beautiful and durable pattern.

2. Brick masonry

For anyone who wants a loft-style home but doesn’t have a large budget, a brick-and-mortar house is an attractive option. Because the wall is used with other materials first, then plaster and decorate the bare concrete wall to get the desired pattern. Nowadays, technology and innovations for paint and loft work have been developed, especially those who want to make a loft-style house that can use it at all.


Pros and cons of raw concrete houses.

1. Pros

• Strong and durable, especially in terms of structure.
• It is beautiful and simple that can be matched with various styles of decoration such as modern.
• Good ventilation, not stuffy because loft-style houses are popular with large windows and high ceilings.
• Easy to maintain without using the abrasive solution on the surface.

2. Cons

• Difficult to find skilled technicians, risk of remodeling, especially for making molded houses.
• Absorbs heat and moisture easily, causing stains and damage to certain types of furniture.
• If the decoration is not good or the furniture selection is not good, it may make the house or room unattractive.
• Cracks are easier and more noticeable than a house painted over or covered with wallpaper.


4 types of plastering raw concrete for loft-style home

1. Smooth plastering

For smooth plastering, put the mortar on the finished brick wall from top to bottom. The technician will water the area to be plastered thoroughly to prevent cracks in the future. Smooth plastering is easier than general plastering. Just add about 2 times the thickness. After everything is done well, you can plaster and polish it to get the wall that is beautiful, smooth, and the color you want.

However, in mixing the wall mortar, if a very dark wall is needed, black can be added to the mortar mixture to get the bare concrete wall with a darker tone and a more natural look.

2. Polished concrete wall

Plastering of polished concrete after the wall or surface is smooth by having the cement powder sprinkled on the wall in the final step and a sprinkle of water and use a steel trowel to scrub and leave for about 7 days. The matt finish will provide good protection against mildew and stains.

3. Loft raw concrete wall coating

If you want to make a loft-style house, another way is to use loft paint on the wall. The new home paint colors available in the market are available in a variety of tones. The specialty is that it can provide the same pattern and style as the real bare plaster wall. But before painting, the wall must be cleaned first, followed by a primer to clean and get the best-looking color.


4. Skim Coat Plastering

The last technique is to plaster the surface with the Skim Coat technique (also known as thin plaster), an innovative plaster specially made for homes that need renovation. It can be used for many walls with a thickness of only 3 mm, including painted, masonry, and even fiber cement siding. In the case of an old painted wall, the old wall must be dismantled. After that, apply the old cement primer before plastering with a ready-made Skim Coat.


Techniques to decorate a loft-style room to make it look chic without dowdy.

1. Bare ceiling

The essence of a true loft is the exposed walls to make the room as wide, airy, and open as possible. The conduits can be smoothed easily, and they do not look cluttered.

2. Polished concrete

If you like the cool, it is recommended to choose a polished floor. Because in addition to having a plaster floor that looks good and stylish, it can also be decorated with a variety of furniture such as large floor lamps, floor carpets.

3. Wood flooring

Those who may not be too addicted to concrete flooring may choose to use wood flooring that is warm and natural-looking instead. The material used for the flooring may be changed as appropriate, such as using natural wood flooring for the bedroom and using SPC rubber tile flooring for the exterior.


4. Brick decoration

Another technique to decorate the room to look good, unique, and still keep the loft-style. It uses bricks to decorate the room, whether it is a living room or a dining room, which may use brick-style walls. It will give another good-looking home mood.

5. Curtains, blinds and furniture

The main element of a loft-style home is the selection of furnishings by choosing clean tones or plain colors such as white, gray, and round. For furniture or decorations, “iron” should be used as the protagonist to add dimension to the room, such as a lamp with iron legs. You can also add a minimalist and fresh look with a plant to grow in your room to take the mood to the next level.

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It’s all about raw concrete house with bare concrete wall techniques to get the pattern and color you want from HomeGuru. Each technique has advantages and disadvantages that differ depending on its suitability. However, if you are looking for ready-made polished concrete or home decorations, you can shop at any Homepro store, and you will be guaranteed a good item at an affordable price for your loft-style home.



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