As new cases of novel coronavirus continue to occur worldwide, quarantine and isolation are increasingly being used to try to mitigate the spread of the illness. So, Covid protection equipment has become an indispensable item, especially during critical situations that many homes are worried about, which requires preparation of both areas that must be clearly separated for use, such as bathrooms, bedrooms. To change your boring mood while at home to be happier.

Even the necessary equipment must-have items for many houses for use during the New Normal, such as home furnishings. Stay home! Restrict your usual daily activities. That means not going to work, school, or hanging out in public areas. And the most important thing is to separate yourself from other and separate personal items such as towels, masks, disinfectants, which must be used daily to ensure safety and prevent the spread of germs and viruses. Thus, HomeGuru has 10 Covid protection equipment to recommend to every family to prepare to isolation.

What is Home Isolation?


Home isolation is appropriate for people who are confirmed or suspected to have Covid-19, who do not have severe symptoms or regular flu, do not need to be hospitalized, and who can be cared for at home. During the Home Isolation, it is necessary to arrange the space and environment in the house accordingly. For example, keeping the place open and airy, opening windows for ventilation, separating bedrooms and private bathrooms, and providing Covid protection equipment to be constantly available, such as masks and alcohol gel, disinfectants, towels, etc.

During the quarantine, Home Isolation should not leave the house strictly, and if there are members in the house, there should be a distance of at least 2 meters to prevent the spread of the virus.

10 covid protection equipment for Home Isolation


1. Masks have become Covid protection equipment, which is like an accessory that you need to carry with you everywhere, including home use, because it helps reduce the spread of the covid virus quite a lot.

Masks, there is a wide variety of masks available today for both children and adults. When choosing masks, you should select an effective medical mask or N95 mask that filters no less than 98% of bacteria, viruses, and up to 99% of dust, including 80% of PM 2.5 dust. Choose masks that are comfortable, breathable and good at reducing odors.

2. Disinfectants have become a must-have item in every home for cleaning the floor and household items to help eliminate viruses and bacteria. Increase confidence and reduce the worry of touching and picking up various appliances, especially in the bathroom area around the toilet, where bacteria and germs accumulate more than other spots.

Currently, there are many brands of disinfectants and scents to choose from, such as Dettol, Acco, Zoflora, which before use, must be diluted with clean water for effective wiping and reducing the concentration of disinfectant.

3. Alcohol gel for personal use will kill 99.99% of germs to help keep your hands clean. Available in gel and spray form. The effective alcohol gel should have an alcohol concentration of not more than 70-75%. Naturally, in addition to helping to protect the virus from contact, it also helps prevent dry hands as well.

หน้ากากอนามัยการแพทย์ น้ำยาทำความสะอาดฆ่าเชื้อ สเปรย์แอลกอฮอล์

4. Gloves have become necessary Covid protection equipment for home and office use, especially when going out to the supermarket to buy essentials in case of a non-infected person.

Gloves are devices that increase safety and reduce infection caused by touching doors, knobs and cleaning various household tasks during home isolation. Choose gloves that are easy to wear to help. It is well ventilated to help reduce odors and should only be used once.

5. Trash and garbage bags, it is necessary to separate garbage at risk of infection after use, such as masks. If anyone enters Home Isolation, it is more essential to separate the trash and tie the mouth of the garbage bag tightly before disposing of it with other waste, to reduce the risk and reduce the spread of germs and viruses.

It can be seen that some homes need convenience, safety and want to reduce exposure, so use trash bins with sensors that can be used in every room in the house rather than using a regular trash can.

6. Towels, personal items used daily, which must be changed regularly with laundry detergent, fabric softener, and disinfectant to reduce the accumulation of dirt during home or during Home Isolation. It is necessary to separate towels with family members first to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

ถุงมือ ถังขยะ ถุงขยะ

7. Food packaging, bowls, spoons, forks are equipment that every household already has. If in the quarantine period, you should separate them for good hygiene of everyone in the family and reduce the rate of transmission of the virus, which may choose to use portable food packaging equipment for convenience in cleaning.

8. Necessary electrical equipment for reducing the accumulation of germs, and viruses, such as a small disinfection dryer and dishwasher. It is considered Covid protection equipment that responds well to innovations and new lifestyles. Reduces concerns about the cleanliness and safety of family members.

เครื่องอบผ้า เครื่องอบจานตั้งโต๊ะ เครื่องซักอบผ้า

9. The thermometer is an essential device for daily body temperature monitoring while confined at home. They need to be used separately for safety or reduce exposure, a thermometer becoming popular today.

10. An oximeter will help you to get an early indication of the patient’s blood oxygen and heart rate to determine if the lungs are working well or not. If your blood oxygen levels are low, you should see your doctor and seek treatment immediately because there is a risk of death. While confined at home, the blood oxygen measurement should be done daily and note down to observe the different oxygen levels.

11. Home remedies should have some at home in an emergency, especially paracetamol, a safe drug. Still, for the treatment of coronavirus infection, it is necessary to consult a doctor.


Covid protection equipment, as suggested by HomeGuru above, will reduce the risk, reduce anxiety and reduce the spread of the coronavirus to family members. It is necessary to be prepared and have it in the house in case of an emergency that must be quarantined at home in a Home Isolation. Especially personal items that need to be clearly separated, such as masks, towels, disinfectants. And when the equipment is ready, remember to take care of yourself according to the doctor’s advice. It is not recommended to go outside until the infection with the coronavirus is completely cured.

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