The situation of health problems is becoming increasingly intense. In our home and around the world, it is inevitable that the COVID-19 virus can spread the virus through the air and from contact which makes health care become a matter that requires us to be more discipline. In order to escape from the imminent disease, did you know that various pathogens that are destroying health may not happen only outside our home. Germs that accumulate in the home can also be harmful to health. In this content, “HomeGuru” would like you to do big cleaning at your home to reduce the cause of germs. When the house is clean, it is ready to deal with external battles more confidently.


7 Ways to eliminate germs in the house

1. Open house for ventilation

Did you know that viruses, bacteria, and fungi are particles of airborne germs? If the house is closed, the air is confined or congested, it will increase the chance for people to breathe more aerosol nucleus. Adding fresh air from the outside into the house will help to reduce the concentration of contaminants in the air well. Therefore, you should open windows and doors to ventilate by installing a ventilation system or having the air vent in the right position and direction to stimulate circulation better.


2. Reduce dampness in the bathroom

Many pathogens grow well in humid areas especially the fungus (Fungi) suspended in the air. Most fungi grow and breed at relative humidity levels above 60%, which cause health problems such as respiratory disease. Especially in the bathroom that is the most humid spot in the house. It must be hygienic, such as dividing wet zones and dry zones. Installing the exhaust fan to help drain the moisture out as quickly and as possible.


3. The kitchen is clean and free from dirt

Believe it or not, in some cases, the kitchen is an accumulation for germs rather than bathrooms. Because it is an active part that has all the moisture smoky, greasy stains, do not include germs that come with fresh or spoiled food waste and germs that travel with various insects.


The kitchen, therefore, has to open windows for light to kill germs and reduce humidity. Wipe the kitchen floor clean without grease. Trash bins must have a lid; you should empty the bins once a week with disinfecting products. Food scraps are eliminated. Every piece of kitchen is washed thoroughly every time and then left to dry. If possible, spray with antiseptic solutions especially the countertop, stove, butcher and sponge that must touch the food. Because the study results in the kitchen indicate that contamination of 75% of Coliform bacteria that cause food poisoning is in the sponge and 45% of the kitchen towels in the sink, 32% is on the surface on the kitchen counter and 18% is in the kitchen. On the butcher, sewer section attached to clear sink, hot water should be poured once a week to kill germs or insects in the pipes.

4. The drain pipe should be closed properly

Sewer pipes at various points or drains from septic tanks that are not up to standard, causing the pipes to break, leak, smelly and create trouble It is also a breeding ground for germs. Homeowners should be aware that there are openings around the sewer pipes around the house or not. If there is, close the drain hose or dig and clean it often.


5. Regularly clean the house

Pay attention to clean the house according to sanitation principles to reduce dust and germs accumulation. Organize things in the house to be organized. Sweep in the corners to prevent dust accumulating. Wipe furniture, cabinets, tables, vacuum cleaners, sofas and mop the floor with antiseptic solutions to ensure more cleanliness. In the bedroom, which has a lot of fiber materials, is usually the dwelling of dust mites. Bedding, pillow sheets, blankets should be washed at least once a week and mixed with an antiseptic solution every time you wash.


6. Don’t neglect the air conditioning system

One point that is a good source of germs is air conditioning that is not cleaned. With a long working time, the inside of the machine is full of dust. And is a collection of various germs Including bacteria, viruses, fungi, which these bacteria will spread through the air in the room will look closed. If closing the house and turning on the air conditioner, residents will be endangered by germs and floating dust more than usual.


Prevention methods are: you must regularly clean the air conditioner, wash the air filter at least 3 months, wash the air conditioner at least once a year, etc.

7. Supplement the help with an air purifier to eliminate germs

With health problems caused by germs, fumes, dust that are becoming more and more serious, causing many entrepreneurs to start developing technology to maintain and improve the air quality in the home to be purity suitable for inhaling, such as air purifiers, some brands, some brands have increased the effectiveness of removing some germs as well. Enhances the peace of mind in living under the roof of the house as well.


After we have finished taking care of the health inside and around the house. Do not forget to pay attention to take care of your health by eating healthy food, refraining from raw food, enough rest, find free time to exercise to strengthen immunity. Wash hands 8 steps frequently or carry alcohol or gel to use. Pay attention not to be careless, conscious, and we will pass the virus together.

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