Chairs are the main elements that help decorate every area in the house to be charming and usable, especially the outdoor seating area, such as the garden area. For example, decorated your garden with a leisure chair, thus adding a shady atmosphere to the house to be in every moment.

The current trend of garden decoration with chairs has various ideas to choose from according to home design style and personal preferences. Or that is trending right now is a camping chair that adds style to the garden area in a stylish house and can also be used as an area for doing activities with family members without having to go out.

But will any chic chair styles be interesting today? HomeGuru has a leisure chair with a variety of trendy designs. Let’s see the review for every home together.

Turn your backyard into a relaxation area with chic design chairs!

1. The rattan chair perfectly adds to the natural warmth atmosphere.


One popular leisure chair for decorating a cozy corner outside the house is the natural-style rattan chair. Distinctive with natural material patterns that go with every style of garden decoration. When placed in the garden area, it will add a relaxing atmosphere to truly relax without adding other decorations.



Whether it’s a garden in the house or a balcony garden in the condo that doesn’t have a lot of usable space. The SPRING COFF rattan garden chair will help increase the green area to make the cozy corner more charming and functional. Because the design of the chair is modern, simple, and striking with natural colors. Plus, the chair is woven with PE rattan, which makes it flexible and weather resistant. So, whether it’s placed indoors or outdoors, you don’t have to worry about durability, strength. And most importantly, it won’t rust during use.



Suppose you want to add charm to a resort-style house, choosing a leisure chair in artificial rattan style, FURINTREND AIRES5 brand. In that case, this model will add to the chill atmosphere, like sitting amid nature in a tropical resort-style. Because the design of the rattan chair that can be placed in every corner of the house, especially around the balcony or the indoor garden, will add a more beautiful and chicer atmosphere to the home.

The rattan chair body is made of steel structure and artificial rattan, which is highly flexible. It can support a lot of weight, so you don’t have to worry about tearing and bending during use. Available in both white and brown colors according to the style of home decoration and preferences.




Artificial rattan chair SPRING WIKER X emphasizes simplicity and can be matched with any style of garden decoration. This leisure chair is strong, lightweight, easy to move, and saves space. It can be paired with artificial rattan tables in various styles and can be used for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It should be decorated with modern-style plant pots to help add atmosphere and green space to make a cozy corner more pleasant to sit in.

2. Add coolness to the cozy garden with a chic loft-style leisure chair.


Loft-style accents add even more charm to your outdoor garden area by choosing a raw black iron chair, a dark brown bench, or a polished stone chair. When placed and decorated in the green zone, it will add a distinctive look to the cozy corner. Or some houses that like to DIY find pallets of leftover wood to turn into chairs and find cushions to make sitting more comfortably.



Multipurpose chair NEW STORM SK14F1 is a popular loft-style leisure chair. Because the chair is made of brown painted steel structure. Strong, durable, lightweight, and easy to move. It can be used alone or paired with a table in the same style, adding charm and distinctiveness to the loft-style garden to completely chic and cool.



A plastic chair is trendy for many houses to sit, relax, and decorate both inside and outside the house. Nowadays, plastic chairs are designed with a shape design that responds to the decorations to match the style of the home and lifestyle. Moreover, the material is also more durable, which is mainly made from Polypropylene

This model is designed to fit perfectly with the loft style home decoration like this plastic chair SPRING TULIP black. At a great price and suitable for use on the condo’s balcony and the garden area in the house to help add more atmosphere to relax with family members.

3. Camping chair, helping to transform the garden into a super chill camp.


Because the trend of going camping in the forest is still hot, but during this New Normal period, going out for a vacation and camping outside of the house may not be very convenient. Therefore, adjusting and decorating the garden area inside the house becomes a camping area with chic furniture like camping chairs of various designs. Moreover, focusing on the convenience camping chair with a set of cooking utensils such as a grill and tents has become the choice of many houses to use for activities and to sit and relax during vacations with the family.



A must-have camping cable for the SPRING TRAVIS camping chair, designed to be used for picnics or camping in the home garden. And can be carried in the car to various attractions easily.

The design is simple, made of good quality aluminum, rust-proof, and a waterproof coated Oxford cloth seat. Soft-touch, comfortable sitting, lightweight, foldable, easy to move, which can support the weight of the seated person 80 kg.



The MODERN OUTDOOR PARC DIRECTOR chair is a chair designed for use both indoors and outdoors. Combined with the modern design, when placed in the garden, it will perfectly reflect the beauty of the camping-style garden.

The chair is foldable, easy to move, space-saving, and durable. Because the chair frame is made of stainless steel 304 and quality teak wood. The seat and backrest are made of textile fabric, which supports the ergonomics, so it helps to sit comfortably with the ventilation holes so that it does not feel uncomfortable or hot. Although there are many colors to choose from, such as black and cream, some houses decide to mix and match every shade to make a distinctive difference for the garden inside the house.

Chairs, another piece of furniture that complements the design of outdoor relaxation corners, both indoor and outdoor gardens are perfect. And more attractive to sit, whether it’s a rattan chair, plastic chair, or camping chair, each has its own uniqueness. The choice of use depends on the style of decoration, the number of family members, and personal preferences. The important thing that HomeGuru wants every home to consider its strength and durability so that it can be used in the actual area properly and for a long time.

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