Hard water stains, soap scum and many other problems that are inevitable for the bathroom which has glass shower door or glass partition for dividing into dry and wet zones. If there is only one bathroom in the house, a number of using time will increase according to the number of family members. Therefore, it is normal to have hard water stains, soap scum and any other stains in bathroom. If you ignore these stains and do not clean them as soon as you can, these stains will be ingrained stains and make the bathroom glass dirty permanently. But do not worry too much, today HomeGuru would like to suggest a method for cleaning water stains and soap scum on the bathroom glass and recipe of glass cleaner without damaging their texture.

• How to prevent hard water stains on shower door.
• How to clean the shower glass
• Glass cleaner
• Prohibited cleaning equipment should not be used for shower glass
• How to take care of shower glass framing and spares.

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• How to prevent hard water stains on shower door.

Hard water stain is due to a build-up of many minerals in tap water especially Calcium and Magnesium which make the water hard and this is a result of there are many hard water stains on the area where tap water is frequently touched. An easy method for preventing these spots is clean shampoo and soap scum immediately on the glass by water after showering every time and dry them as well. As well as a glass shower should be cleaned by dishwashing liquid or soap every two weeks or at least once a month and it will help to prevent water stains.

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• How to clean the shower glass

There are many methods for cleaning water stains and soap scum which appear on shower glass on the internet. But the most sustainable way is an organic way because it is not harmful to family members and it can extend a lifespan of shower glass as well. The best three glass cleaner recipes which are easy to do it by yourself, save, get a good result and no chemical residue will be provided in next paragraph.

– Vinegar and dishwashing liquid in 1 to 1 ratio and mix them well, then spray it on the area where water stains appear and leave it for 10 -15 minutes. After that, use a sponge with soap to scrub them thoroughly, rinse with clean water and dry by cloth. A disadvantage of this method is smell of vinegar can make a nose irritation.

– Vinegar 1 tablespoon to warm water 2 measuring cup and mix them well, then spray it on the area where water stains appear. After that, use a soft cloth with this clean to wipe them thoroughly and water stains will disappear.

– Citric acid (organic acid not harmful) 100 grams to tap water 1 – 1.5 liter to dishwashing liquid 1 teaspoon and mix them well, then spray it on the area where water stains appear. After that, use a sponge to scrub them off gently, rinse with clean water and dry by cloth. An advantage of this method is citric acid is cheaper than vinegar and no pungent smell.

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• Glass cleaner

Using a glass cleaner help for saving time and energy and now there are many brand of glass cleaner which their type and ingredients should be considered. A simple glass cleaner has surfactant for cleaning oily area but it might be ineffective for hard water stains. As well as high chemical glass cleaner should be avoided, such as phosphoric (mineral acid), hydrochloric acid (saline acid), because not only shower glass but its structure (frame, hinge, screw and handle) can also be damaged especially a structure made from stainless and aluminum, they will be mottled, burnt and rusty. Therefore, we suggest you to use gentle formula, organic formula or specific formula specified on its label that does not damage the glass, stainless steel and aluminum. There are many formulas for choosing but you should use it a little for trial because it could be claim price in some brand.

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• Prohibited cleaning equipment should not be used for shower glass

Some of people neglect about equipment for cleaning shower glass. For example, a sponge should be without metal fiber, cleaning brush should be made from plastic and do not use a wire brushes, sandpaper should be avoided for glass cleaning because it can damage the shower glass immediately even the stains are disappeared. Moreover, a cloth should be soft such as microfiber cloth and small towel. A used rag should be avoided because it might have solid waste like soil, rubble and sand, so a glass cleaning cloth should be separated. Sharp objects are prohibited as well.

• How to take care of shower glass framing and spares.

Not only shower glass but its frame and spares (frame, hinge, screw, handle and shower rubber seal) also should be clean. This is due to water stains can appear on stainless steel and aluminum which used for long time as well. Shower rubber seal should not be allowed to have waterlogging because it can be the accumulation of pathogens, molds, bacteria and dirt. For stainless steel and aluminum, stainless steel cleaner and polish can be used for cleaning them. After cleaning shower glass, glass polishing is a good choice to use for decreasing water stains and a number of cleaning time. Anyway, if you want to keep your bathroom always clean, you will clean and take care of them regularly.

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Moreover, you should be careful when you clean another part of bathroom because a shower glass can be damaged by vapor of high chemical cleaner as well.

Lastly, you should protect yourself from shower glass cleaner such as vinegar because touching them directly or smell them can be harmful for your health. Therefore, everyone should wear cleaning gloves, facial mask, rubber slippers and glasses before cleaning shower glass and bathroom for preventing accident such as cleaner splashes into our eyes. Furthermore, vinegar is an acid which can damage plastic, so you have to prevent using it with plastic equipment.

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